A trip to the best beaches of Cadaqués

Cadaques is a little paradise on the Costa Brava. This fishing town has gone down in history as the home and source of inspiration for Dali. In particular, the beaches and the natural beauty inspired the works of the eccentric Catalan artist. If you're wondering what there is to discover in Cadaques the answer is simple: beaches. The area has a wide range of picturesque urban beaches and intimate, unspoiled bays around the north of the Cap de Creus.
Beaches of Cadaqués
There's such a wide variety of beaches in Cadaques that it wasn't easy to select the best ones. You're probably going to fall in love with your own favourite beach during your holiday, but let this guide be a helping hand:

Playa Grande 

Playa Grande is the most centrally situated beach in Cadaques. You can get there via the beach promenade and it has a lot of facilities such as beach bars and restaurants. It's 200 metres long and 20 metres wide. It's a rather busy beach since it's a family favourite.
Statue of Salvador Dalí on the beach boulevard of Cadaqués
You are welcomed to Playa Grande by the main figure of Cadaques: a statue of Dali in one of his characteristic poses. Here you can enjoy the delicious local food in one of the two beach bars, choose to relax under the sun or wander about the beach boulevard.

Es Llané y Llané Petit

Let's continue with these two nearby, but very different beaches. The first one is accessible via the beach boulevard and is approximately 130 metres long and 12 metres wide. It's characterised by flat rocks which lead into the sea. It's a popular family beach as the water's depth increases gradually. 

Playa de Es Llané

Via Playa de Es Llané you can reach Playa de Llané Petit, which is a lot smaller and calmer and also one of the preferred spots of the local seamen. To enjoy all the beaches and its surroundings, you can rent a holiday home in Cadaqués

Playa Es Sortell

Just 300 metres from the centre of Cadaques, you'll find one of our favourite beaches. Just like the majority of the local beaches it boasts calm, crystal clear water. The beach itself is made up of small pebbles and grit and the best part about this beach are the views. You can marvel at the beautiful white houses of Cadaques, the modernist buildings along the beach boulevard and the mountains Puig de Paní and Puig de Bufadors. 

Cadaques, Costa Brava
On top of this, on one side of the beach you'll find a small bridge via which you can reach the small island of Es Sortell, a great place to go for a walk and enjoy the sea breeze.

Playa Sa Conca

If you follow the coastline in a southward direction to Faro de Cala Nans, you'll reach this precious bay where there is a nudist area. There are only a couple of houses close-by making it a nice natural environment. The water is crystal clear, calm and quite deep making it possible for boats to moor in the bay.

Coastline of Cadaqués
Playa Sa Conca is situated a little bit further from Cadaqués, but it's not a part of the Cap de Creus. This beach is perfect for those who wish to visit a nudist beach without having to go too far from the city centre. On top of this, its views of the cliffs on the horizon are simply marvelous.

Playa es Pianc

If you return to the city centre of Cadaques you can shift your attention to the beaches in the north of the bay. Following the beach boulevard for some 500 metres you'll encounter the small beach Es Pianc, here you can enjoy beautiful views at dusk. 

This beach is very frequently visited thanks to its small dimensions, its location close to the city centre and the facilities it offers such as bars and restaurants. Be sure to visit Es Pianc, as you'll see one of the most beautiful sunsets there on the Costa Brava.   

Playa de Ses Oliveres and Playa de El Ros

Less than 500 metres from playa Es Pianc, you'll find two opposing beaches: Ses Oliveres and El Ros. This part of the coastline is filled with small, wooden boats. Both beaches offer several facilities such as kayak rental companies to explore the area. You can kayak towards the small island of Cucurucuc , a rock formation in the middle of the bay which was a great inspiration for Dali. 

Bays at Punta de S'Oliguera

Northern of Cadaqués you'll find Punta de S'Oliguera, a cape with several beaches. Many of these are rather small, but really worth exploring by car. If we have to recommend you one beach, it would be Playa S'Arenella, which is located in front of a small island with the same name.
Coastline, Cap de Creus
Another beach we highly recommend is Playa des Caials, especially for diving lovers. On the seabed in this area you'll find impressive flora and fauna and a lost treasure: the ruins of the English boat Llanishen, which sank in 1917 at the hands of a German submarine. It all looks rather spooky.  

Playa de Portlligat

Playa de Portlligat
Playa de Portlligat is the main beach of Cala de Portlligat, especially since the Salvador Dali house is very close-by. Dali chose this place to create his works. The beach is located in front of a small island with a lovely sandy beach. There are no showers or lifeguards around. Close-by you'll find some restaurants and bars and a stand where you can rent a kayak. 

Cala S'Alqueria Gran, S'Alqueria Petita and Cala Sant Lluis

After reaching Racó des Moro you'll discover two precious little bays: Cala S'Alqueria Gran and S'Alqueria Petita. You'll notice a discreet and calm vibe on these beaches, which makes it a favourite for nudists.  

Coastline of Cadaques
A bit further down you'll find the nudist beach Sant Lluis. It's a true oasis of peace where you can enjoy the sun and the sea without any noise. You'll find yourself surrounded by nature in a remote area, even in summer. 

Cala Portaló

Cala Portaló is one of our favourites. It's closely situated to Faro del Cap de Creus and getting there is not easy which means that not a lot of people choose to go there. The surface of this beach consists of sand rather than pebbles, which makes it nice and easy to enjoy the sun. All around you'll find rocks and cliffs which create an intimate atmosphere. 

Cala Portaló

Cala Culleró

Cala Culleró is a very interesting beach as the stones and rocky cliffs which surround it were shaped by the wind and sea erosion. Thanks to this you'll find differently shaped rocks which add to the beauty of this part of the Cap de Creus. 

Coastline of Cadaqués
Cala Culleró doesn't only boast relaxing quietness and crystal clear waters, it also has a fascinating seabed, since there are ruins of boats to be found from ancient Greek and Roman times. The boats supposedly sank after crashing against the rocks pushed forward by the strong Tramontana wind. 

Cala Jugadora

Cala Jugadora is one of the crown jewels of the Cap de Creus. Its transparent and calm waters make it a snorkeling paradise. On top of this, it's somewhat disconnected from the world and it doesn't have any facilities. Consequently, not too many people usually go there which means you'll have no problems finding a parking spot. You'll only have to drive until Faro del Cap de Creus as it is situated just ahead of it. The bays of the Cap de Creus are unique, but Spain is full of hidden coastal gems. Here are the 10 best beaches in Spain. 

Cala Jugadora at Cap de Creus
Cadaques and the surrounding Cap de Creus is an area full of beautiful bays in between a landscape of cliffs created by the wind and sea erosion. Reserve your holiday home on the Costa Brava and discover its secrets.  
Before you head home, remember to look out for Cova de l´Infern, a sea cave which looks like the entrance to hell when the sun rays reflect off the water during sunset. Summer is coming, so go to Cadaques and its dreamy beaches for endless days of sunshine, new adventures and great experiences.