How to tee off on a Lanzarote holiday

Lanzarote's known for its lunar landscape. But there are some green spaces, particularly the island's two golf courses. Introducing Costa Teguise Golf and Lanzarote Golf.

We'll give you full course descriptions shortly. But before we do that, let us explain what makes Lanzarote such an ideal golfing destination. We've four reasons for you.

1.) On Lanzarote, golf's a family affairCosta Teguise Golf

British golf clubs can be stuffy establishments. Invariably, there's a long waiting list and membership appears to be as much about keeping up with the Joneses as enjoying some sporting activity. The UK golf course also tends to be the preserve of the middle-aged, middle-class male.

Things are very different on Lanzarote. Golf's considered a young person's game. And just as you'll see more children in the restaurants on the island, you'll also find more kids on the golf courses over there.

2.) The viewsCosta Teguise Golf

The Canarian night sky's noted for the number of stars you can see, with La Palma home to the most important astronomical observatories. Scientists explain this stellar activity's the result of low levels of pollution across the island. These are evident during the day too with the clarity of the wild blue yonder creating some stunning vistas.

3.) The climateLanzarote Golf

The renowned Köppen climate classification ranks Lanzarote as one of its Group B dry (arid and semiarid) climates, The island's desert-like conditions guarantee an average annual temperature of 21°C (70°F). So golfers tend to favour shorts over tweed trousers.

4.) The peace and quietCosta Teguise Golf

Around 140,000 people live on an island spanning 845.9 square kilometres (327 square miles). That's roughly equivalent to the population of built-upon Basildon residing in a land space over 20 times bigger. So, a golf course is rarely crowded and is instead a great place to go and get away from it all.

Costa Teguise GolfCosta Teguise Golf

Costa Teguise Golf opened in 1978. Designed by British course architect John Harris, the course incorporates lava spilt from a now-dormant volcano, along with cacti and in excess of 3,500 palm trees. You couldn't ask for a more tropical setting.

As well as offering golf courses and rental of clubs, buggies, putting green, driving room and approach, Costa Teguise Golf's home to a pro shop. You'll also find a restaurant. Restaurante Getaria specializes in traditional Basque cuisine as well as more modern fusion cooking.

There are local rules to adhere to. For example, the unpaved paths are counted as part of the course. Also if the ball nestles amongst the lava stones, it can be dropped. 

Contact details: Avenida del Golf, s/n, 35509, Costa Teguise . (+34) 928 590 512. website.

Distance from airport: 13.5km (8.4 miles)

Distance from Arrecife: 7.9km (4.9 miles)

Distance from Puerto del Carmen: 20.7km (12.9 miles)

Green fees: 55-72€ 

Lanzarote GolfLanzarote Golf

Lanzarote Golf's a par-72 course dating back to 2008. Legendary US architect Ron Kirby sensitively designed the course to fit in with Lanzarote's unique landscape. The hills are natural and old stone walls have been preserved.

You can get your clubs repaired and even cleaned at Lanzarote Golf's clubhouse. There are also changing rooms and showers. Along with a bunker and green in front of the clubhouse to work on your short game.

Ranked 9th of 24 courses on the Canary Islands, Golf Boo users have commended the course for "the links set up with some major shot trajectory thinking needed." So, it's a testing course. So much so that said user played it twice in two days.

Contact details: Carretera del Puerto Carmen-Tías , s/n, 35510, Puerto del Carmen. (+34) 928 514 050. website.

Distance from airport: 8.8km (5.5 miles)

Distance from Arrecife: 13.7km (8.5 miles)

Distance from Puerto del Carmen: 3km (1.9 miles)

Green fees: 58-70€