7 Things to enjoy on your holiday in Roses

The great variety of paradisiacal beaches and coves, along with the rich heritage of the Alto Ampurdán, make the town of Roses and its surroundings the perfect destination to combine sun and beach with interesting cultural visits.
Are you looking for the best things to do? Get the most out of your stay in Roses and check the list of places and activities below!
Cala Canyelles in el Cabo de Creus

1. Enjoy lively beaches and hidden coves

The greatest attraction of Roses is undoubtedly the high number and quality of the beaches and coves of the Costa Brava this town is surrounded by. From huge sandy beaches to hidden beauties, you will find all kinds of beaches with lovely turquoise water where you can relax and enjoy your sunny holiday. 
If you wish to lose yourself in the solitude of nature, head for the wonderful stretch of cliffs that separate Roses from the town of Cadaqués along the coastline of the Cabo de Creus Natural Park. Along these varied rocky formations you will discover stunning coves with no crowds, as they are more remote and not so easy to get to. Surrounded by nature only, you will feel relaxed while enjoying the bright sunshine and delightfully refreshing water.
Playa Palangres in Roses
If you prefer to have all beach facilities or stay close to the centre, just head for the 1800 metres long beach of Roses or the 550 metres long Punta beach with clear and shallow waters.
If you fancy a picnic on the beach, we recommend the beautiful Palangres beach, less than 1 km from Roses and with benches and tables right next to the sand.
Cala el Canadell

If you are fond of water sports, Roses will offer you choices between kayaking, kitesurfing and sailing. The marine diversity and crystalline waters also attract thousands of divers and snorkelers.

2. Take a tour in the fortress of Roses

The most famous and visited monument in Roses is undoubtedly the massive La Ciudadela, a pentagonal military fortress, inside which archaeological sites of Greek, Roman and Visigothic settlements have been found.
Ciudadela de Roses
La Ciudadela dates back to the 11th century, when a wall was built to protect the monastery of Santa María de Roses. King Carlos I decided to extend its construction, in order to protect Roses against possible pirate attacks. Today we can see what is left of this defense. 
Espai Cultural La Ciutadella offers guided tours along the walls and facilities, which show the evolution and importance of the Citadel.
Opening times in summer: June to September from 10am to 8pm; July to August from 10am to 9pm.
Opening times in winter: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

3. Go for a walk along the beach promenade

One of the best attractions of the town of Roses is its extensive promenade, full of restaurants and sculptures. It is the perfect place to go for a walk, especially at sunset, when you can enjoy the pleasant drop in temperatures and a lovely sea breeze.
Promenade in Roses

Along the promenade you will come accross the two ports of Roses - one is a fishing port and the other has yachts. Apart from the wonderful views over the Mediterranean Sea, you will also see a series of sculptures and monuments such as two 18th century naval artillery guns and a Roman anchor. All these things are there for you to enjoy if you book a comfortable holiday home in Roses

4. Visit Trinidad Castle

Trinidad Castle is a Renaissance fortification built in the sixteenth century, on top of an old hermitage at the Poncella tip, right at the entrance of the Bay of Roses.

The entire castle is worth a visit, as each room gives you information about the role it fulfilled at the time. One of the rooms also offers an exhibition of old photographs of Roses and the Costa Brava. The best about this visit though are the views of the entire bay you will be able to enjoy for most of the tour. A visit at sunset is therefore highly recommended.

Trinidad Castle, Roses
Trinidad Castle was almost entirely destroyed during the War of Independence, as the Spanish troops did not want the French to get hold of the fort. As a result, the castle was in a terrible state of conservation until the process of renovation began in 2002 - not without controversy, as little of the original design has been respected. 
Summer (from June to September): Monday to Sunday from 17h to 22h.
Winter (from October to May): Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm and Sundays and holidays from 10am to 2pm.

5. Admire the megalithic complex in Roses

Another cultural visit brings us to the Cap de Creus mountains that surround the town of Roses, where a megalithic complex has been declared Bien Cultural de Interés Nacional. It is a special place, in direct contact with nature.

Dolmens - Megalithical complex of Roses

The complex is made up of several dolmens and menhirs from the Upper Paleolithic and Neolithic period. Although they were documented in 1912, they have not yet been fully discovered. Perhaps you will be the one to unveil more, so take a good look around! 

The dolmen of the Creu d'en Cobertella is considered one of the best in Catalonia due to its dimensions: it is formed by seven vertical stone blocks covered by a horizontal stone of eighteen tons. How on earth were they able to build these monuments 5,000 years ago ?

6. Head for the Natural Parks: Cabo de Creus and Marismas del Ampurdán

Two of the main natural parks of Catalonia can be found around Roses: Aiguamolls del Empordà (Marismas del Ampurdán) and the Cabo de Creus park.
- The first, Marismas, houses thousands of migratory species and offers visitors several hiking routes indicated by information signs.
Cap de Creus

- The Cabo de Creus Natural Park is spectacular with its little islets and peaceful, picturesque coves with their marine diversity. It is without a doubt one of the top excursions in Roses.

7. Enjoy music and wine during the Festival Sons del Mon

The Citadel of Roses hosts a series of concerts that are part of the famous Festival Sons del Mon every summer. This festival takes place in different places on the Costa Brava and combines musical performances with wine events promoting the local Empordà wine labelled for its quality with a 'Denominación de Origen'.
Even if you're not there during the festival, these wines are worth tasting. Also, did you know you can enjoy the fantastic gastronomy of the region in one of the Michelin-star restaurants on the Costa Brava?
Festival Sons del Mon, Roses
Both well-known national and international artists perform at the festival, so its program offers a wide variety of styles, from flamenco to Catalan rock music or folk. At the same time, you can enjoy wine tastings of the best wineries of the DO Empordà. This wine also plays a central role in the many wine activities during the Festival del Vino Vivid on the Costa Brava, in April. Read more about this in our Top food festivals in Spain
Roses is, in short, a holiday destination with something for everyone. Thanks to its unique location at one side of a small mountain and just a step away from the sea, it is the perfect base from where to explore more of the Costa Brava.
In the immediate surroundings of Roses you can enjoy the best beaches and coves of the coast of Girona, as well as an impressive historical and cultural heritage. Ready for a special summer?