Fancy kayaking around the Island of Menorca? Well there is no better time do to it.

Taking the initiative, the tourist board in Menorca has been the first in Spain to actively seek people who are looking for kayaking holidays.

And no, this isn’t your typical one-hour leisurely paddle around a sheltered beach, this is more of a ten-day, ten-hour-a-day paddle around the island, bivouacking on deserted beaches, bringing enough food and supplies to last days and basically living at Nature’s mercy.

A ten-day round the island trip can easily turn into a fifteen day adventure if wind and sea conditions are against you.

In saying that, there is no better way to discover the island and its proving to be increasingly popular.

Menorca - a Kayaking paradise

There are few places in the World that are as suited to Kayaking as Menorca.


With its warm, crystal clear waters, year round sunshine, the abundance of coves and hidden beaches……

Menorca is quite simply a kayaker’s paradise.

In fact, many of Menorca’s most beautiful beaches can only be reached by sea.

About Menorca

Menorca (or Minorca) takes its name from the Latin for “minor.”

Minor – relative to its more popular neighbour, Mallorca.

Menorca has a completely different feel and ambiance to it than its more developed neighbour.

Its way of life has remained very traditional and unchanged despite the arrival of tourism. It is often billed as a prime family holiday destination in Spain.

The second largest of the Balearic Islands with a population of some 90,000 inhabitants.

Menorca was declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1993 and is blessed with some of Spain’s best beaches.

Kayaking options in Menorca

There are an abundance of companies offering differing kayak adventures. From the ten day round the island trip to smaller one and two day excursions.

Camping outside of designated areas is not allowed in Menorca, an exception is made for Kayakers.

Kayaking in Menorca

They are allowed to make bivouacs on the beach from dusk until dawn provided that they leave no trace of their stay behind them.

Its generally agreed amongst Menorcans that spending the night on a deserted beach under the stars is a highlight of any holiday to Menorca.


The best place for beginners to hone their canoeing and kayaking skills before setting off on longer expeditions is the sheltered bay of Fornells. The protected five kiloemeter bay is an ideal practice area.

The fishing village of Fornells is one of the main starting points for longer journeys around the island or two, three days exploring the north coast’s rugged and very untouched coastline.

The south coast is protected by the prevailing Tramuntana winds and as such offers less technically demanding kayak options.

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