The world's largest cruise ship is in Malaga - Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas, the world's largest cruise ship has docked in Malaga's port this morning.  

It is only in Malaga for the day and leaves for Barcelona later on this evening. Although, the ship is due to return to Malaga on the 25th September. 

Oasis of the Seas, Malaga

Malaga's port is the first stop in Europe for the Oasis of the Seas and is providing a massive injection into the local economy. An estimated 800,000€ for the two moorings. 

It is carrying a total of 6300 passengers and 2400 crew. Malaga's customs officials have been exceptionally busy this morning with the arrival of another large cruise ship, the Marina, from Ocean Cruises which is carrying an additional 1260 passengers. 

An estimated 11,000 passengers have disembarked on Malaga's sunny shores today. You can fully understand why Malagueños are proud of their new port. 

Video of Malaga's port


The cruise liner, part of the Royal Caribbean Fleet, is a staggering 360 metres long, with 16 decks and weighs 100,000 tons. 

The Oasis of the Seas is home to the deepest on board swimming pool and four others, a 3D cinema, an ice skating ring, spas, shops, gyms, a casino, a miniature golf course, multiple night clubs,theme parks and nurseries for children and a 'Central park' with over 12,000 natural plants and 56 trees. 

The park is the first of its kind and features the Rising Tide bar which can be raised or lowered between three decks.You can enjoy all of this and more from one of the luxury suites that are over 150m2 in size!