Enjoy Javea's impressive views of the mountains and the Med

The charming beach resort of Javea has the most amazing coastline ranging from gentle bays to rugged cliffs with sheer drops to the sea.

These areas of natural beauty have impressed artists, photographers and nature lovers throughout the years. They provide impressive panoramic views over Javea town, the Mediterranean and the mountains.

The coastal landscape has inspired the Javea Miradors route taking you along the 15 scenic viewpoints from the north to the south of the town.

The coastal enclaves have also led to the launch of the Mirador Challenge, an annual timed endurance walk along the 27 kilometres of stunning viewpoints, including some tough climbs. Walkers are rewarded with stunning scenery in what must be one of the most beautiful walks in Europe.

However, you can drive or cycle around if you prefer. It makes a great day out enjoying fantastic scenery between the mountains and the sea.

Going from north to south, the viewing points start at Cabo de San Antonio (Cape of St Anthony) separating Javea and Denia.

Cabo de San Antonio, Javea

Cabo de San Antonio

Fantastic views across to Denia and down to Javea are the reward for visitors to these 160-metre-high cliffs. On a clear day, it is possible to see the island of Ibiza.

It’s a fabulous spot for a picnic or a walk to the iconic lighthouse.

The water seems to be a much deeper, richer blue at this spot and you may be lucky enough to spot dolphins around here.

At the foot of these cliffs is the San Antonio marine reserve rich in sea life, including Posidonia meadows, which form an important part of the ecosystem and mark a lack of pollution. Fishing is not allowed here and you need a special licence for diving in these waters.

A major fire last summer (2014) destroyed a large part of the natural park by the cape. However, new growth can be seen and the wildlife is returning.

Javea windmills, molinos

Javea windmills

Javea’s iconic windmills dotted around the landscape are an interesting part of the town’s rural history.

There are 11 remaining mills dating from the 18th century to mill wheat. Minus their sails nowadays, they are another natural attraction of Javea.

You can do a separate 4km walk around the mills, although some parts are a bit steep and rocky.

Javea arenal beach

Arenal beach

Perfect spot for taking a breather, the Arenal is a beautiful sandy beach with palm trees for shade, plus a pedestrianised walkway lined with bars, shops and restaurants.

At the south end of the Arenal are steps leading to the rocky viewpoint to enjoy far-reaching views of the Mediterranean and Javea coastline.

This is the most touristy part of the route with plenty of places to eat or to shop and so would be a good spot for lunch or to stock up on cold water.

Arenal playa, beach, Javea

Sequia de la Noria

A few metres south of the Arenal is a small, rocky area formed by fossil dunes about 100,000 years ago. 

This area was used for fishing and excavating salt since the Roman times.

Fabulous views of the Cabo de St Antonio can be enjoyed here.  

Cala Blanca

Very pretty and peaceful rocky cove with fabulous views and crystal-clear water. The scenery provides great inspiration for landscape painters and photographers.

Cala Blanca beach, Javea


You can walk from Cala Blanca to another gorgeous cove with views. Rocky Caletes is surrounded by cliffs so is sheltered and so tranquil. It’s incredible just how clear the water is here.

Portixol Cross

Heading onwards and upwards, the next stop is the breathtaking views of the Med and Portixol island from Portixol. It’s a beautiful – and scented – route with the pine trees on one side and glorious sea views on the other. It’s an iconic image of Javea with its stone cross and views down to the little island.  Portixol beach is perfect for scuba diving.

You can get another view of Portixol island from the next viewing point at L’Illa.

Portitxol cross, Javea

La Falzia

Just when you thought the views could not get any more beautiful, you visit La Falzia, surrounded by pine forests. It’s about 150 metres above sea level with amazing Mediterranean views. It’s incredible to try to count the many different shades of blue in the sea and sky. The sea is home to another Posidonia meadow, which is testament to the purity of the water, as well as a wide variety of fish and marine organisms.

Cap Negre

Cap Negre, so named because of the black spots in the rocks,  reveals visions  of Javea’s rugged coastline with impressive cliffs and rock formations. The trees hide the best views but it’s a calm spot, great for walking or watching the waves smack against the rocks many metres below.

Cab de la Nao, Javea
Cap de la Nau

The grand white lighthouse stands tall as befits its role in navigation. This viewpoint is the closest to Ibiza and so you have most chance of seeing the island from here. Another pretty and peaceful beauty spot with sea views and walks through the pine trees. At the foot of the cape is the famous Cave of the Bodies, which is large enough for small boats to get into.

Cab de la Nao, Javea

Les Pesqueres

You can get better views of the lighthouse from these steep cliffs. Although a risky pastime, fishermen would climb down the rocks to throw out their line in the hope of catching some of the rich species of fish found around these rocks.


Historic coastal defence spot from whose lofty position, lookouts in the watch tower could spot pirate ships and marauders.  It’s a very picturesque part of Javea with its rugged coastline and beautiful coves.

Granadella Playa, Javea

Granadella Castle, beach and forest

The site of a former little fortress dating from the 18th century which was also used to protect Javea from thieving pirates. It had a garrison of just three men and two cannons.

Granadella beach is often voted one of the best – if not the best – in Spain with very good reason. It’s a gorgeous, horse-shoe shaped shingle bay surrounded by rocks and flanked by pine trees. The water is an amazing shade of sapphire.

Make sure you have time to visit this beach as it really is very beautiful but can get busy in summer. It’s great for snorkelling.

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