The Most Beautiful Beaches of Ibiza

What best describes your dream holiday? Perhaps taking a stroll along immaculate beaches beside crystal-clear blue waters, or going for a dive to explore hidden secrets of the underwater world? Maybe enjoying a gentle breeze while sunbathing beneath clear skies, or relaxing under the shade of an umbrella with a cold drink in hand?

Would you rather watch the world pass by from the comfort of your new favourite beach bar while sipping a fresh coffee?

Playa Santa Eulàlia, Ibiza

Maybe you'd like to see some live music during your holiday and prefer a place offering a selection of concerts across a wide range of genres.

How about hearing the wild call of the clubbing scene? Here in Ibiza, if you decide to break away and enter the madness of the never-ending parties, you might just discover anything is possible. Dancing the night away at the most famous clubs in the world is a rite of passage for many, and the nightlife here is on a scale unlike anywhere else. But there is more to the island than clubbing. Rent villas in Ibiza and discover its many beautiful beaches.

Cala d'Hort, Ibiza

If you're looking for a little taste of everything, this island truly offers it all. Along the east coast you'll discover a sunbather's paradise. It's quieter than the clubbing regions to the west, and offers an excellent choice of beaches with varying levels of amenities to suit any preference.

Playa Portinatx, Ibiza

With this guide to the island's most beautiful beaches, we're going to start in the east and make our way north.

Playa Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Cala Llonga

Situated along the east coast just 10 minutes north of Ibiza's capital city, this beach is an ideal place for a family holiday. With golden sand in a bay sheltered from the wind, the beach is 200 metres long and 100 metres wide. It boasts a seemingly impossible combination of unspoiled nature, crystal-clear waters, and waterfront villas sprouting gracefully from the rocky shore. Around the beach you can find a mix of restaurants and shops to fulfil each of your heart's desires.

Playa Cala Llonga, Ibiza

A diving school is also located here, enabling exploration of the Mediterranean's underwater wonders. Indeed a great variety of water sports are possible at Cala Llonga and you'll have no problem finding equipment for rent. You can enjoy plentiful access to proper beach facilities including special play areas for children where they can safely enjoy themselves.

Access to the beach is quite good, with several options for parking available. You can choose to take advantage of the paid spots nearby the beach or search out free places slightly farther away. Keep in mind that during high season, in the summer months, a deluge of fellow beach-goers may have similar plans, so try arriving a bit earlier to secure a spot.

Playa de Santa Eulàlia

Just five kilometres from Cala Llonga, the sea here is calm and warm with soft white sand. Keeping your footing in the water is made easy by the shallow depths found here. It's also the ideal place to take the young ones for their baths. Bring floats and armbands for fun in the water, and relax knowing they're in a safe place. For additional security, the area is marked by buoys showing the areas where you can safely swim.

Playa Santa Eulàlia, Ibiza

The beach itself is 300 metres in length and offers much more than just tranquil swimming opportunities, Santa Eulàlia is also the place to board a cruise ship for maritime adventures. In addition, it provides an excellent spot for watching and enjoying a variety of water sports such as tube riding, water skiing or sailing.

Playa Santa Eulàlia, Ibiza

There are yachts continuously moored on the left end of the beach, which is a port. Also found around the resort of Santa Eulàlia, is an excellent selection of upscale restaurants, appropriate for the most discerning palates.

The local environment is considered by many experts to be a prime location for observing the interactions between marine and coastal ecosystems. Vast underwater prairies of Posidonia seagrass, found only in the Mediterranean basin, support an incredible diversity of life, and have been declared a natural asset by UNESCO.

A great number of birds, mammals, reptiles and other creatures exist in perfect harmony here. However, as ecological impacts have affected the site, efforts to reverse growing threats to the area have become a priority. As a result, concerns from conservationists have prompted a myriad of protections to be implemented around the island.

Stroll Into Town Along the Elegant Promenade

The beach here exhibits a wonderful seaside promenade with nice fountains and easy access to restaurants and all kinds of shops. Frequent visitors to the fountains are the many ducks eager to receive small bits of food from passing tourists. Continuing down the avenue will lead you to downtown Santa Eulàlia.

Playa Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

What to see in the area:

Taking a leisurely walk around the old town is highly recommended. Dating back to the thirteenth century and perched atop a hill overlooking the sea, the location offers great views of the entire coast. Be prepared to use the camera here, as the iconic views may provide you with the best photos of the entire holiday!

Cala de Sant Vicent

A little farther north of Santa Eulàlia, towards Figueral, an amazing view unfolds before us. Here, a rocky precipice clinging to the hillside above crystalline blue waters keeps watch over a perfectly formed bay complete with a wide sandy beach.

Playa de Sant Vicent, Ibiza

Charmed by the incredible landscape, many tourists stop above the cliff to snap photos among the pine trees. The beach here is 380 metres long and 30 metres wide.

This particular beach is a sure winner at any time of year, as it's rarely full, even in the height of summer. Here, you should have no problem finding that perfect place to spread your towel across the golden sand.

Emerald-Coloured Waters Fill the Bay

Playa de Sant Vicent, Ibiza

A windsurfing school can be found here, as well as plentiful opportunities to rent recreational equipment. Also available are umbrellas, lounge chairs and beach facilities including public showers.

Palm trees cover the promenade with shade.

Lining the boardwalk is an assortment of restaurants and souvenir shops. Families with small children and those with limited mobility won't come across a single obstacle to their enjoyment when using the well-built infrastructure found here.

What to see in the area:

A break from the beach can be had with a visit to the nearby cave, Cova des Culler, where prehistoric paintings can be appreciated. Reaching the cave is made difficult by its location in the middle of a pine forest on the mountainside, but the journey is well worth the effort.

Cueva Culleram, Ibiza

Also nearby, at Punta Grossa, is a deserted lighthouse dating back to 1870. At a height of 55 metres, adventurous spirits can find great fun climbing up, and will be left astounded by the unforgettable views from the top.

Cala Portinatx

Continuing along the northern coast, we come to one of the most family-friendly beaches in all of Ibiza. We actually find three beaches in Portinatx, surrounded by hills and offering views normally reserved for postcards.

Playa Portinatx, Ibiza

The largest of the beaches is Playa S'Arenal Gross. Surrounded by pine forests, the stretch of shore is comprised of luxurious white sand without the slightest pebble. With many play areas located here, this beach is the ideal place for holidays with children. In addition, the nearby hotel is complete with a water park and enough slides and attractions that even the most tiresome adults will have a difficult time becoming bored.

A full range of services are found here, including on-duty lifeguards, chairs and umbrellas, water equipment rentals and even a diving school. The infrastructure is also well suited to meet needs of those with limited mobility.

Playa Portinatx, Ibiza

Located around the beach is a whole host of bars and restaurants. In many establishments, the primary language will be English and often times the owners themselves will be either English or German.

For a relaxing experience, you can treat yourself to a massage beneath the shade of a beach umbrella.

Playa Portinatx, Ibiza

What to see in the area:

Highly recommended is a walk to the eighteenth-century fortified tower, which can be seen from the beach. Towering over the coast, it offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

Playa Portinatx, Ibiza

Cala Xarraca

This narrow, rocky beach is perfect for those seeking privacy and a more intimate atmosphere. Only 70 metres long and 20 metres wide, this cosy pocket of sand is also great for those keen on underwater exploration.

Playa Xarraca, Ibiza

Cala Xarraca is the place to go for those wishing to escape the large crowds of sunbathers found elsewhere on the island.

In contrast to most other areas in Ibiza, swimming here must be done with great care as a great number of rocks occupy the waters. With its unique charm and undeniable beauty, this particular beach will be difficult to confuse with any of the others on the island.

Playa Xarraca, Ibiza

The surrounding area is blanketed in a pine forest which only makes way for the occasional houses seen clinging to the mountainsides. This area has become a real mecca for free-divers who find a strong attraction to the manifold of underwater caves.

Accessing Cala Xarraca is slightly more difficult than other beaches. While a rather steep beach road does make it possible to reach by car, finding parking can be a problem due to the limited number of spaces. This especially holds true during high season.

Playa Xarraca, Ibiza

Here you'll also find the aptly named restaurant, Cala Xarraca. Owned and operated by the same family for more than 30 years, it has garnered an excellent reputation where the fresh fish and paella are not to be missed.

Keep a watchful eye out in this area for jellyfish which, at times, are particularly numerous and can inflict painful burns to unsuspecting swimmers. Be wary also of the strong tides found here.

Playa Xarraca, Ibiza

Warning signs are posted on the beach, helping to ensure your holiday remains free from injury.

Playa de Sant Miguel

One of the cosier beaches of northern Ibiza, it is encapsulated by steep rocky hillsides which flank the small bay.

Playa Sant Miguel, Ibiza

Water sports enthusiasts find numerous thrills here. The beach has a very pleasant sandy shore and an easy entrance to the sea. On the way to the beach you will find many souvenir shops, bars and restaurants.

Here is where you'll find the eatery considered by many to be the best restaurant in all of Ibiza, Port Balansat.

Consider sampling the island speciality: bullit de peix (fish).

Playa Sant Miguel, Ibiza

Here, you're free to taste some of the most exciting flavours from a diverse menu of carefully prepared local dishes and nearby, you'll also find plenty of free parking.

Playa Sant Antoni

Playa Sant Antoni, Ibiza

The beach is situated in the centre of Sant Antoni de Portmany on Ibiza's western coast. Frequented in summer by lovers of dance music, places such as this have given the island the bulk of its fame.

Accompanied by a nice seafront promenade, this long stretch of fine golden sand also displays tall palm trees which provide great charm while casting soothing shade throughout the entire length of coast.

Sant Antoni is a favourite holiday spot among the younger crowds. Modern beats reverberating from nearby restaurants and clubs stretch out beyond the calm and shallow waters, making this beach popular among 20-somethings and those seeking good times among groups of friends.

Playa Sant Antoni, Ibiza

Sant Antoni is equipped with excellent water sports facilities. It's also a place notorious for amazing sunsets, with tourists coming from all over to witness the wonderful show as day transitions magnificently into night.

Playa Sant Antoni, Ibiza

Here, you're presented with a fantastic selection of bars, cafes and restaurants offering world-class cuisine. The place is bustling day and night, and is primarily favored by those seeking urban atmospheres and a preference for younger crowds.

Playa Cala Moli

Playa Cala Moli, Ibiza

With a quick 15 minute drive from the lively resort of San Antoni, the peace and tranquility of Cala Moli can be found.

This is one of the best beaches on the island for those looking to avoid the crowds and achieve temporarily solace from civilisation. At 100 metres long and 30 metres wide, it's a space to enjoy copious amounts of peace and intimacy while taking in the beautiful surroundings.

The rocky cliffs surrounding the beach, which beg for climbing, offer magnificent views and a glimpse of the entire east coast.

Playa Cala Moli, Ibiza

Rather than the golden sand found elsewhere, the beach here is comprised mostly of a rocky shore. Because of this, it's advised to bring along a pair of sturdy bathing shoes to avoid potential discomfort from the crags underfoot.

Beneath the water's surface, divers will find a hidden world of caves and rock formations laying in wait to be explored.

The hills surrounding the beach are carpeted in pine trees and form a real oasis of greenery. Other examples of indigenous plants found growing here are the prickly pear, agave and yucca. To preserve the site's natural beauty, it is one of the many locations around the island deemed protected by local authorities.

Plenty of chairs and umbrellas are available for rent here, and a restaurant is at the service of those craving a meal after a long day of sand and surf.

Cala d'Hort

Playa Cala d' Hort, Ibiza

Cala d'Hort fantastically combines raw natural beauty with an aura of mystery and allure. From the shoreline we are greeted with spectacular views of the uninhabited island of Es Vedra.

This legendary rock island was famously proclaimed by Nostradamus to be the only place on earth that would survive the end of the world. A thousand years ago the island was inhabited by humans but now the only residents are families of wild goats.

Many legends swirl around the mysterious island, and today Es Vedra draws many tourists who feel the pull from the folklore which continues to envelope it.

Playa Cala d' Hort, Ibiza

A mixture of terrain is on display here, with some sections of beach being mostly rocky while others are composed of sand. A makeshift bridge stretches out to a unique vantage point, where awe-struck visitors can be found gazing in the direction of the majestic island.

On the hillside is a restaurant, always busy with customers, where the local fare of fresh fish and paella is recommended. Eager shoppers will also find interesting gifts in the small shops here.

Playa Cala d' Hort, Ibiza

Along this 150 metre-long stretch of shoreline there are plenty of possibilities for renting beach chairs, but during high season many expecting beach-goers are met with some difficulty in parking the car. The beach road is quite narrow is often choked with traffic during summer months.

Playa de Ses Salines

This beach forms one part of the famous Las Salines Natural Park where, for centuries, nature has provided merchants with valuable sea salt and where 200 unique species of birds now make their homes, iconic flamingos among them.

1.5 kilometres long and 25 metres wide, this beach is one of the most famous, and most visited, in Ibiza. It is situated on the southern tip of the island about ten minutes drive from Playa d'en Bossa or Ibiza Town.

Playa de se Salines, Ibiza

Constantly gracing the front pages of local newspapers, this hot-spot is a favourite among celebrities paying visits to the island. No doubt attracted by the white sands and turquoise-coloured waters, many famous persons have been spotted soaking up the sun in this wonderful corner of Ibiza.

This particular beach is also a popular choice among families with young ones for the combination of warm water and its gentle slope leading into the sea. Additionally, a wide selection of bars and restaurants are ready and waiting to serve up delicious gourmet dishes and cold drinks.

Surrounded by a thick pine grove, the beach here becomes one of main centres of social life on the island during the summer months. Various chiringuitos pop up from the sand to offer a wide selection of fresh fruit and refreshing beverages.

Playa de se Salines, Ibiza

Finding solitude upon these sands won't be much of an option though, and dosing among the crowds of sunbathers will likely be accompanied by the beats of nearby bars and buzz of recreational beach activities happening all around.

If you fancy more discrete and isolated areas to pitch a towel, you might consider moving a little down the coast to Es Cavallet. There you'll find a small nudist beach and much calmer atmosphere.

As you know, high season promises parking problems. For that reason, the beach may sometimes be inaccessible.

Playa de se Salines, Ibiza

What to see nearby:

Hike up to La Torre de Ses Portes, the eighteenth-century defensive tower which can be seen from the beach.

The structure can only be reached by foot and should take only about 20 minutes when coming from Las Salines.

Playa de'n Bossa

Playa de'n Bossa, Ibiza

Located just outside the capital city, this is one of Ibiza's largest beaches and comprises nearly three kilometres of clean white sand. With a constant pulse of activities, it is said that the fiesta here goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Due to the sheer size of this sandy shore, you may occasionally find stretches with less activity.

The famous venue, Bora Bora Beach Club, is situated here and never fails to attract an enthusiastic crowd of party-goers with its world-class selection of events and guest DJs.

Ibiza Town, Eivissa

What to see near the beach:

With only a short walk from shore, you can be well on your way to exploring the heritage of the old town in the capital of Ibiza. An absolute must-do is to make the voyage to the Dalt Vila vantage point, where a spectacular view of the sea and harbor awaits.

Dreaming of Ibiza for your next island get-away? Make it a reality by checking into one of our many available holiday rentals.

Map of Ibiza's Most Beautiful Beaches


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