So you thought that the party was over? But it’s just getting started in Spain!  This weekend sees the arrival into every village square and city plaza of the esteemed Three Kings, those noblemen bearing gifts.  They’ll dress up and hand over gifts and throw sweets high in the air for the children to catch – Spanish Christmas, if you like.  If later in the month is when you plan to visit, and you’re still in the mood for more fun and fiesta, then make it on one of the Saint’s days – celebrated somewhere in Spain, every day of the year!

Start with San Antonio – and book yourself into the Balearics!

Finders Keepers

As children, if we lost or mislaid something, then Saint Anthony would be called upon or summoned,  and pressed into action. A quick prayer, with the promise of payment usually assured us of finding the item in question.

Even though I still mislay items on a daily basis, I have lost that habit of calling him, although as I get older, with far more senior moments than blonde moments,  I think maybe I should re – employ him!

The man himself – St Anthony the Abbot

It’s all about the animals

Here in Spain, and according to the Catholic church, San Antonio is the patron saint of animals, and his day is used as the perfect opportunity to bless all creatures great and small throughout the land.

The congregation tends to be four legged, with elegant riders arriving on horseback, and rubbing shoulders – or flanks! – with pedigree pooches, mangy mongrels, pampered cats,goats and chickens, even pigs … and quite likely the odd goldfish or hamster!

The Blessing of the Animals involves blessing both the creatures and their owners and ensures another year of good health and protection. The animals will walk right into church, sometimes dressed up for the occasion, so if you want to see a chicken in a hat – here’s your chance!

Where best to celebrate?

San Antonio is celebrated all over Spain in January – his day is 17th – and is known as Fiesta de San Antón. Sometimes, remember, it can be the day before or the day after, depending on the church and the mass.

Where better to head for, though, than to celebrate in San Antonio itself, on the wonderful island of Ibiza.

Summertime means the island gives over to clubbing, and stays awake 24 hours a day resonating to the pulsating rhythm, but January is a perfect time to see the island at it’s best and take in some of the traditional customs – and here’s a perfect chance. If you want something quieter, more tranquil and traditional island life at it’s best. Tiny villages, traditional towns, a stunning coastline and deserted beaches, all here just waiting for you.

As for the the celebrations on the day of the festival, then simply follow the animals! The little churches will be packed out,  and afterwards aniseed doughnuts are handed out and devoured, spiced sausage is also on offer, I guess a gift from a pig,  from last year –  who wasn’t so lucky….!

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Ibiza beach sea boat

Clear and warm waters -come on in!

Where else?

In Catalonia, the day of San Antonio is known as the Festival of Antonio Abad – or St Anthony the Abbot.


Go the Eixample district of Barcelona and look out for the Els Tres Tombs procession – where the people and their four legged flock form a long procession and there’s a lot of other partying besides!

It’s really a stunning sight to see, the magnificent horses that form the parade stop the traffic as they go – and naturally they have priority.

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A view of the destination city


In Valencia, you won’t be at all surprised that they incorporate fire into the fiesta – really, they just can’t have a party here without setting something alight!

Bonfires, fireworks and firecrackers, the pyromaniacs of Spain celebrate San Antonio with noise and flames. Big scale.  In Canals, just south of the city – they have what is claimed as the biggest bonfire in the world on the eve of the saint’s day.

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Valencia – a fiery destination!


Well, the Canary Islands are the top Spanish Winter destination.  A week or two of warm sunshine is just what you need to be prescribed, and Tenerife has just what the doctor ordered.  Head to the little town of Arona, where they celebrate the day, and party all week!

Traditional Canary Island costumes, music and great food are the order of the week – with the sun shining warmly over the proceedings of course.

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There’s even one apartment to stay right in Aronaitself, so you won’t have too far to walk! But get in fast!

Tenerife a Top Holiday Destination.


Back to the Balearics and to the island of Mallorca.  After the mass and the blessing of the animals, You might take a trip to Pollensa to see the Pi de Sant Antoni – it’s  actually a  greased pole, which revellers attempt to climb, the first one at the top receives a prize of a pig – we do this one where I live in Las Alpujarras – the same slippery guy wins every year!

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Mallorca and it’s pine clad coves


The capital city, and a great Winter destination, Madrid is an obvious choice. Take a stroll through a crispy Retiro park, go shopping on Gran Via, see the home team play, or catch a show in one of the many theatres, see the sights – and join in  with animal procession in the Chueca district!

It’s been held here since the 19th century, and is taken very seriously indeed.  After the blessing has taken place, each member will receive three soft buns, two may be eaten but one must be kept alongside a coin  – for one year until the next ceremony – to ensure the blessing remains intact.  Wouldn’t fancy eating it after a year myself though…!

A vegetarian – of course – stew is cooked for all afterwards, over a wood fire in the street – hey, just imagine, another party!

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Madrid – the city of dreams


So, there you have it.  Whether you’ve lost something, want a year of good health for your four legged – or two legged – friend, or just fancy a Winter break under the blue Spanish sky, then head on over here to Spain, and celebrate with Saint Anthony!

Carol Byrne
Posted by Carol Byrne
Originally from Dublin, Carol has also lived in London and Wales before settling in Spain with her husband and family in 2006. She and her family run a rural retreat high in the Alpujarras mountains of Granada, which you can find here as property number 17043. She blogs about traditional village life, sparked by a passion for the culture and history of Spain, and teaches English locally..