Electricity prices are on the up again in 2014. Another 11% rise!! This means that Electricity prices have more than doubled since 2008. Its quite shocking but there is little we can do about it. We can however try to cut usage as much as possible and this can be difficult when letting.

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Carol Byrne
Introducing one of the most picturesque sights in all of Spain. If you’re looking for dramatic mountain views, snow capped mountains and like to live life a little on the high side then look no further. Winter sports aside, after all, this is the perfect spot in Spain to take your skis along for the ride. But it has other attractions too, the 3 villages of the Poqueira Valley make a great destination for those looking for traditional Spanish life, with rural bliss. Look no further!

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Visiting Valencia for a day

November 18th, 2013

Carol Byrne
Valencia is fast becoming the city where everyone wants to travel to and being Spain’s third largest city, it offers several attractions suitable for the visitor or holidaymaker. Many travellers to this region are fast comparing the qualities of Valencia with Barcelona and having as much culture as the capital city of Madrid. So why not pay a visit to Valencia for even just a day trip and see what it has to offer you and your family?

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Carol Byrne
Market day…colourful stalls and things to buy and browse over. But these are no ordinary markets. Spruce up your Christmas shopping, eschew the overcrowded high streets of the UK and come to Barcelona instead. The Christmas markets are just one of the appealing things to do in Barcelona prior to the festive season – wrap up well and let’s see what’s on offer!

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City breaks are great fun, a weekend away to catch up with a little of the bustling city scene: Shopping, sightseeing and of course, when in Spain – eating out! But make time for some down-time to – it’s not all about rushing around and filling every minute. Relax, take a step back, and take a walk in the park. Where better, than the capital city of Madrid, and Retiro Park.

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Look, I hate to mention this, I really do… but it’s edging ever closer…you know, the festive season. It’s almost upon us, Christmas. What will yours be like? Will it be all you imagine? Truthfully, now...really? Hmmm, I think not, but there’s always a sunny alternative…Spain!

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Did you know..? I’m a sucker for odd facts, blame it on an unhealthy thirst for that programme years ago ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ with the husky and raspy voiced Jack Palance. Do you remember it? So, as nothing escapes, Spain is also on my quest for knowledge, and I’ve uncovered a few odd, strange and funny facts about this No 1 holiday destination.  Curious? Even just a little bit? Put the kettle on and open the chocolate Digestives. Read on…!

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Top Tasty Tapas in Spain

November 11th, 2013

Carol Byrne

We all love it – Tapas –  that little saucer of something tasty to nibble on and soak up your drink. Spain is really such a civilised place!

A trip to Granada of course means that the tapas is also FREE, and there are so many to try out, there are certainly worse ways to spend an evening…so forget the pickled egg or packet of salt and vinegar crisps, let’s go on a tasting tour, and see which are the best tapas to tempt you on your next Spanish holiday.

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Carol Byrne
Thinking of a city trip to Spain this month? Then consider Barcelona, a city of art, it’s bohemian, bustling and just brilliant. A city of intense light, of nearby sea and coastal cliffs of the Costa Brava, and of course, where there’s always something going on. What’s happening in Barcelona this month? Let’s find out, and take a late break in Barcelona.

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November in Spain

November 4th, 2013

Carol Byrne

So, it’s almost the end of the year, the tail end of 2013 already and Spain is still the top destination for a  holiday. Just because it’s late in the year is no reason NOT to think of sunny days and holidays.  Come to Spain this month, a bargain last minute flight, and see what Spain has planned for you this November…leave all those Christmas decorations and plastic Santas where they belong in the rainy UK and grab some late rays of sunshine instead!

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Carol Byrne
The clocks went back last weekend, tomorrow is November, and the nights are getting a little chilly. You’re just about to click the thermostat up a notch or two, and your eye catches the headlines….”Energy Prices Up Again”. It’s all very well putting on an extra jumper, or shifting the weekly budget a little, but what if you’re retired? Older folk feel the cold more, and that’s a fact. What’s a pensioner, on a tight budget, to do in Winter? There is a solution…..and a very nice one at that.

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It’s Hallowe’en! If you’re lucky enough to be in Spain, it’s Dia de las Brujas! The spooky night before All Saint’s Day. Two nights before All Souls or the Day of The Dead, commemorated, of course, by the Catholic church. But before all the bell ringing and solemnity of the religious significance, it’s time for some fun! Only really recently celebrated amongst Spanish kids, the night of Hallowe’en and its traditions has crept stealthily into even the most isolated villages and children here have got the message – dressing up equals free sweets! But there are other foodie delights to be had. What will you eat tonight if you happen to be in Spain?

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Carol Byrne
What’s that you said? Where’s the Contraviesa? The lower slopes of the Alpujarras are home to the rolling foothills, known as the Contraviesa. It’s a lovely spot for many reasons –  well, I live there, for a start!  But I’m feeling a little boastful this morning and wanted to tell you about our local wines, one has just picked up the coveted Mesquita de Oro prize in Cordoba…and it’s got a grumpy label too!

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We’re sticking with Murcia for a bit – having visited Lorca and toured that historical town, we’re feeling a little like some warm coastline to rest up on. How about a mix of city-life and beach, something for everyone. Cartagena is where we’re headed today, and the surrounding mild climate of that coastline. The stretch of coastline is known as the Costa Calida – the warm coast. Where better for a late Autumn break? The golden sand down here is still warm, and the water’s not bad either! You don’t have to be too brave to take a dip in the Mediterranean at this time of year, not when your destination is the Costa Calida.

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Carol Byrne
Not Federico García Lorca the poet – one of my absolute favourites – but the place itself, a town that suffered an earthquake just 2 years ago, but despite the damage has remained elegant and full of mystery. The City of 100 Coats of Arms is well worth a visit on your Murcia holiday, take time away from the lure of the Autumn beaches and coastline, and explore a little inland…visit Lorca, for some pleasant surprises. Although, having said that, the municipality does stretch it’s fingers out as far as the coast, so there are beaches too if you really want them…

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Whew, are you still there? The storms that battered Britain last night and this morning are certainly depressing. As befits the day , it’s the feast day of St Jude too, the patron saint of lost causes. At Spain Holiday we hope that your goods and chattels were safely battened down, and that you’re considering a duvet day rather than the risky commute. Settle down now, bring a coffee back to bed, and let’s look instead to where the sun is shining…while the wind blows outside,  transport your mind to warmer climes in Spain, blue skies swapped for grey….sound like a good Monday plan? Yes, I thought that it might just appeal!

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It seems to be the month for cinema in Spain, with plenty of film festivals to attend this October. If you have a penchant for popcorn and perhaps have a tuxedo, or little black dress hiding in the back of the wardrobe, then pack it up and head for the red carpet. There are still three film festivals to catch before the end of the month here in Spain, so before the director can shout ‘It’s a wrap‘,  let’s take a look at where to go…

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Sugar and spice and all things nice….what’s on your spice shelf? Rather, what’s the most expensive spice there? Saffron is widely seen as the most expensive spice in the world and if you’re fond of this particular posh spice then there’s an October event just for you, in fact just around the corner! Consuegra, an agricultural community in central Spain, is best known for its production of Saffron, so why not come to the fiesta next week –  La Fiesta de la Rosa del Azafran –  and see what all the fuss is about, and why those little strands are the most expensive spice in the world. Posh Spice? We can’t guarantee the Beckhams, but who needs them, when there’s food and festivities?!

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Ghosties and Ghoulies and things that go bump in the night – wah! It’s almost Hallowe’en – we used to love dressing up and going out in the dark to scare….well, ourselves usually! Witches and devils, sweets and, in Ireland, a slice of Barmbrack. There are lots of peaceful and beautiful places in Spain, but what about the scariest? I could scare a few people first thing in the morning… But what about the most haunted, frightening places in Spain? A good place to spend Hallowe’en? Look behind you…

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In Spain today? Then you’ll notice an air of festivity and frivolity. Today is  – yet another – day off on the Spanish calendar of little work. And the reason? Several, actually! Let’s see what’s so special about October 12th in Spain.

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