Embalse de Los Bermejales – Bermejales lake

At the risk of sounding cliché, the Embalse de Los Bermejales is another one of those spots in Andalucia that really is a hidden gem. Far removed from the usual tourist circuit, you couldn't hope for a more peaceful or beautiful place to spend a holiday and/or weekend. 

We often go in the summer months to escape the crowds and to spend a few (quiet) days in nature.

Bermejales lake Granada

Its hard to believe that you are less than an hour’s drive from the Costa Tropical, forty minutes from Granada and with some of the region’s prettiest villages right on your doorstep. The area is slowly opening up to tourism.

Some lucky foreigners have chosen to live there, attracted by the lower property prices and the more traditional lifestyle. But it remains predominantly Spanish.

View of Bermejales lake

The lake is very close to the village of Alhama de Granada, as you drop down from the mountains you start to catch glimpses of the lake through the pine trees.

What is Bermejales? 

Bermejales lake is a man-made reservoir. A big one. It covers 562 Ha and has a circumference of 28km.

The water quality is amazing. Very clean and warm. It is almost like swimming in bath water. On a calm day, it is a very safe place for children to swim, there are no waves or currents. It is also filled with fish – mainly barbel and carp.

Lots of fish. I have never seen anything like it, wherever you are, you throw in a piece of bread and all hell breaks loose. Children love it.

Bermejales lake Granada


 Things to see and do

  • Swimming, canoeing, sailing – anything that hasn't got a motor is permitted.
  • Mountain biking – there are some great trails in and around Bermejales, including one that does the circumference of the lake - here.  
  • Hiking - the area has some great hiking. The Rio Cebollón one is a spectacular route - here
  • A visit to the villages of Arenas del Rey, Alhama de Granada, Jatar and Jayena is recommended. 
  • The village of Jayena is famous for its aromatic plants, it was the last place where “Materos,” (collectors of wild aromatic plants) lived and worked. A tradition they kept alive until 2002.
  • Off the beaten track – the Resinera river pools near the village of Fornes. 
  • A visit to Junta de los Rios is feasible if driving back towards Almuñecar - map.
  • Just next to the campsite (see below), there is also one of the most ‘chilled out,’ beach huts/cafés in Spain. People sit back, listening to music and watch the sunset over the lake. You can't go wrong really. 

Sunset on Bermejales lake

How to get there

The Embalse is big, there are plenty of quiet corners to seek out. We usually go to the ‘beach’ area next to the campsite. The swimming is very safe. They have a floating pontoon, that children will love jumping off and it offers all kinds of activities – you can rent canoes, pedalos and occasionally catamarans there. 

If coming from the Alhama de Granada direction, you should be on the A-402 - see map below. After a couple of kilometres you'll start to see signs for the “Embalse/Pantano de Los Bermejales,” follow the signs taking a right onto A-338. 

This road takes you straight to the lake. For the campsite area – follow signs for the “Poblado del Embalse,” (leftwards), passing through the ‘village’ and you’ll eventually see the campsite. The beach area is just in front.