Cascadas del Huéznar - the Huéznar waterfalls

The Hueznar waterfalls

Hueznar waterfalls

The Cascades del Huéznar – the Hueznar waterfalls were declared a Monument of Natural interest in 2001. Not unlike their cousin in neighbouring Granada, the Junta de los Rios, the waterfalls are easily overlooked and definitely not on the usual tourist route. 

They are still only really known to locals and Sevillanos who escape the summer heat and head down the Sierra Norte for respite. The series of small waterfalls, "Las Chorreras" and have been formed over peculiar 30,000-year-old limestone formations that are known as "travertines." 

You couldn't hope for a more idyllic setting with crystal clear waters, abundant vegetation and all within one of the most carefully protected areas of the Sierra Norte Natural Park.

Where are they?

The waterfalls are situated approximately 2kms from the village of San Nicolas del Puerto. Google map

Keep your eyes open for a sign to the “área recreativa El Martinete.” There’s a restaurant with parking. You can also drive on a bit and just round the corner you have more parking with a separate entrance. 

Waterfalls Hueznar river in Seville

Visiting the waterfalls themselves is very straightforward. There is a set walk with stairs that goes up and down the mountain. To get closer to the individual waterfalls, there are little paths that lead off through the undergrowth. Some of these are a little tricky to follow and not cleared or maintained. If it looks like too much of a struggle, just double back and try another.  

Swimming is permitted in all of them. The water is very cold and you need to use a little common sense - currents and some of the pools are deceivingly deep. Be especially careful if with children. But its most definitely another place to add to the best river pools in Andalucia for families list. 

The largest waterfall is at the very top. It is not that easy to find and slightly off the path a bit. Keep your eyes open for a large abandoned farmhouse, which was used to generate hydro electricity. On closer inspection you can find a series of fascinating irrigation channels across its walls and throughout its grounds. Many people stop here for picnics or to play in the river. 

To get to the bigger waterfall, cross over the river and you can either walk down a path that cuts through someone’s private land (it’s labelled as such, but everyone seems to do it and is well marked) or keep walking upwards towards the village, and you’ll pass over the top of the waterfall. Watch your footing, there is quite a drop. You can follow this path down to the bottom. 

Video of the Cascadas del Huéznar

Things to do

  • Picnic and spend the day in nature
  • Swim in the river and the waterfalls
  • Hiking and cycling around the area. One of Andalucia’s most beautiful Via Verdes, the Via Verde de la Sierra Norte runs parallel to the river and offers some fantastic hiking and cycling. 
  • A visit to the village of San Nicolas del Puerto is also recommended. Home to the source of the Hueznar river and a very popular ‘beach’ area. A huge natural open air swimming pool has been created right in the centre of the village by damming the river.
  • Visiting the Cerro del Hiero