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Top 10 Fuerteventura Beaches

There are 150+ beaches for you to explore on Fuerteventura. Chances are you'll love each and every one of them. However, drum roll please, we'd like to present our top ten.

Caleta de Fuste

That's caleta as in creek and fuste as in shank. However, Shank's Shark, ok Caleta de Fuste, is a more idyllic setting than its name would suggest. 800 metres long, this easterly resort beach's sand the shade of vanilla ice-cream. It's an Antigua beach that's a big hit with families, thanks mainly to its relaxed vibe.


Like Caleta de Fuste, Corralejo also lends it title to a popular holiday spot. Unlike Caleta de Fuste, it's located on the north-east tip of the island, facing the totally tropical Isla de Lobos. There's a small beach close to the heart of the resort known as Corralejo Viejo but for more towel space, head south to Playa Grande which boasts a near-10km-sweep of mellow yellow shore and dunes.


The Sotavento Islands, the name means leeward, are the most southerly of the Cape Verde archipelago. Sotavento beach, meanwhile, belong to the Canarian archipelago. You'll find this 5km-long stretch of shoreline in the south-east of Fuerteventura, by turning off the FV2 at the KM-72 exit.


Enjoy the silence in Fuerteventura's deep south. For a 20-km-long dirt track, more suited to 4wd than standard hire car, leads to the perfectly-isolated Cofete. Where your only companions could well be the Jandia mountains above.


Just like the character with the same name from the classic The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Playa Esmeralda is a seducteress. One of the most popular beaches on the aptly-named Costa Calma, will you just look at how gentle the waves are, you won't be able to resist frolicking about in the inviting water. For this is the Atlantic at its most tranquil.

Gran Tarajal

A great place to fish, you could well see your lunch being caught on Gran Tarajal. A Blue-Flag beach on the east of the island, the sand's darker here than on other playas. Expect to see more expats and locals here than tourists.


Not to be confused with the more touristy Ezquinzo-Butihondo, you'll locate Ezquinzo beach in the north rather than south of the island. Over 6km from the nearest town, this is a beach to get away from it all. Although it's a magnet for surfers, so don't expect to find it completely deserted.

Ajibe de la Cueva

Looks pretty remote, right? Wrong, El Aljibe de la Cueva, AKA La Escalera, is a mere 3.2km south of fishing-village-turned resort, El Cotillo in Fuerteventura's north west. However, this is a hidden beach and you might well have it all for yourselves if nobody else manages to find it the day you go.

La Concha

Not to be confused with the Isla de Lobos' Playa de la Concha, La Concha's is on the north west of the island. This is a quintessential Fuerteventura beach. White sand, check. Turquoise water, check. It may be only 200 metres in length, but it rarely gets crowded.

El Caserón

Another trademark Fuerteventura beach, this Corralejo playa is the stuff of tourist brochure. 300 metres long and 45 metres wide, its setting is rustic. However, it's easily reached by bus.

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