El Tibidabo temple and park: unrivalled views of Barcelona!

Have you ever wondered what that beautiful building that presides over Barcelona is called? Well, we can answer that for you: it's the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and next to it is the Tibidabo amusement park! The white temple crowns the hill north of Barcelona, featuring a giant statue of Jesus Christ at its peak. It is surrounded by the park that lights up for the evening, just as the sun goes down. 

Let us show you why you must visit this spectacular site next time you are in town.

Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The temple, designed by Catalan architect Enric Sagnier and built during the first half of the 20th century, stands tall at the Tibidabo -- the highest peak in the Serra de Collserola Natural Park. The park offers unparalleled views across the Mediterranean Sea and of course, Barcelona. Tibidabo comes from the Latin phrase tibi-dabo, meaning "I will give to you". The monks thought it was a perfect place for Satan to tempt Jesus, offering all the wonders of Barcelona from an "exceedingly high mountain". Perhaps you will fall into the temptation yourself, as it is hard to resist against the panoramic view of the city and the natural park that rise more than 500 meters high!

Mosaic in the crypt of the Temple of Tibidabo

Inside the temple's crypt, architecture of neo-Byzantine style, you'll fine five naves, each separated by columns that stand out for their large mosaics illuminated by natural light. The church of Romanesque and Gothic style is at the top and stands by its figure of the Archangel Michael and rosettes that decorate its walls.

Five tons of solid bronze, five tons of Jesus Christ 

Without a doubt, the most impressive element of this attraction is the statue of Jesus Christ extending his arms to the city, weighing in at eight meters high and five tons of solid bronze. Jesus was designed by Josep Miret to replace an older version of the statue destroyed during the Spanish civil war. Both the crypt and the church are free to visit, but to enjoy a 360º view of Barcelona, you'll need to take the elevator to the top of the statue. The elevator runs from 10:30h to 14:00h and again from 15:00h to 19:00h. For only 2€, the ride up is fully recommended as the views from the top overlook not only Barcelona city, but most of the territory of the province. 

The temple is also known as a sacrificial temple of perpetual prayer, meaning that 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, it is possible to find someone praying in the temple. It is really a beautiful and ancient experience. 

Tibidabo amusement park

Tibidabo amusement park

As if there were not reasons enough to include the Tibidabo on your next visit to Barcelona, an element of pure fun is thrown into the mix! During the early years of the 20th century, the construction of an amusement park began. The park is still in use today and is considered the oldest amusement park in Spain and second in Europe!  

Recommended particularly for those who do not have vertigo, the park stands out for its ferris wheel, carousel, and the Castle Misterioso in which the little ones can enjoy a real horror and mystery adventure. The roller coaster will have you floating hundreds of meters high and it is an amazing way to experience Barcelona from above. It is also known for its Hall of Mirrors, where illusions and optics will reflect your image in a thousand different ways.

The amusement park is typically only open during the weekend, or on vacations and holidays. Before you plan your visit, be sure to consult the park's hours.

Views of Barcelona from the Tibidabo amusement park

Access to the attractions

Access to the temple and the park could not be easier! One of the city's oldest tram lines, the Tramvia Blau, will leave you at the foot of the Cable Car that will take you to the top of Tibidabo. This tramline is actually one of the few that remain in the city and runs by a beautiful green mountain before reaching the funicular base. A return trip should not exceed 5€ and you can get a discount if you decide to visit the amusement park as well. This fun tour, inaugurated in 1901, and will be especially enjoyed by the little ones.

There are also slightly cheaper options, such as choosing to take the Tibibús in Plaça de Catalunya. For only 2.80€, you will arrive at the gates of the temple and park. Another option is to take the train in the Plaça Catalunya and then ride the funicular to the top of Tibidabo. There are, as you now know, plenty of arrival options and therefore, no excuses not to include the Tibidabo on your next visit to the city!

Antenna Collserola

For a romantic experience, we recommend a visit during sunset. When the sun goes down, the reflection of the sea creates a beautiful atmosphere and gives way to a night view of the city like no other. Moreover, the natural park of Collserola will leave you breathless.

Do you dare to visit this enchanting site?