Alicante has certainly been the favourite haunt of British and Irish holidaymakers for many years…and why not? It has so much to offer the traveller of today.  From weekend romantic breaks to full on family holidays  – right through to a week or more of fun in the sun – Alicante is amazing.  With Spain Holiday offering a cool choice of a whopping 215 places to stay – shouldn’t you be thinking of Calpe for your next break?  What does it offer you? Let’s see…

Where is it?

Fly into Alicante airport in the province of Valencia, the home of Paella, Oranges and the sandy stretch of the Costa Blanca – the White Coast. ….Along the long fingers of sandy beaches and about 70kms from the bustling city of Alicante, you’ll find the pretty resort of Calpe, or as it is locally and more properly known, Calp.

The town of Calpe with the famous rock “Penon de Ifach”.

Where to stay

On offer are some superb places to base yourself and your family for that much needed break, choose from villas and apartments from a huge selection here at Spain Holiday, what about this stunning Villa– also suitable for less able bodied visitors…just drool at the inviting colour of that pool…

Just one of the properties available

 What are the best sights?

This former fishing village really took off in the 1950’s as a tourist spot.  The old town is lovely to walk around, with the cobbled streets and winding alleyways, the houses and streets filled with colourful flower displays…If you want to do a little more than lie on the beach – although that’s good too! – then you might like to take a walk and see the sights. The best ones, and the Top 5 Sights, are..

  1. The flooded salt flats  –  El Salader- where you can do a little birdwatching
  2. The ruins of the Queen’s Baths
  3. The 18th century Tower of La Peça
  4. The local church built in Gothic style
  5. Take a walk up 332 metres up the Peñón de Ifach – or Calpe Rock, the famous landmark, also with natural park status.

    The Peñón de Ifach is just off the coast of Calpe

Eating out

As you will be self catering, you can choose to buy the local freshly caught fish and rustle up something tasty in your rental home.  But Calpe is totally geared up for holiday makers and you will find an amazing array of places to eat, at competitive prices, so much cheaper than home.

You can greedily choose from any type of food, Indian, Chinese, Italian…but do try the local rice dishes too, as well as the superb seafood – whether you’re out for a quick lunch – is there any such thing in Spain?!– or a long dinner.

Seafood – and eat it!

Best times to visit

There are many local fiestas in Calpe, all of which allow you to join in and experience a traditional Spanish party!  The Top 5 Fiestas for the year are… is there any such thing in Spain?!

  1. March – Las Fallas de San José
  2. June – San Juan – with bonfires burning on the beach all night long
  3. July – The Fisherman’s Festival is there any such thing in Spain?!
  4. August – the Festival of the Virgen de los Nieves
  5. October – do battle with the Moors and Christians

    Best foot forward – party time!

The best beaches

All of this and still more!  The perfect climate of Calpe makes a day out on the beach an attractive prospect, after all, you are on holiday!

Whether you choose to scuba dive, water ski, windsurf, sail or just top up your Spanish suntan then keep in mind that the Top 3 best Beaches to visit are…

  1. La Fossa  -also known as Levante, a wide beach that gets really busy
  2. Playa El Raco – at the foot of the Peñón de Ifach
  3. Port Mauri – close to archaeological ruins of the Queen’s Baths as mentioned above

    CALPE – Stroll around

There are many other smaller beaches, inlets and coves to discover, take a trip around the coastline of Calpe and discover your favourite!

Carol Byrne
Posted by Carol Byrne
Originally from Dublin, Carol has also lived in London and Wales before settling in Spain with her husband and family in 2006. She and her family run a rural retreat high in the Alpujarras mountains of Granada, which you can find here as property number 17043. She blogs about traditional village life, sparked by a passion for the culture and history of Spain, and teaches English locally..