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Top Nudist Beaches around Málaga

May 10th, 2013 by Carol Byrne

Carol Byrne
Airlines now are just so tight with luggage restrictions. 10kg seems to go nowhere if you choose to just travel with hand baggage.  Wouldn’t it be easier to leave all the beach paraphernalia at home?! Seriously, by the time you have UN-checked all those opt out boxes – when did that happen? – and booked your Málaga flight, you’ll want to keep luggage as light as possible. Unless you wear it all for the flight – dressed like an onion – then perhaps it would make a change to go natural – let’s take a look – hey, not too closely – at the top nudist beaches around Málaga.

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John Kramer
Playa de Cantarrijan, or Cantarrijan beach, is a place that you hear about way before going there. There is a certain kind of mystique about it. With a reputation for being a very hip and trendy spot. And a reputation for being the Costa del Sol’s best nudist beach. Cantarrijan is not the kind of place you happen to fall upon….you need to know where you going and more to the point what to expect when you get there.

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Louise Juhlin
Once again Trip Advisor has made a list of some of the world’s best beaches, but this time we are talking nudist beaches.  Out of a list of 10 beaches worldwide two are located in Spain! If nudist, naturist or clothing-optional beaches are something for you then you should head to Playa Es Trenc, Mallorca and Playa de Maspalomas in Gran Canaria, as these are Spain´s best places to bare all.

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