Wild spring flowers of the Alpujarras

Deep breath

This time of year is a breath of fresh air. Fresh, clean and breathable clean air is certainly to be found in the Alpujarra region, the foothills of those majestic snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada, way down in southern Spain.


High on the hillsides

Crowds have been flocking to the Sierra Nevada these past few weeks, to take advantage of the snow and sunshine. Families have been enjoying the opportunity to slip and slide, and throw a few well aimed snowballs! Adrenalin junkies are catered for too, with fresh ski runs providing thrills - and a few spills - for all.

Sierra Nevada -pist


Down in the foothills, skis are swapped for sturdy boots, as this is the best time of year to get out and walk the hills and mountainsides. Views to Africa, across a sweep of green carpet and the glistening Mediterranean beyond. The Almond blossom is still clinging on as I type, and every morning the chorus line gets a little louder with the addition of more birds returning to this stunning corner of Spain.



Blue sky escape

Deep blue sky is uncovered every morning as the sun creeps up, revealing the shadows of the craggy mountains, and uncovering tracks that just beg to be walked. The bright sunshine seems to sweep the landscape clean of winter, yet it's still not too hot to get out there and go for a long hike or a short walk, unlike the stifling summer months.


Fill your boots

This is really the time to come and explore the landscape on foot - we have been wandering our local marked trail to see what's new, wondering what's emerging from winter hibernation in the flora and fauna departments. From now until the end of April is the perfect time to book your Andalucian adventure, and store up a lungful or two of fresh, clean air. It's as good for the mind and the soul as it is for your body. Trample wild herbs underfoot, for a spritz of nature's air freshener.


What's afoot?

Every day brings something new, sleepy shoots pushing up from the ground, encouraged by the warmth of the arrival of another Spanish spring. It's not difficult to spot the new arrivals, so pack your camera and come for a walk in the Alpujarras - these photographs are just some of the plants you will be very likely to spot.

Mirror Orchid

A marked path

Our local village of Murtas has a marked trail  - called the Solano - of just 4.2 kms, an easy enough ramble that treats you to two sides of the views on offer. It runs in a loop to start and finish in the village, the views are south to the Mediterranean sea and halfway along, a wide sweep of the Sierra Nevada and Mulhacen, looking close enough to touch.



Afterwards, head to the local and friendly Bar Pinche, for a cold beer and a traditional menu del dia, a real taste of the Spanish mountains, after a glimpse of their treasure trove of nature.

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