Do you like to find somewhere to rent on holidays and then stay in the same place for the duration of your stay?

Or do you like to base yourself somewhere relaxing and explore the area?

What’s the best way to see the sights when you are in Spain?  What’s the best method of transport? Let’s look at the options of travelling around the Costa del Sol, in Andalucía, Spain.

Costa del Sol – miles of beaches

A place in the Winter sun

Particularly now, if you’re looking at a Winter break on the Costa del Sol, to escape all the doom and gloom and grey skies of Britain.

One look at the weather reports – all that rain! – and the best choice would be to book up a break in sunny Spain, an escape to warmer climes and a much needed rest after the festive season.

the sun sets on another Spanish day

The sunshine coast

Take off those wet wellies and pack your walking boots.  Head to the Costa del Sol, the sunshine coast,  where you’ll find a huge range of airlines and cheaper flights to start your much needed break on the right footing.

A place to stay

Book up with Spain Holiday this year, there’s a wealth of  outstanding accommodation on the Costa del Sol,  the most famous and the most popular stretch of coastline in Spain. Whether you are seeking your sunshine break in an apartment, a villa for the whole family, a studio for two or a traditional town-house you’ll find more than enough choice by clicking here.

Spain Holiday have budget accommodation, if you’re counting the pennies after Christmas, right the way to top notch luxury accommodation, if you really want to splash the cash and treat yourself.

Exploration point

Now that you have chosen the perfect place to stay on the Costa del Sol, you might want to explore a little further.

Inland from Málaga, you can explore the hills and mountains, or meander along the coast road to discover the different villages and resorts that make this place such a popular spot.

Discover deserted beaches and coves, some out of the way ones are worth the slither down for a day of solitude – the advantages of a holiday out of season! Take a book or a picnic and do what holidays are for – just chill.

Marbella beach – quiet..sshh

Go Inland

Inland villages, nestled in the mountains, you might catch a local fiesta, have fun finding the local bars and restaurants, where locally sourced game is likely to be on the menu at this time of year, perhaps a plate of wild mushrooms fresh from the plancha, drizzled in olive oil and garlic, enjoyed with a glass of local robust wine, a great way to end a hike in the countryside.

Take a hike

Walking and hiking at this time of year is a rewarding experience – the best views are Winter ones, you will most likely be able to spy the mountains of Africa with the naked eye – an entirely different continent just across the glistening Mediterranean sea. The sea can look so calm at this time of year too, you could be forgiven for thinking it looks warm – it isn’t!  Explore the forestry and woodlands, the hills and gorges, find waterfalls and rivers flowing from the melting snow high on the Sierras.

Flora and Fauna, there’s plenty to see, don’t forget the binoculars and the camera!

Hiking Parque Natural de Despenaperros

Go take a hike!

Wild stuff

This Winter has been very mild so far in Spain, if you are up the mountains you’ll be amazed at the  fresh herbs and flowers already making an appearance, walk across fragrant wild Rosemary and Lavender, remember to buy the local honey whenever you see it, tasting of wild Thyme and Rosemary, and when you take it home with you, also tasting of holidays and great memories!

AVE high speed train Spain

The high speed AVE

How best to travel

1. Hire a car.

If you really want to go off the beaten track, then a hire car is best.  Shop around, there are still plenty of deals to be had, even last minute ones. Another added advantage to self catering over hotels is there is probably already a designated parking space, sometimes with hotels you end up paying a fortune for parking on top of your holiday.

Driving at this time of year is not so much of a challenge either, easier to negotiate the roads around Málaga and get used to driving ‘on the wrong side’ when the lanes are less busy than high season.

2. Take the train

You could take a train.  Kids love this way of exploring the Costa del Sol and you can really make it a family day out, without the bother of concentrating to hard, as you will need to do when you’re driving.  There’s an excellent underground in Málaga itself, and the overland trains will take to along the coast and to some of the different villages and towns, maybe Ronda takes your fancy? The train ride is up to Ronda is so pretty, winding up the mountain higher and higher.

You might like to try a night away somewhere a bit further, take the high speed trains which go to  Granada, Cadiz, Seville or Cordoba – a two centre holiday, maybe?

3. Hail a taxi.

Not for long journeys, obviously.  But, if you are based in a local area, with plenty of other nearby resorts, say Fuengirola  or Torremolinos for example, you’ll find the taxi service clean, safe,reliable and pretty cheap compared to fares at home.

4. Hire a scooter

Not the safest option, but scooters are cheap to hire and a great fast way to get around and beat the traffic. You’ll find hire shops practically everywhere.  You must wear a helmet and take care, obeying all the local rules – feel the wind and try it out!

5. On your bike!

Not a motorized one this time, but the old fashioned two wheeled man powered type.  Get fit and cycle around, there are lots of cycle paths along the main promenades, it’s a healthy and great way to see the local beach resorts.  Up for a little more than the soft option? Then hire a mountain bike and go off road, if you’re up to it! Again, remember the helmet and safety first…

6. Take the bus

A great way to see the Costa del Sol, and very cheap.  Buses in Spain are clean and comfortable, and very cheap. Right from Málaga airport, a bus will take you into the central station, where you can choose one of the many routes.  Buses are regular and plentiful, and serve all of the resorts along the coast. You’ll find buses every few minutes to all of the destinations you want – just ask or pick up the timetables at the central bus station or go onto the main website for all of the times, fares and destinations.

So, whether you choose to lay low and just enjoy your accommodation – a great choice – or explore further afield, then the Costa del Sol offers many different ways and means of getting around.  You are sure to discover more than you thought was there, and you can make plans to return and see more before long

Carol Byrne
Posted by Carol Byrne
Originally from Dublin, Carol has also lived in London and Wales before settling in Spain with her husband and family in 2006. She and her family run a rural retreat high in the Alpujarras mountains of Granada, which you can find here as property number 17043. She blogs about traditional village life, sparked by a passion for the culture and history of Spain, and teaches English locally..