Eivissa, otherwise known as Ibiza City, is the cultural centre of Ibiza, what is generally regarded as a 24-hour party destination. The fascinating city is filled with charm, history and a bohemian spirit and proves that you can’t box Ibiza into one category; it has heaps more to offer than just beaches and an unbeatable nightlife.


Delightful Eivissa Architecture

Situated to the south of the island, the old town of Eivissa has been awarded historic status by UNESCO World Heritage destination. Founded by the Phoenicians 2600 year ago, it has been continually populated ever since and has conserved the marks of the legacy of the different civilizations that have inhabited the city of the centuries.

The old town, Dalt Vila, is surrounded by ancient walls, built in the mid 1500s, were classified as an ancient memorial back in 1942. Entry into Dalt Vila is through the Las Tablas Gate, which was once a drawbridge. The secondary entry gate is Portal Nou (New Gate), where you glimpse a view of the Puig de Mouns, one of the most important necropolises discovered in our time.

The old town itself houses a diverse mix of architectural and artistic styles. The 13th century cathedral has undergone several renovations and the different styles are evident throughout the beautiful structure. The Town Hall was built on the site of an old Dominican convent building and the Santo Domingo Church is especially striking for its beautiful cloister domes. The Almudaina complex is a Moorish fortress that predates the Renaissance fortress walls. Visit the keep to enjoy some stunning views to the city’s port and the whole south of the island.

Aside from the cultural and historic side of the old town, the labyrinth of streets in the Sa

A stylish marina

Penya district is home to some of the island’s beautiful fashion and bohemian boutiques. Here you can pick up a fabulous one-off piece of jewellery or fashion, arts and handicrafts spill out of the shops. The beautiful of Ibiza frequent the cobweb of streets and the whole area exudes a magical atmosphere and captivates the visitor.

Moving down to the busy port area, the cliché Ibiza comes back into force, but with a much more classy and upmarket ambience. Home to the famous Pacha nightclub and a casino, there are luxury yachts moored and some very fine restaurants.

Dining out in Eivissa (Ibiza Town) is also an exciting experience.  Mediterranean cuisine and seafood is high on the agenda. A visit to Alfredo’s, one of the island’s oldest restaurants, or Can Joan, both offer a culinary experience not to be missed.

Eivissa has beaches too!

So beautiful beaches, unbeatable nightlight and excellent weather aside, if you want all this and a cultural experience then don’t hesitate to pick Ibiza Town, you won’t be disappointed!

Find out more about Ibiza Town in our Ibiza Travel Guide and Video. Or just go right ahead and rent a holiday home in Eivissa.


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