San Sebastián from the sea by boat or kayak

San Sebastián is a beautiful place and this is in large part thanks to the city's incredible beach coves. Take advantage of the warm weather and discover the calm waters by boat or kayak.

Concha Bay, overlooking Santa Clara island

You can enjoy San Sebastián, the lovely bay and seaside resorts from the sea! You can also visit the island of Santa Clara that sits in the middle of Concha Bay. You can get to the island by swimming, taking the shuttle boat, or by kayak or paddleboard. No matter which way you choose, exploring the city from the sea is a great activity to do on your holiday in San Sebastian!

If kayaking or paddle boarding is your thing, read on in Part 1 to find out how you can explore the entire Concha Bay this way. If you would rather relax on board a boat, then the ferry is for you. See Part 2 for more information on a boat tour around the coastal city of San Sebastián.

Part 1: Explore Concha Bay and the island by kayak or paddleboard

Beach island of Santa Clara, San Sebastián

For sporty types, exploring the bay by kayak is a top choice. You don't have to be experienced because the water in Concha Bay is sheltered from waves. The advantage of taking a kayak is that you can moor it at Santa Clara Island to enjoy the small beach and the waters at your own pace.

Where can you rent the kayaks?

The beach of Santa Clara island, overlooking the Concha (left), Pico de Loro and the Ondarreta beach (right)

In the summer, kayaks can be rented on Ondarreta beach, near Pico de Loro, the beautiful landmark mirador at Palacio de Miramar. From there you can kayak to the island in less than 15 minutes. The company that rents the kayaks is called aloKAYAK (+34 646 112 747, 

Prices and hours:

Prices start from 6.50 for a single kayak for half an hour or 18 for two hours. A double kayak can be rented for 10.50 for half an hour or 25 for two hours. Three-person kayaks are also available; these are great for a parent who wants to accompany two children for example. 

Paddle Boarding, Concha Bay, San Sebastián

A paddleboard can be rented for the same price as an individual kayak. This can be difficult if the water isn't completely calm, but it is a great experience. Click here for a complete list of rates.

Kayaks or paddleboards can be rented during the following periods:

June-September: Monday-Friday from 12:00 to 19:30. Weekends and holidays from 11:00 to 19:30.

July and August: Daily from 10:00-20:00.

Although experience is not required, aloKAYAK also offers a guided tour along the most emblematic spots of the bay including the port and the Peine del Viento sculptures. The tour takes about one and a half hours and requires a minimum of four persons. Children should be over six years old. The price per person is 25 for adults and 15 for children under the age of 10.  

Part 2: A tour of the bay by boat

There is no doubt that the beautiful bays of San Sebastián look great from aboard a boat. As you sail by other boats, yachts and kayaks, you will be able to admire the city and its wonderful natural surroundings from the sea.

Boat tour, San Sebastián

The boat trips along the entire coast of San Sebastián are organized by a private company called Catamarán Ciudad San Sebastián. Look out for the white two-story boats. 

Where can you take the boat?

Boat tour San Sebastián, port arrival

The tour starts at the port. The counter and departure point (Paseo del Muelle 14) is nearby many seafood restaurants that are by the Urgull mountain. If you're hungry after the boat trip, these restaurants are the perfect spot to have lunch or dinner. (Making a reservation is definitely recommended on weekends.)

Where does the tour take you?

Boat tour San Sebastián

With this tour you cannot go to the island, but you do have a beautiful view of San Sebastián city and the entire coastline.

The trip takes you around Urgull Mountain, along the Urumea River and the Kursaal building, to the Zurriola surfers beach and Ulía Mountain. Next, the boat passes along the island near Peine del Viento, and finally turns past Concha beach back to the port. The tour may also be taken in the opposite direction depending on the tide. To get close to the Peine del Viento sculptures there needs to be high tide. You can inquire in advance at the ticket office about the best times to go on the boat tour.

As the boat sails deeper into the sea, the waves rock it up and down on the gently. Keep this in mind and perhaps plan on eating after your boat ride!

Prices and hours:

Boat tour San Sebastián

The tour lasts approximately 40 minutes and covers about eight kilometres on the water. There is a bar on board with drinks at 1.50 and 2.00 for those who are thirsty en route.

The tour price for adults is €10.00 and €5.50 for children 3 to 10 years old.  

The boat departs at 12:00, 13:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00. In the summer there is an additional departure time at 14.00. You can buy your ticket earlier in the day at the counter or contact the company in advance by phone (contact information below). In the winter months there are usually no tours available, except for groups that make special requests.  

Harbor boat tour desk, San Sebastián

Other boat tours are also available from San Sebastián to Hondarribia, San Pedro/San Juan and Guetaria.

For more information or to make a reservation, Catamarán Ciudad San Sebastián is reached by telephone at +34 943 287 932 or +34 607 201 155.