Five Sports You Should Check Out on Your Spanish Holiday

Sport is perhaps the favourite pastime of your average Spaniard. Whether it be playing or spectating. Here are some sporting events you should try and squeeze in on your Spanish holiday.


Football, Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

Argentinians used to say that football may have been born in England, but it was made in Argentina. As current European and World Champions, the Spanish national team might have something to say about that. They're already one of the favourites to win the 2014 World Cup, to be played in Brazil.

Your holiday is unlikely to coincide with one of La Roja's all-too-infrequent home games. Yet the alternative is not too shabby. As the Primera Liga features some of the world's best players, the likes of Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Barça's Leo Messi.



In terms of international teams, Spain are second only to the USA at the sport more colloquially known as basket. Indeed, they earned a silver medal at 2012's London Olympics, losing 107-100 to the USA. And, regarding domestic competitions, Spain's Liga ACB only plays second fiddle to the North American NBA. 

Both Real Madrid and Barcelona field teams which usually dominate the ACB as their football counteparts do the Primera Liga. As with futbol, tickets can be hard to come by for the bigger games. But if you apply for these in advance, you stand a better chance of catching some squeaky court action.



Handball's an offence in futbol, where it's more commonly referred to as the shortened mano, but is a popular sport in its own right. The top Spanish teams compete in the Liga ASOBAL. Clubs can also qualify to play in the EHF Champions League.

In addition, there's a domestic cup competition each year, called the Copa del Rey. Not to be confused with the more famous football one. The champions of the Liga ASOBAL play the winners of the Copa del Rey in the Supercopa ASOBAL (Super Cup).

Formula 1

Formula 1

The Spanish Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious events on the F1 calender. As of 2013, it'll alternate every year between Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya and the Valencia Street Circuit in Valencia. 2013 was also the year that the race celebrated its centenary.



The Spanish love to get on their bikes, literally, with cycling one of the most popular sports featuring clubs across the country. La Vuelta Ciclista a España is Spain's answer to the Tour de France. Held every year in September, it's a 3-week tour with over 20 stages and 3,100 km of gruelling tarmac for cyclists to navigate.