Gluten Free Guide to Malaga

Malaga is a booming city on different levels! It’s a great city for culture lovers and sunseekers, but it also boasts an impressive gastronomic offer. For people with celiac disease, however, choice is very often strictly limited. Especially on holiday, it’s hard to find suitable spots to go and eat out without having to worry about contamination of foods and ache of all sorts afterwards. Malaga, however, is a very celiac friendly city with quite an extensive choice when it comes to gluten-free restaurants.

Málaga Sin Gluten
Malaga is a pioneering city in Spain as it was the first one to start its own Red Sin Gluten (Gluten-Free Network), a collaboration between ACEMA (Association of Celiacs of Malaga) and the municipality of Malaga.

In the framework of this collaboration, establishments are supervised and advised by ACEMA and Malaga's department of Health and Consumption on the matter of gluten-free cooking. On top of this, restaurant staff follow courses on how to prevent contamination and deal with the matter. Consequently, the establishments which are connected to the Red Sin Gluten are places where you can go and eat out safely.

To help celiacs decide where to go and eat in Malaga, we made a selection of our 10 favourite gluten-free spots, most of them members of the Red Sin Gluten. In these establishments you will be able to enjoy a careless meal during your holiday in Malaga.

1. Pizzeria & Ristorante Gianni (Huelin)

Pizzeria & Ristorante GianniThis Italian family-owned restaurant is situated very close to the beach, which makes it the perfect spot to grab a bite after a day of beach fun. The lively atmosphere on the terrace and the friendly service make it all the more a must visit for celiacs. To be able to cater for celiacs they installed separate workstands in the kitchen to prevent contamination of foods. On top of this, they happily respond to all questions you have about the matter.

On the menu, it is clearly indicated with asterisks which dishes also come in a gluten-free version, which is more than half of the menu! Celiacs can choose from different starters such as garlic bread, salads, soups, a wide range of pasta dishes, meat dishes and even every single pizza they have. The fresh pizza is delicious to say the least. Save some room for dessert and ask which gluten-free options they have at the moment. The gluten-free tiramisu is simply wonderful. At Gianni's you'll have a nice meal at reasonable prices.

Pizzeria & Ristorante Gianni Recommended gluten-free dishes: mozzarella garlic bread (€3), pizza Toscana (€9), pizza quattro stagioni (€8.50), spaghetti vongole (€8.95), pappardelle ai tartufi (€9), tiramisu (€4)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: Yes

Address: Calle Río Rocío, 10, local 4
How to get there: keep following the western direction of Malaga until you reach Parque de Huelin. Follow the cycle lane through the park, exit the park and keep following until you reach Calle Río Rocío on the right. In this street, the restaurant is a bit further on your left hand side.
Telephone: (+34) 952 31 26 18
Opening Hours: every day: 13:00h - 16:00h and 21:00h - 00:30h

2. Restaurante Oleaje (Parque del Oeste)

Restaurante OleajeNo separate kitchen or different workstands here as Oleaje is a 100% gluten-free restaurant in Malaga! Painted in a light blue, the name Oleaje literally translates to ‘surf’. A well chosen name as it’s just a stone’s throw away from the beach. On top of this, from the terrace you can enjoy a nice view of the picturesque Parque del Oeste where children are playing and the sun reflects off the water of the ponds. Overall, a very pleasant setting to enjoy fresh quality cuisine complemented by personal and welcoming service.

The menu offers a lot of variation at normal prices. To share you can choose from typical Spanish plates such as delicious croquetas de pollo (chicken croquettes), tasty flamenquin (deep fried pork loin with ham and cheese) and jamón ibérico (Spanish ham). Furthermore, they have three salads, a very tasty rice wok dish and a variety of fish dishes on offer (with salmon and tuna).

Meat lovers can indulge in this restaurant as you’ll find a nice selection of meat dishes on the menu, including entrecot and pork cheeks. Celiac sweet tooths will love dessert at Oleaje. Amongst others, you can choose to have a brownie, a nice, moist carrot cake with vanilla ice cream and a tarta de tres chocolates (chocolate cake with no less than three varieties of chocolate).

Restaurante Oleaje
Recommended gluten-free dishes: croquetas de pollo (€8), flamenquin (€8.50), salmon tartar with avocado (€15.50), basmati rice wok with veal (€9.50), carrot cake with vanilla ice cream (€5), tarta de tres chocolates (€5.50)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: No

Address: Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 76
How to get there: head to the west of Malaga, towards Parque del Oeste. Just before entering Parque del Oeste turn right into Calle Diamantino García Acosta. Keep going straight ahead until you see Restaurante Oleaje on a street corner on your right hand side.
Telephone: (+34) 951 49 97 56 / (+34) 696 62 71 82
Opening hours:
- Tuesdays to Saturdays: 13:30h - 16:00h and 20:30h - 00:00h
- Sundays: 13:30h - 16:00h
- closed on Mondays

3. Yummy Helados (Centre)

Yummy Helados It can be very hot in Malaga in summertime, so it’s good to know for celiacs where they can seek refuge and have a refreshing gluten-free ice cream. In that case, Yummy Helados is the place to go! You just can’t miss it as its original colourful design will surely catch your eye.

‘Which flavour does not contain gluten?’ is a simply superfluous question in this establishment as every single flavour is gluten-free! Yummy has a wide variety of flavours on offer such as oreo, delicious frutas del bosque (forest fruits) and kinder bueno. To make things even better, they also have cones and nutella pancakes, all without gluten. If you are planning on staying a bit longer in Malaga don’t forget to ask for a loyalty card as every tenth ice cream will be a free one!

Yummy Helados
Recommended flavours: mango, forest fruits, kinder bueno, oreo, Malaga sweet wine and many more/ medium ice cream on a cone: €3

Málaga Sin Gluten member: Yes

Address: Calle Molina Lario, 6
How to get there: when looking at the cathedral, turn left and keep following straight ahead. You will see Yummy on your left hand side.
Telephone: /
Opening hours: every day: 12:00h - 00:00h

4. Vegetariano Cañadú (La Merced)

Vegetariano CañadúVegetariano Cañadú is situated in Plaza de la Merced. It surely stands out between the other restaurants on this square with its lovely, stylish terrace. It’s a favourite amongst vegetarians thanks to its delightful cuisine, friendly service and reasonable prices. We recommend making a reservation, especially during the weekend.

No regular tapas here, but they do offer some small dishes to share. The gluten-free dishes are clearly indicated on the menu card with a gluten-free symbol and they keep all gluten-free products strictly separated from other products. Starters include Belgian endive with hummus and nice and freshly made patatas bravas (spicy potatoes). For those who want to have their daily portion of green vegetables they have several salads on offer, such as a tropical salad and a Greek salad.

Gluten-free main courses include risotto and a delicious vegetable hamburger with homemade french fries. For those who have some space left for dessert, Cañadú serves a chocolate brownie and a coconut custard cake amongst others. Winelovers can choose from a fair selection of natural wines free of additives. It's a great place to enjoy some music as well, as street artists regularly perform at Plaza de la Merced.

Vegetariano Cañadú
Recommended gluten-free dishes: patatas bravas (€4), Belgian endive with hummus (€4.50), Greek salad (€6.50), mushroom risotto with asparagus and parmesan cheese (€9.50), vegetable hamburger with homemade french fries (€8.30), chocolate brownie (€4.50), coconut custard cake (€3.30)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: yes

Address: Plaza de la Merced, 21
How to get there: when coming from the city centre, you can find Cañadú in the right hand corner of Plaza de la Merced
Telephone: (+34) 952 60 27 19
Opening hours:
- Mondays to Thursdays and Sundays: 13:15h - 16:15h and 19:30h - 23:30h
- Fridays and Saturdays: 13:15h - 16:15h and 19:30h - 00:00h

5. Casa Juan (Huelin)

Casa JuanFor a true authentic Malaga experience you should go to Casa Juan. This family-owned restaurant specialises in pescados and mariscos (fish and seafood, very often fried) as it shows on their outside display. It’s closely situated to the beach and often very crowded with a friendly service.

On the menu card you'll find an entire page with information about the gluten-free dishes they serve which clearly shows how seriously they take the matter. They even use different shapes of plates for dishes with and without gluten: round (with gluten) and square (without gluten).

At Casa Juan celiacs get to enjoy the pescaíto frito (fried fish) typical of Malaga and a wide variety of fresh fish just like a range of gluten-free desserts and even gluten-free beers! Prices are a bit higher than in other similar establishments, but the food and the service are one hundred percent worth it.

Casa Juan
Recommended gluten-free dishes: fried squid (€8), fried boquerones (€7.20), conchas finas (€1.85 a piece)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: Yes

Address: Calle Río Rocío, 18, local 11
How to get there: keep following the coastal road to the west until you reach Parque de Huelin. Follow the cycle lane through the park, exit the park and keep following until you see Calle Río Rocío at your right. The restaurant is on your left hand side.
Telephone: (+34) 952 32 52 11 / (+34) 639 13 57 61
Opening hours:
- Tuesdays to Sundays: 11:00h - 23:30h
- closed on Mondays

6. El Pastelero Real (Perchel Sur)

El Pastelero Real

El Pastelero Real is a little hidden gem for celiacs closely situated to the river. If you are a sweet tooth you are going to love this vintage place as it specialises in gluten-free and lactose-free pastry, cakes and breads. They do have products which contain gluten, but these are produced in another place. Moreover, they pay close attention and use gloves to make sure there is no contamination at all.

Service is very friendly and they happily respond to all your questions you have about their modestly priced products. It’s the perfect spot to get your cupcakes for afternoon tea on the sunny terrace of your holiday home in Malaga.

El Pastelero RealRecommended gluten-free products: chocolate cupcakes (2x€1.50), palmera (pastry biscuit with chocolate, €2), carrot cake (€2), chocolate brownie (€2.25), chocolate cookie (€1.50)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: Yes

Address: Pasaje San fernando, 6
How to get there: follow the Pasillo del Matadero next to the river. Turn right into Calle Cuarteles. Pasaje San Fernando is a small alley on your left hand side.
Telephone: (+34) 951 15 39 32
Opening hours:
- Mondays to Fridays: 9:30h - 14:30h and 16:30h - 20:30h
- Saturdays: 9:30h - 20:30h
- Sundays: 9:30h - 14:30h

7. Restaurante Gallego Candamil (Perchel Sur)

Restaurante Gallego Candamil

Another restaurant in Malaga celiacs can’t miss out on as they handle the matter of food contamination perfectly. This large Galician-themed restaurant is not really inviting from the outside as it looks a bit dark, but the flavour of the food and the friendly waiters will surely brighten up your visit.

Nearly the whole menu of Gallego Candamil is suitable for celiacs! Gluten-free dishes are indicated with asterisks and in the menu card you will find several pages on which everything has clear symbols. You can choose from several combined menus and platos del día (day menu) which include meat as well as fish and a rather large selection of wines.

As Galicia is famous for its fish and seafood, you can find some specialties of this Spanish region here such as pulpo a feira (Galician style squid), mussels, hake and cod amongst others. Candamil, however, also has some meat specialties to offer such as lacón con grelos o col (meat of a pig leg, turnip leaves or cabbage, sausage and potatoes). Other meats on offer are, for example, sirloin steak and oxtail. Fairly priced, it’s a great spot to go and eat with a large group of people thanks to the large premises.

Recommended gluten-free dishes: pulpo a feira (€15.65), mussels (€7.95), lacón con grelos o col (€13.15), veal sirloin steak (€17.55), Galician style cod (€13.75)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: Yes

Address: Calle Cuarteles, 15
How to get there: starting at the Contemporary Art Centre cross the river and go into Calle Cuarteles. Gallego Candamil is situated on your left hand side.
E-mail: /
Telephone: (+34) 952 32 39 07
Opening hours:
- Mondays to Saturdays: 13:00h - 16:00h and 20:30h - 23:30h
- Sundays: closed / August: closed

8. Astrid Tapería Orgánica (Centre)

Taperia Astrid

Astrid, as most people say, is a lovely ecological place in the centre of Malaga. It’s artistically decorated with a nice view of the kitchen where the healthy and organic food is prepared. It’s the perfect spot to have lunch and enjoy the sun on the outdoor terrace.

Celiacs can choose from a clearly indicated decent amount of dishes which are gluten-free or have a gluten-free option available at decent prices. The plates are not very large, but the natural flavours make up for it. When it’s hot you can try the cold gazpacho soup made of products from a local orchard. There are different gluten-free salads to choose from such as the delicious and healthy quinoa salad.

If you fancy a hamburger, you can have a beetroot hamburger or an eco veal hamburger. Both come without bread, but are evenly delicious. Fish lovers have several tasty options to choose from, including bass, cod and salmon. There are two dessert options for celiacs at Astrid: mango panna cotta and almond cake.

Taperia Astrid
Recommended gluten-free dishes: gazpacho (€6.25), quinoa salad (€7.50), grilled eggplants (€6.95), eco veal hamburger (€8.50), grilled salmon (€7.75), mango panna cotta (€4.85)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: Yes

Address: Calle Calderón de la Barca 6, local 2 and 3
How to get there: the restaurant is situated next to Plaza Enrique García Herrera where you will see a playground for children. Astrid Tapería Orgánica is situated on the right hand side of the playground on the street corner with Calle Ferran Gonzalez.
Telephone: (+34) 952 22 03 50
Opening hours:
- In summer (21st of June until the 29th of October): Mondays to Saturdays 13:00h - 16:00h and 20:00h - 00:00h / closed on Sundays
- In winter (1st of November until the 20th of June): Mondays to Saturdays 13:00h - 23:30h / Sundays: 10:00h - 16:00h

9. El Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla (Centre)

El Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla is an interestingly decorated vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Malaga, close to the Alcazaba. They have a cosy little terrace where you can immerse yourself in the lively evening atmosphere.

El Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla
It does not have a gluten-free selection as large as some of the other restaurants on this list, but the quality, the prices and the beautiful setting make this a must visit for celiacs. They have some smaller gluten-free dishes which are clearly pointed out on the menu, such as grilled mushrooms with smoked salt, hummus, vegetarian paella and several vegetable creams.

Be sure to try the gluten-free mixed plate with rice and three different garnishes. If you want a salad with that, you have four options to choose from, including the ensalada Alcazabilla (lettuce salad, courgette, tomatoes, onion and guacamole). For dessert, celiacs can have delicious kefir, a yogurt type of drink which originates from the Caucasus Mountains. You can also always check whether the menu del día (day menu which includes a starter, main course, salad and dessert) includes the gluten-free options!

Recommended gluten free dishes: hummus (€4.50), vegetarian paella (€3.50), gluten-free mixed plate, ensalada Alcazabilla (€8.50)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: Yes

Address: Calle Pozo del Rey, 5
How to get there: pass the Alcazaba and turn right after the Cine Albéniz. The Vegetariano de La Alcazabilla is on your left hand side.
E-mail: /
Telephone: (+34) 952 21 48 58
Opening hours:
- Mondays to Thursdays: 13.00h - 16:00h and 19:00h - 22:00h
- Fridays and Saturdays: 19:00h - 23.30h
- Sundays: 13:00h - 16:00h

10. Aire Gastrobar (Malagueta)

Aire Gastrobar

Situated in an early twentieth century building close to Plaza de Toros, Aire Gastrobar is a distinguished restaurant with a modern interior design. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a contemporary style Mediterranean cuisine using Andalusian products, in an amiable and welcoming atmosphere. With a gastrobar for tapas, a terrace and a first floor you will surely find the perfect spot to enjoy a high quality gluten-free meal.

Celiacs can choose from a rather large selection of varied dishes indicated with asterisks such as Angus sirloin with potatoes, cod with green quinoa risotto or two-salmon tartare and Axarquia avocado which is served with crispy gluten-free crackers. The small gluten-free bun you get before dinner is accompanied by a lovely olive oil originating from Jaén, which is on sale in small metal bottles for €7.

Meat lovers as well as fish lovers can indulge in Aire Gastrobar enjoying a delicate selection of wines. There are two dessert options for celiacs: a refreshing natural mojito sorbet and a banana stew with chocolate ice cream, combining hot and cold. Portions are not huge, but Aire Gastrobar is a great spot to have a delicious refined gluten-free dinner in a stylish setting.

Aire GastrobarRecommended gluten-free dishes: two-salmon tartare (€12), plate of Andalusian cheeses (€14), cod with green quinoa risotto (€18), banana stew with chocolate ice cream (€6)

Málaga Sin Gluten member: Yes

Address: Avenida de Pries, 16
How to get there: Starting at Plaza de Toros, go straight ahead following Paseo de Reding which becomes Avenida de Pries. Aire Gastrobar is on your right hand side.
Telephone: (+34) 952 60 94 89
Opening hours:
- In winter: Tuesdays to Saturdays: 13:00h - 16:30h and 20:00h - 00:00h / Sundays: 13:00h - 16:30h / closed on Mondays
- In summer: Mondays: 20:00h - 00:00h / Tuesdays to Saturdays: 13:00h - 16:30h and 20:00h - 00:00h / closed on Sundays and Mondays during the day

All dishes mentioned in this article are gluten-free. Although these restaurants claim to offer 100% gluten-free dishes, Spain-Holiday cannot be held responsible for any issues or contaminations of food in these restaurants.