The best family activities in L'Estartit

It can be a real challenge to plan a summer holiday that is suitable for the whole family, especially when you have to take your children´s wishes into consideration. They tend to be the most demanding ones and need constant stimulation, which makes it harder to find a suitable destination. The advantage of L’Estartit, located in the northeast of Spain, is that there is a wide variety of activities. It even won the prestigious Family Holiday label of approval, attributed by the Catalan Tourist Board (ACT).

Platja Gran L’Estartit, Costa Brava

This award guarantees that L’Estartit has specific health and safety regulations, which ensures maximum comfort across the whole city. Apart from that there is a diverse cultural program for children. The nature trails in the area are perfect for a cycling tour or just taking a stroll. 

L'Estartit, Costa Brava

L´Estartit is such a good family destination, we provide you with an activity guide that will entertain both parent and child. Enjoy the unspoiled natural landscapes with cliffs, beaches and large coastal areas; discover the cultural and historical heritage that has already existed for several centuries; try the delicious wines and dishes of the region... all this and more in L´Estartit!

New friends for your child at the Mini Beach Club

There are many exciting events in Spain that the whole family will enjoy, however a beautiful beach day has to be at the top of the list. When entering L´Estartit, the immense coastline will immediately catch your eye; it includes more than 15 kilometres of beautiful beaches and gorges. Along the avenues that run next to the beaches, you will find various facilities for children to enjoy. A boat can be booked at one of the specialised water sports shops, where you will also find more information about family fun at the sea.

L'Estartit, Costa Brava

Platja Gran is known as the main beach of L´Estartit and is located in front of the residential area. This makes sense as it is fulfills the needs of all visitors; there are public showers, beach loungers and access for travellers in a wheelchair. Furthermore, there is a kids club where the little ones can enjoy themselves. 

This children´s club is also known as the Mini Beach Club and is open during July and August. The club offers various activities for children to participate in, with a focus on teamwork and developing interpersonal skills. The activities include outdoor sports, water activities and various workshops. The club is located close to the ¨Avinguda de Grecia¨, also called the Greek avenue.

Take a boat trip to the Medes Islands

The Medes Islands serve as a natural sanctuary for various animals, such as birds and other wildlife. The area is protected and therefore it is not possible to enter. The good news however, is that you can still get close to this paradise island by boat. The boat leaves from L´Estartit and even includes activities such as diving, which allows you to enjoy nature in its purest state and to further explore the area. 

Medes Islands, L'Estartit, Costa Brava

The point of departure is the port area of L´Estartit, where you have several options to go by boat. It is possible to book a boat trip at one of the specialised companies, but also to rent a boat for you and your family. This sea adventure will most definitely entertain your children as they can explore the wild waters, however for the parents a relaxing boat trip is also a perfect way to spend a sunny day.

Medes Islands, L'Estartit, Costa Brava

If you are interested in making a trip to the Medes Island, the company Nautilus and its boat El Corsari Negre is an option. Accommodation close to this beautiful area will definitely come in handy as well, so make sure to check out the best accommodation in L´Estartit we have selected for you.

Visit “Castell Montgri” (Castle of the Grey Mountain)

Spain offers several difficult tours, with the Caminto del Rey as one of the most well-known examples. However, there are other trails that are suitable (and very fun!) for the whole family. A good option is the Castle of the Grey Mountain (Castell Montgri) which is located in the hills of L´Estartit, in Tarroella de Montgri. This castle will make your children feel like kings and queens!

The recommended way to get to the castle is by walking the clearly set trails that indicate the route. Make sure to do this in the morning and to take enough water with you, as the walk takes approximately an hour and a half. Comfortable footwear is therefore also recommended to avoid blisters and other inconveniences. Taking a moment to catch your breath is not a bad idea since the walk can be tiring, but also because the views from the route are absolutely stunning.

The best moment however is the moment of arrival at the castle; the 13-metre walls, four cylindrical towers and the medieval building style are an impressive sight. At arrival, lay a picnic blanket on the ground and enjoy a lazy lunch with your family. 

Discover the natural beauty of L´Estartit by bike

The advantage of L´Estartit is that it is located in the middle of a natural region, surrounded by the Medes Islands, the Costa de Montgri and the tributaries of the river Ter. 

If you like biking, make sure to check out the Lower Ter area, located between the river Ter and the city centre. This is the perfect place to travel to with your family as there are many countryside routes. The good thing about these bike routes is that they are relatively flat, preventing sore legs at the end of the day.

There are many bike trails next to the river Ter, so the best advice is just to follow your intuition. Do not forget to enjoy the sights along the way and to keep yourself hydrated

Visit the botanical garden in Calella de Palafrugell

Less than 30 minutes drive away from l´Estartit (in Calella de Palafrugell) you will find one of the most popular botanical gardens that the Mediterranean region offers. More than a hundred different species can be found in the garden. Try to discover them all!

Calella de Palafrugell, Costa Brava

If plants are not really your thing, it can still be interesting to visit the botanical garden. Apart from the different species, there are also pieces of art from renowned Spanish and international artists. In summer the ¨Festival of the Cap Roig Gardens¨ takes place, which includes various dances and concerts.

Enjoy the region and take a deep breath of pure air, rent one of the holiday homes in the middle of nature of Calella de Palafrugell and recharge those batteries! It is the perfect place to relax and to regain energy for the rest of the year.