Barcelona's Palo Alto Market caught on Instagram

Welcome to the Palo Alto Market, the place that's also become known as Barcelona's hipster market

Located in the industrial district of Poblenou, Palo Alto opened in late December 2014 and it knows what the people want - and that is organic food trucks, local beer, Catalan delicacies, unique music, thrift shopping, Barcelona designers, antiques and art. They also offer workshops and you can visit their concept gallery.

If you're in Gaudí's city while the market is on, this is the place to be.

So cool, right?


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A creative market with just what you've been looking for

The Palo Alto Market comes alive the first weekend of every month on both Saturday and Sunday, from 11:00 to 21:00. They also happen to add additional weekends to their schedule sometimes, so visit their website at for the latest details.

It's been a huge success since its opening and people of all ages head here to eat, shop, and hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.

The market is held alongside an abandoned factory, which has become home to several artist workshops and creative start ups. The industrial walls that border the market stand in stunning contrast to the fig trees and flowers below. It really is a beautiful location, with greenery creeping up the facades, vines hanging overhead, and the air spiced with hints of rosemary.

Entrance to the market is 2 €, but you need to bring more cash because whether you admit or deny your love for all things hipster, you will cave and you will want to buy everything in sight. FYI prices are affordable.

You should also note that the market is very popular, so if you're not into standing in line, show up at 11:00 when the locals are just making it out of bed, or in the late afternoon when many visitors have had their fill for the day. If the queue does seem a little long when you get there, don't turn away. The wait is definitely worth it. 

* At the time this article was written, Palo Alto listed QR codes on their website for those who want to pay for their entrance in advance through the Zapper app. They were even offering free entrance to new Zapper users and mentioned that the first 1000 people would be able to get in without lining up.

Food (& drinks)

I don't know about you, but you only have to say "food truck" once and I'm there. Gourmet fast food has been becoming a thing for a while now and Palo Alto certainly knows that. You won't have any trouble finding the food; the smell of sweet, savoury and spicy spread not only throughout the market area, but far into the streets of Poblenou.


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You'll find tons of options at the caravans and food trucks. How do gourmet burgers, Asian or Mexican cuisine, classic Spanish Paella, nachos or crêpes sound? How about Butifarra, a spicy Catalan sausage, or a marinated ginger pork sandwich? Of course, veggie options and tofu dishes are available too. And there's even a food truck dedicated to fried eggs (can you say all-day breakfast?).

Don't even get me started on the aged goat cheese, beer jam, and organic pastries. So much to eat, so little time. 


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As for drinks, try the fresh vegan juices, organic lemonade, Barcelona's own Moritz beer, or a glass of refreshing vermouth, a Catalonia classic

For seating, you'll find a spot while walking around and if you're lucky it will be across from the stage just in time for some live music. 

Music everywhere

Expect to hear lots of music during your time at the market - both on stage and off. You probably won't have heard the songs though, and Shazam might not even be able to identify them. These catalan vocals, acoustic tunes, and electronic sounds will take you from morning till evening. 

Natalie Ross, having fun at Palo Alto


Shopping time

Self described as an urban island, this market chooses its vendors based on quality and creativity, and that's exactly what you'll see going on here.   

When you are in the market, you'll notice that it is divided into four blocks. Two blocks make up the area where organic food products and other goods are sold; you can buy second-hand items and clothes by local designers in a third block; and finally there is a fourth larger area with the food trucks, street music, and the stage. 

You won't have to look far to find something you like at Palo Alto. There are lots of options for unique souvenirs, local art, designer goods, and thrifty items. In total, the market and the indoor areas cover around 3700 square metres and feature about 150 booths and stalls.  


Fashion blogger Katarina Štimac wrote about the Palo Alto Market
when she visited. She is based in Barcelona and her article is worth checking out if you're heading here to shop; Katarina captures shots of bags, shoes, jewellery, vintage suitcases, hats, and even golden statues that were for sale.  

Getting to Palo Alto Market

There is no doubt that the Palo Alto Market is worth exploring, so hopefully you'll be in Barcelona soon to check it out. At a 15 minute drive from the city centre (just under an hour by foot) and with a metro stop nearby, getting there is pretty easy too.

Address: Carrer dels Pellaires, 30, 08019 Barcelona

Public transportation: Palo Alto is located about a five-minute walk from the metro stop Selva de Mar Poblenou (Yellow line - L4). By tram (tramvia) you can get off at the Fluvià station and head about 500 metres directly down Carrer de Fluvià (Palo Alto starts at the end of Carrer Fluvià).

Parking: There are two free parking areas nearby: one by Ronda Litoral and another where Carrer de Llull crosses Avenida Diagonal.

Keep scrolling for more Instagram shots of Palo Alto, and make sure to watch my favourite video at the bottom!


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