Malaga's Best Chiringuitos and Beachfront Restaurants

There are many things that are special about Malaga.

The big skies, the guaranteed 300 days of sunshine a year, the warmth and beauty of its people, the Biznagas, Malaga's beaches and the food. Malaga is a city of food and drink. 

It's home to some of Andalusia's best Chiringuitos. The beachfront bars and restaurants, that specialise in tapas, salads and above all Lots of fish. 


Skewers of freshly caught and salted Mediterranean sardines, huge Spanish tomatoes splashed with olive oil and garlic, fresh salad hearts with fried garlic, anchovies, lightly fried slices of aubergine dunked in local honey. There's meat available, but it’s fish and seafood tapas, hot and cold, that these places are renowned for. The menu is basically a list of things caught in the sea. 

For the best Chiringuitos, head just east of the city towards a strip of beaches and to one of Malaga's oldest fishing neighbourhoods, Pedregalejo. The seafront is a long row of restaurants, with a paseo Maritimo that runs from El Palo to Baños de Carmen. 

On the sand just in-front of the chiringuitos are boats full of stones, with olive wood slowing burning on top. This is the traditional way of grilling fish. 

Here's a selection of some of our favourite chiringuitos. 

Andrés Maricuchi


Maricuchi is one of the most popular and with good reason. Situated right on the beach in Pedregalejo, you couldn't hope for a better spot. 

If looking for a quiet, relaxing meal, this is not the place for you. A popular spot with locals. Expect noise. Lots of it. But it's reasonably priced and authentic.  

Price per person: 20€


Paseo Marítimo del Pedregal, 14
29017 Málaga 
Reservations: +34 952 20 06 12

El Caleño

Chirnguito El Caleño

Rafael and Loli have been running this restaurant since 1987. Like Maricuchi, El Caleño is situated in Pedregalejo on the Paseo Maritimo. A very popular restaurant with locals, which is always a good sign. 

Price per person: 30€ 


Calle Cenacheros 16
29019 - Málaga
Reservations +34 952 29 91 48

Hermanos Muñoz

Hmno. Muñoz Chiringuito

They don't come much more authentic than Hermanos Muñoz. Cheap and good. Bernardo has been frying sardines for decades and knows how to fry them to perfection.

All the fish dishes are good. The "calamares a la caña" are highly recommended. Gets busy on weekends. 

Price per person: 15€ 


Paseo Marítimo
El Pedregal, 98 (El Pedregal),
29017 Málaga
Reservations: +34 952 20 32 86

El Lirio

Chiringuito El Lirio

Good quality fish at reasonable prices. Aside from all the usual fish dishes, El Lirio also offers some great gazpacho, fish soups and their flagship dish the "arroz caldoso con boquerones." Rice with anchovies is simply amazing. 

Menus for as little as 12€.

Price per person: 15€

Paseo Marítimo 11,
29017 Málaga
Reservations: +34  952 29 00 22

El Cabra

Chiringuito El Cabra

El Cabra is one of the most famous chiringuitos in Malaga. Situated right in the heart of Pedregalejo, the restaurant is popular with locals and tourists alike. 

Price per person: 15€

Paseo Marítimo El Pedregal 17, 
29017 Málaga
Reservations: +34 952 29 15 95

El Tintero II

EL Tintero II

Tintero is so much more than a restaurant. It's become an institution. The atmosphere is unique and not something that's forgotten quickly. You never need to utter a word in Tintero. The waiters wander around with huge plates of fish and salads, all you need do is point. At the end of the meal you are charged by the plate (6€). 

Price per person: 15€. All dishes are 6€

Playa del Dedo, s/n, 
29018 Málaga
Reservations:+34 952 20 68 26 

 Hermanos Gutiérrez


The Gutiérrez family have been living off the sea for generations. Some of the family are still fishing, others are running their three fish stalls in the local markets and the remaining ones working in the brilliant Hermanos Gutiérrez chiringuito

The quality is exceptional. Prices are reasonable. And the restaurant is only really known to locals. Tourists still haven't discovered this gem of a restaurant. Yet. 

Price per person: 35€


Paseo Marítimo Antonio Banderas, nº 6.
29004 - Málaga
Reservations: +34 952 11 89 08

Pimpi Florida 

Pimpi Florida

Pimpi Florida is small, crowded and uncomfortable. 

It's also home to some of the best fish dishes on the coast. They doesn't come much more authentic than this. Only open for 5 hours a day and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Expect to stand, to shout and plenty of noise.

This is where you'll see Malagueños do what they do best, eat, drink and enjoy themselves. 

Price per person: 15€ 

Carretera de Almería 13,
29018 Málaga
Reservations: +34 952 29 26 25

Typical dishes from El Caleño and El Lirio

El CaleñoPescado El Lirio
Fish and cockels Chiringuito El lirioFritura
Prawns Chiringuito El CaleñoPipirrana El Caleño

Spanish - English Fish Glossary 

Almeja - White clam

Anguila / Angula - Eel   

Arenque - Herring

Atún - Tuna   

Besugo - Bream   

Bacalao - Codfish   

Berberechos - Cockle

Boquerones - Anchovies, deep-fried or marinated  

Buey de mar - Edible crab, brown crab

Caballa - Mackerel   

Calamar - Squid, often served fried in rings

Calamaritos - Baby squid, served fried whole  

Cangrejo del río - Freshwater crayfish   

Cangrejo - Crab   

Caracolas búsanos - Sea snails

Cazón - Shark

Centolla - King crab, spider crab

Chipirones en su tinta  - Small squid served in their ink

Chirla - Clam

Chopitos - Another name for baby squid, served fried whole

Cigala - Lobster   

Coquinas - Clams

Conchas Finas - Smooth clam

Doradas - Bream

Fletán - Atlantic halibut   

Gambas - Prawns  

Gallo - Sole

Langostinos - Jumbo shrimp, tiger shrimp

Trucha - Trout

Trucha arco iris - Rainbow trout

Langosta - Lobster   

Lapa - Limpet mollusk

Lenguado - Common sole

Lubina - Sea bass  

Mariscos - Shellfish

Mejillónes - Mussels

Merluza - Hake   

Mero - Halibut 

Navajas - Razor clam

Necoras - Velvet crab

Ostras - Oysters   

Percebes - Goose barnacles, gooseneck barnacles

Pescado - Fish

Pez Espada - Swordfish

Pulpo - Octopus

Rape - Monkfish

Rodaballo - Turbot

Rosada Nacional - Spanish hake, also known as 'Nacional'

Salmón - Salmon 

Sardinas - Sardines

Santiaguiños - Slipper lobster

Sepia - Cuttlefish  

Vieira - Scallop

Zamburiña - Another type of scallop