Avoid a Rumbling Tummy in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with Churros y Chocolate

You shouldn't feel peckish for long in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, especially if you visit one of the city's churrerías. Our tip? That would be Calle Perojo's Churrería Montesol.

Calle Perojo's chocolate factory


Churreria Montesol

Calle Perojo's one of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria's prettiest streets. Its buildings painted in varying shades of pastel are a delight to take in. But it's at the scruffier, Bravo Murillo end where you'll find the Montesol. 

This churrería has been feeding churros lovers since opening in 1964. Enter through the four-metre high pair of doors on either Calle Perojo itself or round the corner on Calle Colmanares. It's popular all year round, but none more so than on New Years' Day where partygoers go for a quick hangover cure to recover from the night before.

Churros y chocolate: the classic Canarian combo

Churros y chocolate

Nobody's claiming churros hail from the Canary Islands. Although given that their birthplace is disputed between China, Portugal, and Spain, perhaps they should. They're almost certainly a peninsular import, and right up there with the tortilla española as one of the most popular ones.

But what is a churro? Essentially, it's a long, thick doughnut. You dip it in the accompanying cup of hot chocolate, which is never served at a temperature above lukewarm.

Party central

Churreria Montesol Regular and Staff


Although it might not look like it in this picture, the Churrería Montesol's a venue which families like to celebrate birthday parties at. Forget your burger joints, this is fast food Spanish style. And whilst you'd struggle to find a restaurant in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria where you can enjoy an English breakfast, the churrería's the place to go for an Iberian take on the Anglo-Saxon fry-up.

The staff are friendly and this is definitely not a tourist trap, especially as none of the waiters speak any language other than Spanish. So this is what you need to say, "Churras y chocolate para uno". Increase the number depending on how many there are of you, although you might well need to request a doggy bag to take any leftovers with you.

Messy time

Churros y chocolate y napkins

When Spanish people visit the UK, they complain about only being given one paper napkin. Eating for them involves getting messy. And a single napkin will just not do

As you can see, I've stuffed my cup with all the napkins I've used. The sugar went untouched with the chocolate sweet enough for all minus those with the sweetest of teeth. For a plate of five churros and a cup of chocolate, I paid a bargain 2,50 Euros.