Spanish Recipe: How to make Tortillitas de Camarones

This tapas dish originates from the shores of Spain´s oldest city - beautiful Cádiz - and offers classic flavours of southern Spain.  

No tortillitas de camarones are quite as crispy and tasty as those served at Casa Balbino in Sanlucar de la Barrameda or at Venta de Vargas in San Fernando, Cádiz. Delicious!

With our video recipe, we show you the basics of how to prepare this dish, so you can experience the flavours of Andalusia both on holiday and also in your very own kitchen! 

Difficulty: Medium

Cooking Time: 50 minutes  


- 1 cup of baby prawns

- 3/4 cup of wheat flour

- 1/4 cup of chickpea flour

- 1 1/2 cup of water or fish stock

- 1/2 tsp salt

- 1 spring onion

- Fresh parsley

- Extra virgin olive oil


- In a 250ml glass, fill 3/4 with wheat flour and the remaining 1/4 with chickpea flour.

- Pour the flour into a medium-sized bowl. 

- Finely chop the spring onion and add to the bowl.

- Chop the parsley and add one tablespoon to the mixture.

- Finally, add the baby prawns, salt and fish stock or water.

- Mix well, until of a liquid consistency. 

- Take a pan and fill it with extra virgin olive oil.

- When the oil is hot, add one tablespoon of the mixture.

- Cook on one side until golden and then flip. 

About the Tortillitas de Camarones

The origin of this delicacy dates back to the sixteenth or seventeenth century. There are different theories about it´s exact location but the general belief is that it originates from either La Bahía de Cádiz or San Fernando. 

No one knows exactly, but what we do know is that thanks to the valuable contribution of Juan Vargas and his daughter Maria Picardo of Venta de Vargas, tortillitas de camarones are a classic of Cádiz cuisine.

The particular changes in this recipe make much thinner, lighter tortillitas. Simply adjust the ratio of flours or substitute the water or fish stock for sparkling water to achieve that classic light, crunchiness that is typical of this dish. 

Casa Balbino has also contributed to the popularity of this dish, many people line up to taste one of the best tortillitas in Cádiz, often serving more than 1000 little tortillitas in one day. Curiously, Casa Balbino only use wheat flour, omitting the chickpea flour and adding a little garlic. 

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