Modern Granada

Modern Granada Spain



The Kingdom of Granada celebrated it´s Millenium in 2013. The city is well known for it´s historic buildings and the magnificent Alhambra Palace. The typical cobbled streets in the Albaicin quarter and grand Cathedral are also popular sights to visit.  You may be surprised to know that there is a modern side to the city too. Easily missed If you don´t venture out of the historic quarter.



Science Park Granada Spain

Science Park

This huge museum is just south of the city centre, this Science complex boasts 70.000 square metres of space. It is packed with both temporary and permanent exhibitions. It also has a Planetarium, a fabulous butterfly garden (my favourite part) and an observation tower, with great views of the city. Up there the views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Sacromonte Caves are breathtaking.

This is the most important Science Museum in Andalusia. It received 40,000 visits in January 2012. It´s slogan is Do not forget to touch, instead of the typical Please do not touch that you usually find in museums!  A great option for families to enjoy. Currently it costs 6 euros entrance for an adult.

This is a good recommendation for very hot days as it is air conditioned inside and also if you should get a rare rainy day in Granada.  


revolving restaurant Granada


The Forum building.

This modern building built in 2008 is visible from the motorway. It stands out as it has a circular restaurant on top. It looks a bit like flying saucer.It´s currently the only revolving restaurant in SPAIN! It revolves steadily taking 1 hour 40 mins to do the whole 360º This slow movement allows you to see all angles of Granada while enjoying lunch or dinner.When you are inside the Panoramic 360 restaurant the movement is barely noticeable. It´s great to see the different views as you enjoy your lunch.

My favourite dishes there are the ´Langostine and mango salad´ and the ´Flan de queso´

As well as this restaurant there are offices in the Forum building.More restaurants and bars on the ground level, all with a modern design.Forum Copas on the sixth floor of the building is a perfect spot to see the sunset over the city or to see the skyline at night.  Also good for an after dinner tipple of course.


Caja Memoria Cultural Andalucia Granada Spain



Caja Granada Museo Memoria Cultural.

This museum contains many exhibitions related to the history of Andalusia and has some archaeological finds too. There are many cultural activities at this centre. The brand new modern theatre offers many free screenings of original language films. The building itself has won several architectural awards for it´s unique design.


Northern Cusine in the South

In the same building is the Restaurant Arriaga. The restaurant set up high at 60 metres from the ground, also has panoramic views over the city and Sierra Nevada. The chef, Alvaro Arriaga is from Bilbao but has worked in France & USA as well as in several prestigious Spanish restaurants. Now he has opened his own restaurant here in Granada. The food is contemporary and of the highest quality.

Previously he has served up his excellent dishes to personalities such as Al Gore, Mick Jagger and Phil Collins.To get to this area of Granada, take local buses 1 and 5 from the city.