10 reasons to hike on Lanzarote

When people book a Lanzarote holiday, they usually have beaches in mind. However, if you're of a more active persuasion, you might want to get out and about more. The incentives for doing so run into double figures.

1.) You'll be able to explore the badlandsLanzarote badlands

Lanzarote, the most easterly of the Canary Islands, does sandy beaches very well. Such is its proximity to Africa's Sahara Desert, whose grains are carried by the wind over the Atlantic. However, Lanzarote also does a mean impression of South Dakota.

For the island's Malpais de la Corona bear more than a passing similarity to Badlands National Park. This is the north of the island which the volcanoes shook up all those thousand of years ago. A straightforward 90-minute hike takes you from the village of Yé to the heights of the Volcán de la Corona.

2.) The chance to go coast to coastLanzarote coast

The coastline of Lanzarote extends to a length of 213km (113 miles). Starting at Playa Blanca and heading in the direction of Punta Gorda before turning around when you reach it's a 23.5km-hike. A shorter trek's the 17km-there-and-back walk from Salinas de Janubio to Punta Gorda.

3.) The opportunity to become high and mightyLanzarote view

If Lanzarote's coastal walks are too low-level for you, head for the interior. For the best views, head to Peñas del Chache (be careful when asking for directions). This peak measures a height of 670 metres (2,198 feet) above sea level.

One of the most accessible hikes taking you up, up, up, and away from the resorts is to the top of Montaña Roja. Red Mountain affords excellent views of Playa Blanca below. And whilst it's a step up from a walk in the park, it's a largely unchallenging trek which will suit novice hikers.

4.) You can still hit the beachLanzarote beach walking

Visit any Canarian beach and you'll invariably see one or more locals walking back and forth along the length of the beach. For a less monotonous exercise experience, trek along Lanzarote's celebrated Papagayo beaches. Arguably Lanzarote's most breathtaking stretch of shoreline.

Begin your hike at Rubicon Marina's car park in Playa Blanca. By walking a total of 10.1km (6.3 miles), you'll reach Punta de Papagayo and back. Walking on mellow yellow sand overlooked by the imposing Los Ajaches mountains.

5.) Discover Lanzarote's valleysLanzarote valleys

Lanzarote boasts as many highs to match its lows. And its valleys are as green as anything you'd expect to see in Wales. Although there are rather more palm trees on show.

A case in point's at the Valle de Haría aka The Valley of a Thousand Palms. There's an abundance of tropical fauna here as traditionally two palms were planted for every boy born and one for every girl. For a dramatic starting point, come on down to the valley from the Teguise mountains.

6.) Make molehills out of mountainsLanzarote hiking

In May 1998, Bear Grylls became the youngest Briton to scale the heights of Mount Everest. 13 years later, he accepted a very different challenge. To transport chat show host Jonathan Ross from the comfort of his TV studio to the rather more rugged challenges offered by La Isla Bonita, La Palma.

Rather less taxing's the flatter island of Lanzarote which offers baby steps for budding mountaineers. Although, you are at risk of having your breath taking away. With the stunning landscapes which accompany you on more or less every trek on the island.

7.) For gravity's sakeLanzarote hiking

So, the ascents may be less dramatic on Lanzarote than on the likes of La Palma. However, what comes up must come down and all that. Which is where you find the ooh to match the aah with the narrow caminos reales, royal pathways, resembling a rollercoaster ride.

8.) Two's a crowdLanzarote hiking

Lanzarote, the fourth largest of the Canaries, is a small island. With small roads. You can hike next to them and be washed over with an enormous sense of solitude.

To get away from it all, head to La Graciosa from Orzola. Sure, the ferry can be full but after leaving the Lilliputian capital of Caleta de Sebo behind, you can easily then go Robinson Crusoe on this desert(ed) island. Feel shipwrecked without the lingering sensation of hopelessness.

9.) Lanzarote's out of this worldLanzarote trekking

If you wanted to learn what it was like to walk on the moon, Lanzarote's a great place to start. Its lunar landscape is best appreciated by foot. Where desolate scenery seemingly transports you from Planet Earth to Outer Space.

10.) You can wear a T-shirt 365Lanzarote hiking

Traditionally, the image of Lanzarote's one of all-year-round sunshine. Where resorts don't shut up shop during the winter. However, as well as offering a winter-sun break, Lanzarote has rebranded itself as an European Sports Destination.

It's an island top-level athletes visit for warm-weather training. So hit the track and field of Lanzarote's countryside to take advantage of the amazing climate. The Canaries aren't known as the Fortunate Islands for nothing.