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Our vision is to be your most trusted brand for holiday rentals

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Over the years

From the very beginning

… founder Claus Sorensen decided to focus on holiday rentals in Spain. He had discovered that there weren’t many holiday rental properties available online and he saw a great potential for developing this as a business. This became the starting point of Later, many more websites followed.

What can we do for you?

When you advertise your property it will be shown to millions of holiday makers in more than 13 languages. We strive to earn our homeowners’ and travellers’ trust by the means of secure technology, specialised knowledge as well as personal and friendly service.

Our mission & values

What we believe in

We are ambitious in all areas of our business, not least when it comes to living what we believe in. These are the values that guide our choices and actions every day:

Involve People

We believe that team spirit and good inhouse karma is key to our success, and that our people are the essence of what makes a great place to be. In our world one plus one equals three: we hire team players who understand how to leverage the power of synergy.

Count on Each Other

We believe that being the good guys pays off. Our clients' trust in us is our most valuable payoff and we see the human connection as essential in establishing that trust. You can always reach the humans behind the brand - we never hide our heads in the sand.

Celebrate Creativity

We embrace innovation as a vehicle to develop ourselves and our business. Therefore, we encourage each other to think outside the box and find new ways to fulfil our goals, and we continuously seek original answers to the changing needs of travellers and owners.

Aim Higher

Our passion for great holiday rentals is a key driver in all areas of our business, and up-to-date expert knowledge is our prime asset. Every day we strive to be a better version of ourselves, and we don't settle for 'good enough'. We will always be curious and do better.