The best of Cadaques for a family holiday

There is no better place on the Costa Brava to disconnect and enjoy a good family holiday than Cadaques. This coastal treasure is a beautiful old town of white-washed houses which crowd out over the sea and the surrounding natural landscape. Located just outside the town is the breathtaking Cap de Creus Natural Park which holds more hidden surprises for visitors to this coast. There’s no doubt that a trip to Cadaques promises days of fun, exploring nature and familiarising ourselves with the culture of this magnificent area.
Panoramic View of Cadaques
Cadaques is the epitome of beauty and culture. A truly magical place that captivated the imaginations of famous artists such as Picasso and Dalí. It has a wide variety of activities on offer which are suitable for the whole family and will no doubt keep the youngest minds entertained.

Tapas, Galleries, Shops and the Charm of the Historic Centre

We’ll begin our tour around Cadaques with a stroll through its picturesque cobbled streets and past the dainty white houses which make up the historical centre of the town. The best part of Cadaques is its desirable location - directly on the sea - giving visitors unparalleled views of the entire coastline and creating the town’s postcard-perfect charm.
Historical Centre of Cadaques
We recommend continuing down the promenade as the sun begins to set, to enjoy the gentle sea breeze and the beauty of the modernist buildings along the way. There’s also the option to climb up to the church of Santa Maria of Cadaques which is the highest point in the town and from there you can enjoy a beautiful view of the bay.
Historical Centre of Cadaques
There are numerous bars and restaurants dotted throughout the centre which are perfect for sampling the local gastronomy, which includes fresh fish and wines of the region. Cadaques is surrounded by charming villages, so if you want to see everything that this region has to offer, book a holiday rental on the Costa Brava and take your time exploring and getting to know this beautiful region.

The Dali House-Museum

The next activity is something that can be enjoyed by both adults and children - a visit to the fabulous Dalí House-Museum. The Catalan artist chose to build his workshop in the bay of Portlligat as the area captured his fascination. Dali famously viewed his home as a living being and part of his work, and thus, he continued decorating and expanding it throughout his lifetime.
A visit to the Dali House-Museum is an amazing experience. As we explore its rooms, workshops and gardens we can instantly see that this home is no ordinary house, each room is more surreal than the last, with details and artwork that could have only come from the mind of Salvador Dali.
Salvador Dali House-Museum
It’s also worth visiting the bay of Portlligat if you have the chance. Its sea views, wooden fishing boats, beaches and cliffs inspired Dali so much that you can often see them depicted in his paintings.
Opening times:
From 16th September to 6th January and from 10th February to 14th June: 10:30am - 6:00pm.
From 15th June to 15th September: 9:30am - 9:00pm. 
11€. Free for children under 8 years.
Playa de Portlligat

Sun, Beach and Paradise

Over many years, the action of the sea and the force of the Tramontana wind have carved out a beautiful coastline here, full of small coves and cliffs. The beaches of Cadaques are perfect to enjoy with the family, one of the most famous being Ros Beach. This beach is renowned for its crystal clear and shallow waters which are perfect for paddling and playing with small children. From the beach you also have great views of the town and the mountains of Puig de Paní and Puig de Bufadors.
Cala Rostella
If we head outside the town, we come to the Cap de Creus Nature Reserve which has a breathtaking collection of small beaches and coves. Although the access routes to the Cap de Creus are a bit more complicated and the beaches in the park don’t offer as many facilities as those of Cadaques, it’s worth visiting this area to enjoy it’s unparalleled peace and tranquillity.

The Lions and Camels of Cap de Creus

Dali described the Cap de Creus as: “A mythological place that is made for gods more than for men and it must remain this way." In addition to its dream-like beaches, this natural park is known for its fantastic hiking routes, which we encourage you to try with your family.
One of our favourite routes through the Cap de Creus is the Paratge de Tudela, whose starting point is located about a 30 minutes drive from Cadaques. There’s a car park at the start which costs 5€ for the day and the walk takes about two hours. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen and water because there’s no shade on this route.
Paratge de Tudela Hiking Route, Cap de Creus
Along this route we can marvel at the curious geological formations that make up the Cap de Creus landscape and which remind us of the extraordinary paintings of Dali. If we stop for a moment and study these rock formations we’ll see that some of them are shaped like animals, there’s a camel, a sea lion and a gorilla, all shaped by years of erosion from the wind and rain. 
To help us identify the rock formations, there are signs placed along the way. Don’t miss the Roca Cavallera, a rock which appears to be melting and which inspired Dali’s famous work "El Gran Masturbador" which is currently on display at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. To end a day of exploration, take a dip in the small cove of Cala Culip with the Cap de Creus’ ancient lighthouse in the background.
Cadaques Coastline

The Cadaques Trenet Tourist Train

If you want to discover Cadaques and its surroundings without tiring too much, take a ride on the tourist train. The Cadaques tourist train departs from the city centre and has two routes: one goes around Cadaques and its surroundings, while the other route goes up to the Cap de Creus lighthouse passing Portlligat Bay and the Dali House-Museum.
The tourist train offers guided tours in multiple languages which introduce visitors to the history of the area. Along the way, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the landscape from the comfort of your train seat.

New Adventures in Cadaques

A holiday is not a proper holiday without a bit of adventure. On the beach of Portlligat, we’ll come across Kayaking Costa Brava, a company specialising in guided sea kayaking tours along the Cap de Creus coast. The tour goes along the Cap de Creus coast, revealing its coves and caves as well as its most secret and inaccessible places. They offer special excursions for families, with single or double kayaks plus a support boat follows groups along the route.
Kayaks, Costa Brava
Another way to enjoy the coast of Cadaques and the Cap de Creus is to take a boat trip around the area. One of the most well-known tour boats is the beautifully historic boat Charter Sant Isidre, which was built in 1925. It was recently restored and now takes excursion groups along the coast and out to dive and swim in the Mediterranean Sea.
Barca Adela also offers different excursions along the Cap de Creus coast. There are plenty of trips to choose from including tours around the best coves, weddings, hen parties and stag dos, fishing trips and excursions to watch the sunset or see a full moon. The boat is docked in the port of Portlligat, just in front of the Dali House-Museum.
Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the fascinating underwater world along the coast here. There are many diving schools situated along the beaches and the pier of Cadaques which offer diving tours guided by experienced instructors. Visit underwater caves, shipwrecks and enjoy the beauty of marine flora and sea life. 
From the charming historical centre and beautiful beaches to its picturesque mountains and fun outdoor sports, Cadaques has a great range of activities which make it an excellent family destination. There’s plenty more to Cadaques than what we’ve covered here in our quick guide. Let yourself and the whole family be captivated like Dali, reserve your holiday home in Cadaques and immerse yourself in the spirit of this beautiful town.