A holiday on a budget?  Well, we’re all a little shorter in the cash department these days, and with Christmas looming a holiday is probably the thing you need most, but the last thing on your shopping list.

It is possible with a trip to Spain, and there are lots of different ways to stretch that cash.

Take a look at  Seville – a city that is stunning in architecture and bathed in warm sunshine. If you choose to book a week or two for a holiday in Seville, then you’ll find plenty of choice with the usual budget airlines.  Self catering accommodation allows you to cook fresh local produce and save a few cents by eating in. Things to do for free too? Of course!

Accommodation – A budget option

A city centre Seville apartment on a budget?

It can be done! With daily rates from just 55€, and that’s for the whole rental, not per person – there are a few options to choose from, just click here to save money on some Seville accommodation.

Book up your choice of home from home, add a cheap flight and you’re halfway to a much needed holiday – anti recession style!

The fridge can be stocked from the local markets and independent shops, all you need now is an itinerary that leaves your wallet firmly closed…here are the top 10 FREE things to do in Seville, there’ll be something to amuse everyone.

1. Holiday reading –  at the Archivo de Indias

A little not  – so  – light reading!  The Archives building, or the Archivos de Indias – commissioned in the 1500’s was designed by Juan de Herrera, the famous Spanish architect, and contains more than 4 million important books and documents, including letters exchanged between Columbus and his Queen.

You can view all of these laid out in special glass cases, and some may be handled with permission. Enjoy, it costs nothing, in the most literal sense!

Avevida de la Constitutión nº 3 – right next to the Cathedral


Telephone 954211234

Seville at night

2. The Seville Military Museum

Boys and their toys…! They will love this one. Weapons, Maps, Flags, and all that sort of thing are on display here, and also wooden crafts from the Cuba and the Philippines – this used to be the site of the Ibero American exhibition.

Plaza de España


Telephone 954 93 82 83

3. Go to church on Sunday

Visit the enormous Cathedral in Seville and it will cost you cash to gain entry. But go on Sunday, and it’s FREE. Admire the architecture of the Cathedral and Giralda and take some time out of this busy city to sit in peace and reflect for a few moments…

Close to the Alcazar on Plaza de la Triunfo

La Giralda tower of Seville Cathedral

4. Go to a Golden Tower on Tuesday

The Torre de Oro – or golden tower – can be found on the riverside – an 800 year old construction and inside a Naval Museum.  Built in the 13th Century by the Moors to keep out those pesky Christians…If you choose to invade then do so on Tuesday when entry is FREE.

On the river-front, not too far from the Cathedral – look up!


Tile pattern detail, Seville, Spain

5. Another Tuesday treat – Casa de Pilatos

Admire the Mudejar architecture – it looks even better on Tuesdays when it is FREE admission, combine it with a trip to the Tower!

Calle Aguilas


6. Park life…Parque de Maria Luisa

Any day, any time, always free!  Chill out, sit, relax and watch the world go by amongst the greenery and breathe a little oxygen…feel FREE to unwind!

Next to the Plaza de España


Parque de Maria Luisa

10. Get lost!Maria Luisa Park – perfect!

7. Feeling Arty  – Seville Museum of Fine Arts

Fine art indeed.  The second most important gallery in Spain – after the Prado.

Fifteen rooms to peruse…and the building is wonderful too, a former convent, it will take your breath away.  Rumoured to be the most beautiful Art Gallery in Europe, when you’ve don with the framed treasures, sit and enjoy the cloisters, the garden with neatly clipped box hedges, sit and reflect on Seville.

Plaza del Museo, nº 9


Telephone 954 22 18 29

8.  Fighting fit?  Seville Bullring

It may cost you a arm and a leg – hopefully not literally – on days when a bullfight takes place, but outside of those times it’s FREE to visit the bullring.  Look around the Museum with the fancy costumes and memorabilia behind glass cases, the infirmary, the stables, and the little chapel where the bullfighters go to offer up a possibly last word before the event.

Paseo de Colón, nº 12


Telephone  954 224 577

9. Go dancing – Flamenco at La Carboneria

Flamenco in Seville?  Well, of course.  There are dozens of Flamenco bars and clubs – but this is said to be the real thing.  Hot steamy nights, the inimitable sound of Flamenco guitar, a flick of a spotted dress, the clack of heels…FREE …but do buy a drink! Discover the meaning of Duende

 Calle Levies,  nº18



Telephone 954214460

Experience Flamenco in Seville

10. Get lost!

No, really! Take a day, maybe Monday when the Museums and Monuments tend to be closed, leave the map in your apartment and just simply wander.  Don’t leave the camera at home though – take some close ups of the flower filled alleyways and side streets.  Start off around the ancient Jewish quarter and just explore…the best free thing to do in Seville, without a doubt!

Carol Byrne
Posted by Carol Byrne
Originally from Dublin, Carol has also lived in London and Wales before settling in Spain with her husband and family in 2006. She and her family run a rural retreat high in the Alpujarras mountains of Granada, which you can find here as property number 17043. She blogs about traditional village life, sparked by a passion for the culture and history of Spain, and teaches English locally..