Reel around the Fountain – 10 fountains in Granada


Walking around the city of Granada, you are never far away from a fountain or two. As Southern Spain has long hot Summers, the fountains and water features help to keep the city cooler. The humidity levels in squares and parks are boosted with fountains and pools making a balmy summer day fresher and more bearable.

Here is a selection of ten fountains in Granada.

Bib Rambla Square


This dramatic fountain of Neptune in plaza Bib Rambla is one you will pass often when visiting Granada. Close to Granada Cathedral, this is known locally as the Fuente de los gigantones. The fountain it is thought to have been built in 1553. It was moved from its original location of the Convent of Agustinos Calzados when the building closed in 1836. It was placed in several other places in Granada until it finally arrived in Bib Rambla square in 1940. This spot is a popular meeting place for locals.



Carmen de la Victoria


At the Carmen de la Victoria, I saw several fountains and pools set among their gardens. This University residence is on Cuesta Chapiz, at the end of Paseo de los Tristes. It is located directly opposite the Alhambra palace. The panoramic view here is wonderful. I had the pleasure of hearing these babbling fountains and watching the winter sun go down over the Alhambra one afternoon last year. Discover more about the spectacular Carmens in Granada here.

Mezquita Mayor de Granada


The Main Mosque or Mezquita Mayor de Granada is located next to the Mirador San Nicolas.It has to be one of the most tranquil spots in Granada. If you visit the grounds you will notice an ornate white fountain set just inside its courtyard, visible as you enter the grounds of the mosque. This building was opened in 2003 so this is one of the newest fountains in Granada. The mosque is open for public visits and also for groups by prior arrangement.







Pomegranate Fountain


This also is a relatively new fountain in Paseo del Salon. It was opened in April 2007. It is known as Fuente de las Granadas, meaning Pomegranate Fountain. This was donated by the local water company to the city of Granada. Granadas or Pomegranates are the symbol of the city hence the decoration with this symbol.Along this pretty avenue next to the Genil river often craft markets and public events are celebrated occasionally.






Christopher Columbus


The imposing statue of Isabel la Catolica and Christopher Columbus is well known sight in Granada. This impressive work is located at the end of Gran Vía, Granada´s main thoroughfare. Find the statue at the junction with Reyes Catolicos Street, close to Plaza Nueva.It was built in 1892, commissioned for the celebration of discovering America.The image depicts the moment when Columbus agreed to set sail to discover America. There are 35 names around the base, these are the people who supported Columbus´ Project, interestingly there is even a woman named, Beatriz de Bobadilla.

Initially located in Plaza del Humilladero, next to the Genil River. When it was unveiled it wasn´t well received by the citizens of Granada. The Valencian sculptor Mariano Benlliure received more criticism than compliments. Much later in 1962 it was moved to its current location and is now one of the most popular spots to take a photo in the city.




Alhambra& Generalife


Throughout the Alhambra palace there are endless water features, pools and fountains. They create lovely sounds as you walk around the complex as well as cooling the atmosphere. It really is a refreshing place to be especially in the summer with the sounds and visual appeal of the water. The Arabs valued this abundance of water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and used it wherever possible. They created an oasis where they could spend the hot Andalusian Summers.

The wáter features maintain the coolness in and around the palace buildings, water also serves as a decorative element in the large spaces around the Alhambra grounds. The irrigation of the Generalife gardens was also thought of not just the aesthetics. This photo above is the Patio of Lindaraja, the fountain can be seen from the Mirador de Lindaraja inside the Alhambra (one of my favourite corners of the monument)





Fuente de las batallas


This fountain just below Puerta Real in the city centre is probably the most well known in the city. Here every fooball victory is celebrated. In Granada they celebrate if Spain wins, if Barcelona wins, if Madrid wins, if Seville loses and when the local team Granada C.F wins too. I recently discovered that this fountain was in the centre of a traffic roundabout in the 1800´s. I think it looks much better now surrounded by benches and pavements, rather than in the centre of traffic.





Pilar del Toro


This 16th century fountain is located in Plaza Nueva, just to the right of the Santa Ana church. It is called Pilar del Toro, the bull’s fountain. This fountain dating from the 16th century was originally situated in nearby Calle Elvira. It was moved to its current spot in Plaza Nueva in 1941.The fountain features a bull in the centre with two young boys either side.

A Wolf in the woods


This sculpture can be found among the leafy woods on the way to the Alhambra.Created by the Andalusian sculptor Juan Cristóbal. It was officially presented in 1921. This is a monument to the Granada poet Angel Ganivet. The piece is made from bronze, marble and stone. At the time, this was extremely controversial. The public didn´t understand the concept of the design. It was known locally as the athlete and the goat. The controversy delayed its unveiling for several years. Juan Cristóbal describe his work: "Un bello joven atlético levanta la cabeza de un macho cabrío, gracioso y ágil, que intenta huir. An athletic young man lifts the head of a male goat, elegant and agile, which tries to escape.

As you can see the fountains of Granada have lots of history behind them. Far more to them than first meets the eye.


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