Self Guided Walking Routes: Seville

If it comes to walking routes, there are not a lot of cities that are more suitable than Seville, Andalusia. The city centre is mainly a car-free zone, which makes it a great place to wander around and appreciate all the beautiful sights that this amazing city has to offer. We gathered the best spots to visit in Seville and put them together in walking routes that have different themes. Take note, because these routes will definitely come in handy in such a big city! 

Walking route 1: Art

Cathedral Sevilla view

Art lovers can eat their heart out in Seville. With many different types of museums and art galleries, there is something for everyone's taste. Whether you like modern art or are drawn to more classical pieces: this city has it all. It might not have a big museum such as the Prado in Madrid, but Seville on the other hand has got many hidden jewels.



General Route

Metropol Parasol - Centro Cultural Flamenco - El Divino Salvador - Museo de Baile Flamenco - Cathedral - Real Alcázar - Royal Tobacco Factory - Plaza de España - Archeological Museum

Time to allow: 3 hours

The time that it takes to do this route completely depends on the amount of time you spend at each spot. Some art lovers prefer to have a look at the details of each artwork, whereas others prefer to get a quick look and move on. If you decide to spend some time inside the museums for example, then keep in mind that the route will take longer to complete. 

Best time to do it

As the art route mainly involves visiting museums and galleries, the time of year is not as important as with other routes. However, you still need to walk from one spot to the other so going in the middle of summer is not recommended. We advise going from March to May or in October or November. In these months the temperature is still pleasant, however not unbearable. During the route you will most likely have to wait at the Cathedral and the Real Alcázar, so try to plan these things either in the morning (be there before it opens) or for example, while everyone is having lunch.

You will see... 

During this route, you will come across all the highlights of the city related to art. From contemporary art to classic, realistic artwork: Seville has it all. You can see the influence of Flamenco and all the beautiful, authentic buildings that make the city such a great destination. 

Did you know?

Museum of Fine Arts, Seville

  • Museo de Bellas Artes (The Museum of Fine Arts) has a special section that is targeted at the visually impaired. In this part of the museum, several famous art pieces such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is are displayed in 3D-version. That way, the artwork can be touched and experienced by people that cannot see regular art. 
  • The origins of the flamenco dance can be found in Seville. Therefore you will see many influences of this dance in the whole city; from live shows to a museum about this gracious dance. 
  • All the ceramic benches at Plaza de España represent a province in Spain, they all have a painting that shows the specific provinces in alphabetical order.


Walking route 2: Culture

Centro Cultural Flamenco

There are just a few cities that preserve their traditions as carefully as Seville does. The most important month for the city is in April when the colourful Feria de Abril takes place. The streets fill with beautiful Andalusian women dressed up in their amazing flamenco dresses. In every corner of the city, you can find joyous people, traditional food, horse and carriages and traditional music. In a matter of days, the jolly atmosphere in the city changes, as it becomes the stage for the impressive processions of the Semana Santa. In September Seville attracts flamenco lovers hosting the biggest flamenco festival in the world - Bienal Flamenco.



General Route

Basilica de la Macarena - Plaza los Terceros - Cultural Centre of Flamenco dance "Casa de la Memoria" - Calle Sierpes - Plaza de San Francisco - Arabic Baths (Aire de Sevilla) - Cathedral - Mercado del Arenal - Ceramic Centre in Triana - Los Marineros Chapel (Capilla de los Marineros) - Santa Ana Church

Time to allow: 3-5 hours

Best time to do it

We recommend starting the route in the afternoon as the temperature during the day can get really high, especially in the summer months. If you follow the route you will end up in the Triana neighbourhood, where you can have a nice dinner in one of the restaurants overlooking the river. You can even watch one of the flamenco shows organized here. 

You will see...

To really get to know Seville´s culture you don´t just need to see it, you need to live it! During this walk, you will have the chance to see what Seville's soul is made of: a mixture of Arabic heritage, hot flamenco vibes and religious traditions in the Triana Neighbourhood. Take your time to get a table in one of the plazas and try the typical food, sweet orange wine and observe the sevillanos.

Did you know?

  • Calle Sierpes is the main street where the majority of processions pass during the Semana Santa celebrations. Having the balcony there makes loads of Easter-lovers envy you.


Calle Betis, Triana, Seville

  • Ceramic Centre in Triana - almost all the potteries are located in Triana, as centuries ago that was the best location close to the city centre. The reason for this is that the production of ceramics was creating toxic vapours and at the same time, the potters could easily get their material from the river: clay and water.
  • The Triana market it’s one of the very few markets in the world where you can buy fruits, eat sushi and attend to a theatrical performance in Casa La Teatro without leaving the place.

Walking route 3: History

Plaza de España, Seville


Seville is full of historical gems and places to fall in love with. It's a city where you can let yourself get lost and wander around narrow streets, explore hidden plazas and feel the rich historical heritage all over. The city is made for history lovers and following this route you will experience all must-sees of Seville!



General Route

Plaza de España - The Golden Tower (Torre del Oro) - The Silver Tower (Torre de la Plata) - Torre Abdel Aziz - General Archive of the Indies (Archivo de Indias) - Postigo del Aceite - The Cathedral (La Giralda, The Columbus grave) - Hospital de los Venerables - Royal Alcázar Palace

Time to allow: 3-5 hours

Best time to do it

If you are a morning person, then you should definitely do the route after breakfast. A quiet walk during which you can visit the most important sights of Seville can end with a picnic in the Maria Luisa Park. Before you let yourself relax, make sure to have a stroll in the beautiful Plaza de España.

On the other hand, those who prefer an early dinner in one of the best tapas bars in Seville will definitely want to start their walk in the centre. It's a good idea, considering that at that time all the restaurants will be full, so you can enjoy popular places such as the Giralda or Real Alcazar as they will be less crowded.

You will see... 

In this route you will see the best what Seville has to offer: a fascinating mixture of the Catholic Kings heritage, amazing Moorish Castles and mysterious streets of the old Jewish district, today's Barrio de Santa Cruz. Another highlight on our map is the grave of Christopher Columbus located in the Cathedral. Next to the temple, we'll find the Main Archive of India, reminding us of Spain's colonial past.

Did you know?

  • According to the legend, the founder of Seville was Hercules himself!
  • Real Alcazar Palace appeared several times in the popular series 'Game of Thrones' as the Water Gardens of Dorne Kingdom.
  • The Cathedral of Seville is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and the third-largest cathedral in the world, after St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican and St. Paul's in London.


La Giralda, Seville


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