What other homeowners say about their advertisement on Spain-holiday.com

There are so many companies offering to advertise your Spanish holiday home, but so few of them are able to deliver genuine quality enquiries. Below you will see a few of the many testimonials received from homeowners who found their source of advertisement that works.

Satisfied clients

Dear Spain-holiday
The difference with you and many others is that all clame they are the best, in your case it is true. Keep up the good work and you will have many happy customers like me. Regards Marianne
Thanks for newsletter.
Just to report that I have now 19 weeks booked and 17 of those weeks have come through your web site. I am very pleased with the results. I came to you only in April last year so only managed to pick up 4 weeks through you. This year I have been amazed at the responses from your site. Kind regards, Jane
hello Claus,
just to say I have had a lot of enquiries and 2 bookings through your site, thankyou
Thank you Angela
Hi Helena,
I am afraid I am too busy answering all the enquiries your site has generated to congratulate you or welcome the list of developments you mantioned in your last email.
Hello Claus,
Thank you very much for your very informative e-letter.
I really love the site specially the fact that we can have access to it and we are able to enter changes and that the changes appear immediately. Good Job!
Thank you Cecile
Just a note to say thank you for being there, I have a next to useless agent and a mortgage to pay on our Spanish property. Finding your site has helped me a lot this year
Hi there
Just to let you know that rentals have increased a lot on our apartment in Marblella since I signed up with Spain-Holiday.com My sincere appreciation and keep up the good work in this field of work were there are many nobodys trying aswell.
Kind regards Marianne
Hi Claus
Thanks for the email. I must say we have been pleased with the amount of enquiries and in fact would like to advertise another property, recently purchased.
Best regards, Claire
Just a short email to let you, and any prospect, know that after 6 months listing with spain-holiday, we are now receiving more enquiries from your site than from the other sites we are listed on. The other sites have global properties and therefore, yours is more focussed and we therefore get more quality leads. Thanks Jon
Just thought you would like to know that 90% of enquiries for our property came from your website. The other 10% came from 5 other websites.
Hello Claus
well if I said what I thought, you'd cringe with embaressment, you'd blush and your toes would curl up. Suffice to say its a very good site and I'm more than pleased with your service.
keep up the good work! thanks!
If you ever want a reference or something I can honestly say you're beating holiday rentals for example on everything - your site loads quickly- easy to find my property & I'm getting enquiries. As far as I see you've understood what I want and aren't too big where as Holiday Rentals has got worse as they've got bigger.
Dear Claus
Many thanks for your very informative newsletter. It was very useful. I commend you for your web site and can confirm it is by far the best holiday site for top rankings on search engines, especially Google. I know because I have tried several. I have a couple that I use. However, I always look upon spain-holiday.com as my rolls royce of sites.
I have my own web site and have been actively trying to gain top rankings on the search engines with very limited success. I have also researched several books in order to achieve this. Therefore, I know how good your work is to achieve top rankings with google. Keep up the good work. I will definitely be signing up for next year, and will continue to support you.
Dear Claus
I am super impressed over the amount of enquiries I receive from your site. My two properties are booked 75% with only enquiries from www.spain-holiday.com. I am ready to renew my contract with you when time comes!
Many regards!
Hello Claus,
Today we cloked in our 100th enquiry from your website and we have had almost 5500 clicks. We started with Spain-holiday.com on 11th May 2003. We are certainly very happy with these statistics and it has enabled us to keep our house filled in for most of year until mid-September.
You certainly have it well organised and we are delighted to be able to work with you.
With all our thanks for helping with the rental of our house,
Kind regards, Frank H
Hi guys
Just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how pleased we are with the way your site works – from the number of enquiries (and bookings!) we get from the English and the Danish, to having an easily changeable calendar and also the SMS facility ... even editing things on your site is easy for us. We also pay to advertise on another site and have had no bookings at all from them yet (and very, very few enquiries), reprimands for incorrectly editing our ad and ... well, the list could go on!
Keep it up – it’s a great site!
Thank you!
Spain-Holiday support
Thought you would like to know that we have been delighted with the service you offer and are pleased to renew our ad. The whole system is very easy to use and to monitor and we particularly like the fact that we receive the clients' telephone number straight away. We ourselves like the personal touch and always telephone potential clients to talk about the property, even when we have replied to their email.
We have been very satisfied with the type of clients we have received from your service and are already looking at repeat bookings!  You are very welcome to use our comments as an unsolicited testimonial, if you wish!
Warm regards Tony and Judith
Hello Claus,
Of course I will be renewing. Thanks for your continuing fabulous service. And I am glad that you never did change your home page to introduce a photo etc. Nice simple and quick to use, and it works - you are the best
Many thanks for your help
Can I compliment you on what a wonderful job you Do.
I am full for most of next year already and do not advertise with anyone else other than yourselves
regards Jerry
Hi Clause,
Its Wendy again - I want to say to you and to Helen, a big thansk, because again this year your site is off to a flying start as far as I am concerned, You get me by far the most enquiries.
Clause, please do not ever be tempted to make your site more complicated -  One of the sites I use has just done that -  whereby it takes ages to fill in rates etc because its all done automatically and you have to fit in with with their way of doing things
Anyway, thought I would let you know that I research sites a lot and yours is still the most productive for me.   Holiday-rentals had been sending me emails for years asking me to try them.  Finally last year they said - try us and we'll pay you back 100% of what it costs if you are not satisfied.  So I did that.  Now its up for renewal in 2 weeks and I just hope that they will repay me - because when I tried to cancel it last Oct or so, they told me that I was not allowed to cancel till renewal date!!!  I cannot understand why I have not got one enquiry from their site since last November -- and they have a great presence on Google.  And yet apart from you I get lots of enquires from a couple of toher sites I use to advertise - good luck for the comming year and thanks again
Claus and Helena
I would like to thank you for your efficient and quick help in dealing with any queries. I have found your web site of extreme help to me as I´m now making a living with my rentals, thanks to you. Your website is very easy to follow and people can easyly make bookings from any country.
Many thanks once again
Natalie Lozano
Hello Claus and Helena,
I must tell you that I am very pleased with the response to my ad from your site. I advertise on a few other sites (of which if I'm being really honest I prefer the site search and advert layout) but it is yours that brings me the most enquiries and that's what counts! Of the 39 enquiries I have received this year I converted 16 to bookings - there would possibly have been more if the dates wanted hadn't clashed with other bookings. I am particularly pleased with the response from "non English". We have had enquires/and or bookings from USA, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands and Norway.
Thanks very much - I hope 2007 is just as successful
Hi Claus,
I have today sent you a cheque in the post for £90 to cover the renewal. Your website has brought me many enquiries and at least 75% of all of my bookings. I have my Penthouse advertised on several sites, but some of them do not even generate any enquiries so I will not be renewing with them this year.
Many thanks for your continuing support.
Patricia Hughes
Hi Claus and Helena,
Just to let you know that your site has been far and away the most productive of six top sites that we are presently advertising our properties with, and in an ever more competitive rental market we are having more and more enquiries, and bookings, from Scandinavia and Holland through Spain Holiday.
Thanks and Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,
Regards, Peter and Hazel
Hello Claus and Helena,
I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that you guys are really exceptional!!!The place I am renting used to belong to my Mom. I am probably the last person to be left with the responsibility to make it a go, since I live so far away. Seriously, I doubt I could have ever pulled it off without your site. Even before I first went to Spain in last year, I had spent God knows how much time trying to find a potential site to advertise. From all the sites in Germany, U.K., Spain or France, your site stood out in that it was very clear and easy to navigate, i.e., I could see how easy it would be for people to find what they were looking for. Other sites are "cluttered" - to where you need to take time to figure out what is where. That was my primary concern, as even the "keywording trick" to appear on top of Google searches does no good if the site itself is confusing.
I sincerely feel that you are the very best!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Cordially, Janina
Thanks Helena,
I've mailed Lisa to confirm the booking. Your site really is very popular. We're on 3 different sites and the normally get most of our bookings via you. A great job.
Thanks Tim
Dear Claus,
Thank you for your renewal reminder and I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with your service and the moreso with the results from the enquiries that I get from your site because, of those that I get, I deem that at least 80% have turned into real reservations for large numbers of guests resulting in an excellent return for me for my investment. With a property of my size this is exactly what I am looking for.
My thanks to you, Angela
Dear Helena,
I can't thank you enough for all your help and support but please know I am incredibly grateful. I am glad you like our house - as we live so far away we sadly can't get there often enough but it is great for a family holiday. I will send you our payment asap and because of your wonderful service, I'd be more than happy to be added to your owner testimonial list.
Kind regards
Hi Helena,
Just want to say your web. is great. I already, after just joining you 3 months ago, got 27 days of booking. My sister who join after I told her about it has already 10 days of bookings.
Thanks for a great web, Gitte
Dear Helena,
This is a short email to express my pleasure in joining your web site. I was recommended by a friend who has used your site for her rentals so I signed up, this year being my first. I also signed up at the same time with 3 other web sites for holiday rentals. Needless to say your site is the ONLY one I have been getting any enquires and bookings. So this is to say a big THANK YOU, keep up the good work and I will continue to advertise with yourselves solely from next year..
Kind regards,
Hi Helena,
Many thanks for your excellent services in the past years, and I am looking forward to a good year again. For your information, Spain Holiday gives me about 75% of all my bookings, so I am very happy.
Dear Helena,
I just want to say how pleased I have been with the enquiries and bookings received though spain-holiday.com. I made a last minute decision to rent my villa this past summer and was amazed at how quickly it was booked. Additionally, you provide very good customer support when needed. Keep up the good work and I will be recommending your site to all my friends who have properties to offer.
Elizabeth Campbell
Hey Claus & Helena,
we have advertised with you now for a number of years (1525) and been very pleased with the result. We did however this year reverse the process and use your site to book an apartment near Valencia (1400). I just wanted to write and say that we were made most welcome by Val Scott, a real home from home. I wanted to put a referral on her site but could not find how to do it. Keep up the good work. Emlyn
Hi Helena
Thank you so much for letting me know. Once again you have impressed me with your excellent service, I do not know how you manage to provide such a high level of personalised service when managing what must be a very big and popular website - you beat the other sites hands down for service and value for money!
Dear Helena,
Just wanted to let you & Claus know the following.............
We have a total of 4 apts here in Estepona.In our last good year (2007), we did 9 bookings from your website.
In a not very good year (2008) you still managed to conjure up 7 bookings as the £ was weakening against the euro.
This year so far, with the £ equalling the euro (and bear in mind most of our clients are UK based) together with the worst global recession since the 1930's we have just tied up our 8th booking - and we still have a few more months to go.
Just wanted to let you know that all the re-investment into your site pays dividends for us. It seems you get more "quality" enquiries.
Thank you so much.
Kindest regards,Neville
Dear support,
just to say that we are very pleased with this particular website - over 95% of all our bookings have come from it ( we have been using three others as well but will not do so in the future) and my husband is also using it for another property which has already produced more bookings than the previously used company.
Best regards Maria
Dear Helena
I would like to take this opportunity to say how pleased I am this year with the large quantity of enquiries that I have received from Spain-holiday most of which have converted into bookings. I do advertise on other well known sites but at the moment you are in the lead for bookings.
Hi Helena,
I've just renewed my advertisement for another year, online by Spanish credit card. I would like to thank you and your team very much for all your help in the last year and also to say how pleased I've been with the hits and actual bookings for my apartment. It's the best year I've had for about 4 years, AND in the middle of a recession. Well done spain-holiday.com!
Dear Claus and Helena.
We would like to congatulate you and also thank you on a great web site and service. This summer we had a fantastic responce from the Spain-Holiday web site. We could have let the apartment 3 times over during the summer which was great for us because the interest was so good we maintained our rental prices and didn't need to negotiate. We had really good clients also. No furniture damaged, nothing broken, no complaints about anything. Most enquiries for us came from your new service in Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and also from France. We had only one client from the UK this year so the new language service came at exactly the right time for us. The new admin system is also very good and user friendly. Well done. Thanks again for the good service and a great web site and we will renew our subscription when due. Yours sincerely Angela and Robert, Spain Holiday Ref: 2896
Dear Claus,
I just transferred you the renewal fee. I am advertising the property on different internet platforms and, after several years of experience with you, I have to say that the advertisement with spain-holiday brings the best results!! We get at least 10 bookings per year from spain-holiday with only 1 ad! That's a really good return of investment. I think that in brief I will sign up another property with you.
Best regards Karin
Hi Clause and Helena,
We have renewed for this year and will be happy to pay increase next year. We are very happy with the site and you have made it so easy for us to get bookings. If you ever want a recommendation please let us know as you have an excellent site.
Best regards Nancy and Glen
Hi Helena,
Just thought I would drop you a line to say how impressed I am with the site. I originally signed up for spain-holiday.com in 2003 and since then you have come along in leaps and bounds! I have just rejoined yesterday after having taken the property off the site (due to personal problems) and have received my first enquiry and potential booking today :)
Thanks again Jane
Hi Claus,
I have just made my payment to you for the forthcoming year. Once again I have had many bookings from Spain holiday and I am very happy with your service. In fact this year the majority of my booking are from Spain holiday rather than holiday lettings. Keep up the good work...
Regards Helen Lewis
Hello Claus and Helena,
Having received your Newsletter, I just had to tell you that on the point ‘Less enquiries but more bookings’ you might have quoted what other Home owners have said, but this really does not apply in our case, Prop 750. I have had an amazing amount of enquiries this year and as early as January I was nearly fully booked for the summer season thanks to you!!
In the last few years I had a lot of enquiries and bookings from a particular German site, but this year there were nearly no enquiries and certainly no bookings. You are very proactive with the optimisation of your website and that shows such a positive picture for me.
Hello Claus and Helena,
I have never advertised our apartment on the web before, primarily because I was very sceptical of the high costs and claims many site owners make. Before I advertised on Spain-holiday.com I called your company and spoke to Claus. We discussed the rental market and what kind of response I might expect. His quiet confidence combined with a realistic annual fee convinced me to advertise. At 8.41 AM on 18th June Helena sent confirmation that the ad was live. At 22.40 PM on 18th June I had my first enquiry and on 19th June this became our first booking.
Impressed - yeah sure I am, what a fantastic start to what I hope will be a long and profitable relationship for us both. Thank you so much.
Best regards
Stuart Prescott
Dear Helena
Thanks for your help today. I'd also like to take the opportunity to tell you how wonderful I think your website is. My apartment was fully booked throughtout the season last year and I only advertise with you so all bookings came through the Spain-Holiday site. All the guests were very nice, reliable people who looked after the property. What's more the site is very well presented and very easy to use, and you are always very quick to respond to questions and very helpful. I am very pleased with your service and I would have no hesitation in recommending Spain-Holiday to homeowners.
Many thanks
Dear Claus and staff,
I have today arranged for bank transfer as payment for our advertisement so hopefully you will receive it very shortly from our bankinter account. We are absolutely delighted with your service. I think you are the best and we have not renewed all other sites as all our bookings have come through your site. I am sure this year will be just as good as each year we seem to get more and more enquiries and bookings. Your staff do a wonderful job.
Best regards Maureen
Hi helena,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I hope to see the review online soon. I'd like to say that Spain-holiday has been the most effective of all the websites I use, and a good percentage of my enquiries have resulted in bookings. At various times I 've accepted free offers from other sites, but they've all proved useless, whereas your site is worth every euro. Keep up the good work!
Thanks again
I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I have been very pleased with your services. I am more or less full for the summer now which is great in this climate.
This is our 3rd year with you and having used other sites I am recommending you to my colleagues as I think you are very professional, easy to use and prompt.
Thank you
Great job !!
I’m new to this and you have made it very simple for me. It’s such a great website and so user friendly for the owners.
I wasn’t sure whether to advertise through an agency or manage the booking myself. I’m so glad I chose the latter. Within one day, I had my 1st booking and within a few weeks my apartment was completely booked for the whole Summer
Fran Duffy
Thanks for your christmas greetings. Just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the continuing good service your company provides. I use two websites, Holiday Homes and Spain-Holiday to rent out my villa and of the11 weeks I wanted to rent out last year, 9 were through your company.
Best wishes
Jackie Davies
I just want to tell you that your firm gets me 35% more bookings than your competitors, and that beats Owners Direct and Holiday Lettings!

So as a villa owner, I value using your services tremendously. Alan
A note of thanks since joining Spain-holiday in late September 2011 my bookings are already 100% higher than they have ever been in the past.
In four months you have given me more bookings than I got in four years on my last web site and also higher rental rates as well many thanks and keep up the good work.

Ps. I love all the little improvement tweaks you keep making to the web site, fantastic effort much appreciated
best wishes
David Hudson
Hi Helena,
Our advertisement on Spain Holiday is amazing. So amazing, in fact, that we had our first booking in less than 24 hours - to say we are satisfied would be a huge understatement!!! Is there any where we can write this praise down on your website? We would like to thank you publicly for your professionalism and efficiency.
Best regards, Fabrizio
Despite the fact, that there are many websites that offer to rent your Spanish holiday home for you. There are only very few that actually deliver the goods....real and serious enquiries. Below, you can see some of the many testimonials we have received from homeowners who have finally found a solution that works.
Hello - Good evening.
I am sending you this mail to show my appreciation for your website, it really works well and you have always been willing to help with any difficulties I may have. CONGRATULATIONS!
Hi Helena and Klaus,
well what can I say other than thankyou! We signed up to Spain-holiday.com in December 2011 after much deliberation as whether to handle and design our own web page ,advertise locally ,or look for a site to help us out in our first year of renting our home in Spain.
This year has been very successful for us due to your excellent professional website. Within days of joining we had enquiries, with many leading to bookings. In fact most of July and August weeks had been booked by March!
We will have no hesitation than to continue with your wonderful site, and renew for next year. Lets hope we have another successful year, all thanks to your professional staff and organisation!
Well done you.
David and Jackie Wood
Hi Helena
Just a note to thank you all for your help and support over the last 3 years.
Due to family health reasons, we are reducing our commitment to letting Al-Queria cottage and are now just working with a U.K. based company and web site for any future bookings.
As I also work locally creating, optimising and marketing web sites for holiday property owners, I will continue to recommend that they consider your company and site as part of their marketing efforts as I am very pleased with the results that you have provided for us in the past.
I have completed the on-line cancellation survey.
Please pass our thanks and best wishes to your colleagues.
Kind regards
Steve and Wendy Aucock
Many thanks, Helena.
I have to say, you and your company are the most effecient and helpful of any I deal with! You also provide the most bookings, which is a definite positive !!
Many thanks Polly
Happiest of Spain-holiday clients
With my property (15153) I am the happiest of Spain-holiday clients and always recommend them as the company that has far exceeded the competition. If there is ever anything I can say to attest to the performance of Spain holiday please do not hesitate to ask.
Patrick Meehan
This was a really lovely video
This was a really lovely video and special as it shows the people behind the company at Spain-Holiday. You are by far the best Holiday Rental website out there and my thanks to all the team for the fantastic services you provide. Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2014 for all :)
J Delaney
Just read / listened to the tutorial.
Just read / listened to the tutorial.
Very well explained.
If I can understand it, then everyone can!
Keep the enquiries coming.
Kindest regards,
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