November . That month when Christmas is just around the corner –  and as I write just 47 days on the online countdown calender –  the weather turning wet and cold, the heating constantly on...if you live in the UK that is!

You can choose to write your gift list, grow a moustache for Movember, and then again you could see what is on in Spain and book a break in the Winter sunshine…what sounds good to you?

Spain on Film

There are the end of the film festivals which started in October still on all over Spain this month, read more about them all by clicking here.

A trend that commenced last month, there are at least another eight more film festivals going on up and down the country for the month of November too, so pack your popcorn and get over here if you’re a movie buff.

High Winds

Head to Fuerteventura one of the Canary Islands, and blow your cobwebs away with the XXIV Festival Internacional de Cometas, or the International Kite Festival.  Between the 8th and the 11th November, you can join in with visitors from all over the world who flock to this event, which has been taking place since 1987.

On Sunday to close the event 150 free kites are handed out to children, as well as little parachuting teddy bears that drop sweets for everyone to catch!  The previous couple of days entail Free Fly events, and wonderful displays by skilled fliers.

It’s all held on La Playa del Burro, a beach nestled into the dunes of Corralejo.  The island of Fuerteventura is a top notch destination at any time of the year, but who can say no to some much needed Winter sunshine?

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Corralejo beach Fuerteventura

The location – Corralejo beach


Strong Stuff

If you want a drop of the hard stuff after all that activity and blustery wind, then take yourself to Potes between the 10th and the 13th of this month. Situated in Cantabria, the town enjoys a strategic location, between the meeting point of the two Rivers of Liébana. Why here?

A good place name as it turns out – you might even find it quite Potent!  This is the Festival of Orujo, a type of brandy made from Grapes, a little like Grappa. In Galicia it’s called Aguardente, meaning ‘hard liquor’ so there’s a clue for you in relation to the strength – in other words it has a kick like a mule!

It’s made from all of the solid remains of the grape after pressing for wine, and is revered hereabouts, so much that you can come to the XXI Festival and watch the process of it being made, and of course try it out for yourself, just a little at a time though, or you may not remember the experience!

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Windswept deserted beaches and wonderful walking country, not to mention the fabulous food of Cantabria, do you really need an excuse to book yourself a break here?!

Costa quiet…Cantabrian coastline


Jazzing it Up

If a holiday with music is what you have in mind, then book a trip to the Granada Jazz Festival, and accommodation in Granada can be located here. It kicks off tomorrow 8th and continues until the 18th– so get booking if you want to catch the start. It has been running since 1980 and pays homage to both Modern and Trad Jazz, today the Granada Jazz Festival is recognized as one of the most important Jazz events in Europe.

All that Jazz


All month until 4th December, if you visit the capital, then you can also experience the XXVII International Madrid Dance Festival.

All medium of Dance is expressed, from Ballet to Latin American –  and all events are held at various theatres around the city for the duration of November, and you may buy tickets for each event locally.

If you happen to be visiting Madrid this weekend, Friday is the fiesta for its Patron Saint, The Virgin of La Almudena. Madrileños don’t really need much of an excuse for a party, and this one is celebrated all day with Mass, processions and the usual excessive eating and drinking…

The legend states that the image of La Almudena was brought to Spain by St James, and hidden in a wall so that the invading Moors didn’t steal it.  Two hundred years later, the wall fell away and there she was… still with the same lit candles she had been holed up with…..look, I just tell the stories, okay?!

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Madrid – a great city at any time of year

Old Treasure

Staying with Madrid, the capital city also runs an Antique and Arts Fair – called Feriarte – from the 17th to the 25th of November, within the central art and antiques market.   Perhaps bring that gift list with you and pick up some unusual Christmas presents?

Decorative pottery, paintings, sculpture, and other old finds for you to discover…perhaps even some treasure! Porcelain, lamps, antique watches, gold, silver, crystal, Oriental and Tribal art, it’s all here. The Fair is in its 36th year now, and experts and magpies congregate from all over the globe.  More than 50 experts are on hand too, if you want to have something valued or inspected.

It’s open every day between 12 pm and 9 pm, and it will cost you 10€ admission charge and 15€ if you want a catalogue.

Seek, and you might find…!

 Of course, Madrid makes a great mini break at any time of the year, why not do all your Christmas shopping? Take time out to enjoy a crisp stroll in Retiro park, indulge in a romantic meal, see the sights, enjoy the bustle of the city. November – just the right month to take a break..

Carol Byrne
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