Granada in Springtime: bursting with colour

Andalusia is a vibrant and colourful region of Spain. Even in the months of December andJanuary you can see oranges on the trees. The skies are bright blue even when temperatures are cooler and ofcourse there are still festivals and events happening in towns and villages throughout the wintertime. 
Colourful spices by Granada Cathedral Spain

There is always an abundance of colour in Southern Spain. There are many examples of the vibrant colours on show. The fruit and produce on local market stalls, the earthy tones of rich aromatic spices for cooking and the saffron infused golden paellas on offer at traditional restaurants.

When winter ends in the South and we look to Spring, things take a dramatic turn. Suddenly it seems that the saturation of colour is amplified. Days become even brighter and more lively. The city of Granada takes on a delicate scent of Azahar orange blossom from nearby trees.

Orange trees Granada

Semana Santa

Outside tables on terraces become busier at midday as the sun warms up. People begin to prepare for Easter week. The colours associated with Easter are deep purple, white and passion red. 

Each year the hooded penitents seen along the streets wear different colours according to the brotherhood or church they represent. Their garments are typically black, purple, white, pale blue or crimson red. Usually the flowers accompanying the processions are white, purple and red too.

Semana Santa - Easter in Granada

May crosses

Any festivity in Spain introduces colour and life into the local region. At the beginning of the May the whole province of Granada celebrates the crosses of May 'Cruces de mayo.' This usually coincides with the bank holiday on 1st of May.

This is a wonderful time to visit the city of Granada, to see crosses set up in different squares and alleyways in the city.

Easter at the Alhambra, Granada

Traditional Flamenco style dresses are worn for this festival by the locals. Huge crosses are decorated with carnations and other flowers in squares or buildings around the city. You can also enjoy the crosses in the city of Almeria too.

The crosses are traditionally covered in white or red flowers. Around the cross the display is full of coloured embroidered shawls, local craftwork, copper pots and traditional ceramics.

May Crosses in Granada

Flamenco dresses are worn for the Cruces de Mayo. This same style of dress and colourful accessories are used throughout Spain in many different events, throughout the spring and summertime. In Granada they have the Corpus Christi festival in June. In other parts of Andalusia they have the long walks of the Romerias and the local Feria´s in Malaga, Seville and Jaen.

We mustn't forget the delicious produce and food available locally in Spain in springtime, bringing colour to the table. Baby Broad beans from Granada served with Spanish ham from the Alpujarra, Andalusian Strawberries from Huelva, juicy local oranges.....

Pink Almond blossom

Looking around the countryside at this time of the year we can see hundreds of Almond trees in flower, dotted around the landscape in delicate pink and white. In towns you can see the deep pink cherry blossom adorning parks and gardens. The Lecrin valley is a great place to see the almonds in flower as there are many almonds in this area South of Granada.

Almond blossom
Typical Spanish ceramics also brighten up any table or kitchen. In Granada blue and green patterns are most typical in the region. You can see that many designs have a pomegranate painted in the centre. The pomegranate is the symbol of Granada city. The Spanish word for the pomegranate fruit is Granada. 

I hope that these images have brightened your day!