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Reviews - how they work

Reviews are a very important part of your holiday home advert. This is how they work on

Quality review system

On the one hand you as a owner should gather as many positive reviews as possible, because guests are more likely to consider properties with reviews. On the other hand, too many fantastic reviews could undermine the trustworthiness of a review system. Our experience shows that properties with only five star reviews do not necessarily perform better than properties with a more varied rating. A range of different ratings and reviews gives customers a more realistic idea of your property.

Things to consider

Reviews are based on opinions that in turn are based on many different factors. 

People understand that reviews are subjective and based on opinions. We know reviews are a valuable addition to your Holiday Home ad on They provide a free, unbalanced and extremely effective marketing tool to enhance your holiday home advertisement. Reviews build trust and show other guests that people have enjoyed their stay at your holiday home and that you have acted on their feedback.

Here is how it works

Reviewing what: the guest can rate the property, the owner and the area.

Review invitations: 

  1. Our system automatically sends out an invitation to write a review after the guest has stayed in a property found on
  2. You can, as an owner, send an invitation to guests who have stayed in your holiday home and booked via or via other websites and ask them to review their stay. You can send the invitation from the review section in your user account. There is also a fixed link available for you to include into email signatures, that takes the guest straight to your review page

Options to delete reviews: 

  1. An owner cannot delete a specific review
  2. There is a "Report abuse" link on each review that can be used in case a review is offensive. We will take action on such a report if needed

Owner comment: As an owner you will get the option to write a comment on each review. It could be used for different situations such as a "thank you" or as reply to the reviewer.

Appearing online: we send the owners an email when a review has been written and we post it online, We also believe that if there is only 1 review to an advertisement and this review is negative, it may put guests off. Nobody would benefit from this, and our review system was made to protect owners from ending up in such a situation. We have therefore decided NOT to post any review that is below the score of 3/5, until you reach a minimum of 3 reviews in total, so the guest can obtain a balanced view from different guests with different opinions.

Quality score: The review system is by default enabled and you are awarded with 10 points to your overall quality score for this.

What to do with a bad review?

We recommend the following options:

  • If you receive a negative review, reply in an even manner, thank the guest for their feedback and if the criticism is justified, then try to rectify the issue and publicly let the guest know that you have made improvements
  • Contact the guest and ask if they are willing to edit or even delete the review. If the guest agrees to change or delete the review, please forward us the guest´s confirmation to
  • Send an invitation for satisfied guests to leave a review. It’s a good idea to populate your review section with positive reviews, pushing any negative feedback further down

If there is obvious proof of the review being abusive, unethical or written to damage the owner, Support will look into it.


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