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Welcome to the most affectionate village in Spain!

Visit Almeria, one of the most beautiful places in Spain, and don't miss the opportunity to stop by the lovely village of Almerimar. It is significant for tourism nowadays, as it has many activities to do, an incredible atmosphere, luxurious views and has everything you need to make your holiday a dream come true. This is due to the privileged location on the coast of Almeria beneath the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful place has incredible beaches, crystal clear waters, golden sands, among other things. This place arose as a project to create a tourist nucleus taking advantage of its warm and coastal climate, as well as its great amount of sun, the highest and most abundant in all of Europe, make this tourist site very popular for iconic tans.

Beautiful holiday rentals just for you!

If you plan to visit this beautiful location, have a closer look at every available place to stay. Sea views, views of beautiful local parks, you take your pick, we have plenty of options for you. All well-equipped, luxury kitchens, terraces where you can see the whole city in a beautiful sunset. Swimming pools with fun shapes, with well-kept water, also, there are very nice communal areas for you to meet more tourists or local people waiting for you. Many are close to the town where we find many cultural venues, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops for you to take home with you at the end of your trip.

Holidays in Almerimar: The area and getting around

Enjoy the safest water sports in the country!

Travel to the west of Almerimar and enjoy the water sports that Playa Miguel has for you. The best way to explore this beautiful coastline is the way you want to choose. You can try sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing. There are a variety of schools where you can learn a little more, so there are no problems, and you can also rent the necessary equipment. With 2 km of pure sand in an environment of dunes and vegetation very much in the coastal style, which gives it a different touch. Even so, this beach offers the services and infrastructure of a beach in general. It stretches from the last car park on Avenida del Mar, the main avenue, to Lake Victoria, a haven for waterbirds and the training ground of an Evidence rowing club.

Beautiful routes with incredible views in the prettiest village in the area!

Take an extensive day of sightseeing to the village of Las Norias, this beautiful place is just a few kilometres north of Almerimar in Abaran along the Segura river. You should definitely take its famous route, we find the main entertainment of the traditional water wheels of the Region, these machines are very efficient, they use a renewable energy such as hydraulics, they raise the water from the irrigation ditch to a channel made at a higher level to increase the surface of irrigable land, these are still used for irrigation of small orchards and fruit trees. These water wheels are fed by the water of two important rivers. The pedestrian route linking the waterwheels, which is just over a kilometre long, runs through a river and agricultural landscape of ethnographic value. It is quite a visual spectacle and is the perfect way to learn about the local culture.

Travellers and activities

Almerimar for art lovers

Visit and delight yourself with the Museum of Almeria, it is the best archaeological museum to visit in Almeria without a doubt, it is located in the capital, centre side. This beautiful and well-kept place displays many works of art, there are activities, and it is divided into three floors, exhibits from prehistoric times, the Roman world and the Moorish Andalusian society. It is very famous for its wide variety of items on display from past eras. Take the guided tour and learn a lot of culture, history and important facts from the past! This beautiful museum was first installed in a building in the famous Javier Sanz street, sharing the same facilities as the School of Arts and Crafts, as well as the Secondary School, you can visit all these facilities without any problem. The title of the museum was complemented with the name "Luis Siret", in homage to the memory of such a distinguished character.

Almerimar for families

It's important to connect with nature, and even more so if it's with family fun, visit the Cabo de Gata natural park together. This glorious and vast natural site is the most emblematic place to see in Almeria, Cabo de Gata. You can also visit within the same place the volcanic park of the Mediterranean, which always attracts many tourists, scientists and even filmmakers for obvious reasons. Many scenes from various films were filmed here, such as Almeria's spaghetti westerns and also scenes from such mythical films as Indiana Jones. Its landscapes seem to be from another planet, you can even take a dip on its beaches! Slopes of small hills populated only by bushes, which on the other side plunge into the sea, forming cliffs and coves impossible and practically inaccessible but perfect for taking pictures. Its iconic and remarkable ecosystem is really fragile, but stunning.

Top 5 travel tips in Almerimar

1. Visit a beautiful geological site

This beautiful locality opens to the public this visual event for all tourists and local people. This acclaimed geological site is currently one of the most visited places in Almería. It is the largest in the world and has a cavity of 10.7 cubic metres, located at a depth of 50 metres in an old lead mine in the district of Pilar de Jaravía. It is composed of beautiful gypsum crystals with a very high transparency, giving rise to an authentic spectacle of nature that you would not believe existed in the world!

2. For lovers of very exciting sports!

Undoubtedly one of the best places to see and do in Almerimar are sports. We come across a high-quality golf course which is made up of large square metres of extension with a very well-kept garden. In addition to the great golf course of Almerimar we have a pier from where the water sports providers depart. This place is really known for its great activities and events.

3. Play the guitar like a pro in this beautiful place

If you love music and play an instrument, we invite you to visit the Antonio de Torres Spanish Guitar Museum. It is an interesting musical exhibition centre that allows visitors to learn about the main keys of the guitar. This site has been created by what is said to be the father of the contemporary guitar. The museum aims to let visitors participate in whatever they want to participate in!

4. Take a trip to this iconic giant aquarium!

The Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar is perfect for families and will be one of the things to visit in Almeria. In a fun and educational way, you will learn a lot about the sea and its fauna, they are known for raising awareness about the care of the sea. Get to know different marine habitats, such as octopuses, fish in general and sharks. It is good to know that if you want and have a diving certificate, you can dive in a water tank where you can dive with sharks and other marine species that they have in their facilities.

5. Experience the mind-blowing spectacle of Oasys MiniHollywood!

You can definitely visit the place created by Sergio Leone, who arrived in the Tabernas Desert in the 60s and saw the wild west in Europe. At Oasys MiniHollywood you can enjoy well planned live shows such as a western show with pyrotechnics included. Also, the typical saloon and sandy lanes of a town full of outlaws. One of the best things to do in Almeria, and one of the most popular.