A day trip to the Algar Waterfalls

If, especially during the summer months, Torrevieja gets a bit too hot even for the most persistent sun worshippers or you simply crave a change of scenery, a spot of unspoilt nature and a breath of fresh air combined with a dip in cold water, a day trip to the Algar Waterfalls is just the answer for you.Therefore it belongs onto the list of the five best day trips from Torrevieja.

All about the Algar Waterfalls

The river Algar empties into the Mediterranean at Altea. On its way there, it passes the town of Callosa d´en Sarria, located some 15kms from Benidorm and about the same distance from Altea, where it forms a series of roaring waterfalls, cascading down the rocks into natural pools. Known as Les Fonts dé l`algar, the entire area is a nature reserve and as such protected. Callosa is a centre for agriculture and growing loquat or nispera, the delicious yellow/orange fruit.


Apart from the waterfalls, the nature reserve is a showcase for lush Mediterranean flora which is why it also contains a arboretum, open to visitors.

Callosa itself is a medieval town with parts of the old Fortalesa de Bernia still visible and a curiosity: El Poador de la Font Mayor, a washing place built in 1786 which provided space for over 70 people.

What to do at Algar Waterfalls

A piece of advice first: bring a swim suit and towel (for the dip) and wear good walking shoes because it gets slippery in places.

There is ample parking at the foot of the waterfalls (all well signposted), then head up to the entrance, pay your admission of € 4 for adults and € 2 for kids up to 10 years, then head along the footpath to a wooden structure which contains a souvenir shop, a small restaurant/cafeteria and toilets, then head down wooden steps and follow the indicated path along the length of the river, leading from one cascade to the next. The entire length is 1.5km.


It's all a stone and wood boardwalk with sturdy wooden banisters to cling on to when it gets slippery.

Along the way you can veer off and step on the rocks, hop around in the pools, particularly Toll de la Para at the turning point of the walkway.

Natural pools,Algar

Head back to the exit and down wooden stairs to where you came in, or continue through a tunnel to an area further up, where you find the arbolarium, a picnic area and finally return where you have parked your car. Together with your ticket you will be given a map which clearly indicates each point of interest of the entire circle. Don´t forget to buy some of the nisperas which are on offer.


Opening times:

For opening times which vary according to season, please consult http://www.lasfuentesdelalgar.com/opening_times.htm 

How to get there

From Torrevieja take the AP-7 or the N-332 to Benidorm. From there take the CV-70 and the CV-715 to La Nucia. Head for Polop (signposted) and from there to Callosa d´en Sarria and follow the signs to the Algar Waterfalls.

After your day trip to the Algar Waterfalls, you will be ready for another round of swimming and sunbathing on one of Torrevieja´s beautiful beaches.