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Guide to the best nudist beaches on Tenerife

Although going topless is quite common on beaches on Tenerife – plenty of local women do it so there's no worry about causing cultural offence – stripping off completely isn't the done thing on most beaches.

However, for fans of an all-over tan there are a handful of beaches around Tenerife's coastline which have been officially designated suitable for nudists.

This is our guide to the best nudist beaches on Tenerife.

Playa la Pelada

The south east coast of  Tenerife boasts the lion's share of nudist beaches. A volcanic coastline of pale yellow pumice has been eroded over the years to leave surreal rock formations and hidden coves which offer more discreet sunbathing for anyone who's still a bit shy about baring all. Playa la Pelada lies beyond the quiet, residential end of El Médano and is an 80m long cove of pale black sand.

There are absolutely no facilities at all, but it's only a short walk to a small car parking area. The downside to stripping off on this coast is that being on the south east, it's almost always windy.

Playa Montaña Roja

Anyone flying into Tenerife South Airport will have seen the red mountain, Montaña Roja, jutting out into the sea on the coast beside the airport. Much of the base is popular with naturists, with the side facing out to sea being more rugged and rocky, although it is quite stunning with an unusual red beach. Best though is the sheltered sandy cove of Playa Montaña Roja just 50m wide. It's one of the nicest little beaches, nudist or otherwise, on Tenerife.
Again, facilities are lacking, but there's a decent car park within walking distance.

Playa de la Tejita

Joined on to Playa Montaña Roja is this kilometre of about as close to natural pale golden sand as you'll find on Tenerife, although the official blurb classes it as a black sand beach. Playa de la Tejita is long and wide. I've never seen it busy, so you're not going to feel crowded on this beach. It's also popular with a few windsurfers and kite-boarders so that should tell you its downside – breezy.
There are a few sun loungers for hire at the eastern end of the beach.

Playa Montaña Amarilla

Tucked away on the coast at the resort of Costa del Silencio is one of the most spectacular sections of Tenerife's coastline, Montaña Amarilla. It's a beauty of a yellow mountain, a protected natural monument and a nudist beach. In truth the nudist beach is the least impressive part, 50m of cobbles. More interesting is using one of the yellow rock shelves as a platform for sunbathing.
For a change, there's a funky beach bar at this one and parking beside Montaña Amarilla.

Playa de las Gaviotas

Just beyond the best looking beach on Tenerife, Playa de las Teresitas, is Playa de las Gaviotas, a 250m long black sand nudist beach a long, long way from any of the tourist resorts. This is the nudist beach for residents of Tenerife's capital, Santa Cruz. There's a car park beside the beach and there used to be a café, but closure of the beach for a few years thanks to the danger of rockfall put paid to that business.

Playa de los Patos

Finally, it's not on the official list, but Playa de los Patos in La Orotava, a favourite with local naturists, might just be the best nudist beach of them all... and the hardest to get to.
Even knowing where it is might not guarantee that you'll find this long, black sand beach tucked into the cliffs on the north coast of Tenerife.

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