Our Sister Companies

On the 1st of April 2019, Spain-Holiday.com changed ownership. Claus Sorensen will be sharing ownership with Jan Dal Lehrmann, Kenneth Andersen and Jannich Friis Petersen. The new co-owners have experience in digital business, unique know-how and a strategic vision which will strengthen the activity of Spain-Holiday.com in the Spanish holiday rental industry. 

For the founder and former sole owner, Claus Sorensen, this is a step “that will strengthen Spain-Holiday.com’s ability to set a strategy for strong performance in the coming years. With the incorporation of Jan, Kenneth and Jannich to the company we will be able to strengthen our brand value and attribution in Spain and we will have the opportunity to develop a more ambitious expansion plan”.

The new owners share the same objectives of achieving the long term goals planned for Spain-Holiday.com and each of them provides important professional value to the management of the company to achieve this.  


Heymate is a sister company of Spain-Holiday.com and is based in Aarhus, Denmark. It has a 25% share in Spain Holiday Online Rental S.L. Heymate is a small team with extensive experience in the online industry and their mission is to make a difference in the digital world. With their portfolio consisting of more than 46 websites, Heymate has more than 1.4 million Danes who visit one of their many sites or apps each month and they generate more than 20 million page views. They are passionate about creating the best solutions for their users and customers. 

Spain-Holiday.com is also involved with both full and part ownership with the following companies:


BilHandel is the place to buy or sell your car, car parts and equipment. By using BilHandel’s app you are able to do this quickly. Search for cars in your local area or search for specialised parts across the country - it's up to you. BilHandel ensures that your ad gets the most exposure. Your ad will reach over 500,000 car-happy Danes and not only will it appear on Bilhandel but also on other sites such as AutoUncle and BilGalleri - the best part is that you only have to create your ad once.

When you want to buy something, the company will give you a detailed overview and help you to trade safely - and of course, it's free.


Tjekbil is a company where you are able to check license plate information in the blink of an eye. The site was created because the owners felt a little lost in business situations when they bought their used cars. They have made it as easy as possible with one unified site where you can access all the information and have a complete license plate check in one place.

With the license plate information and registration number you also get access to previous reports and can see if the car has had any issues. The reports also allow you to check if the car's mileage is credible. Get access to a roadworthiness certificate. They will guide you through the entire process from the moment you see a car you are interested in until you sign the final paperwork and make the payment.


Nembilhandel is based in Denmark and has approximately 140,000 cars. Nembilhandel provides a 100% free service tool that helps you safely through every step of a private car dealership.

Their mission is to make it easier and much safer to trade between two private cars. With NEMbilhandel, it is now much easier and much safer to buy a car privately.

NEMbilhandel is a major help for both buyers and sellers.

For car buyers, NEMbilhandel works alongside TjekBil and in one click you can find out everything about the car. On this website are the main points about whether there is residual debt, mileage fraud has been made or whether the car has been reported stolen.

For a car seller, the main advantages are that it is now somewhat easier to sell your car and to get the desired price for the car, as a buyer can make a partial payment. In addition, the whole process is easier for the seller and the deal can be done much faster as all the steps are in one place.


TjekBilsyn gives you an overview of Danish vehicle inspection companies and provides information on the acceptance rates across the industry. Vehicle checks are an imperative safety measure for you and your fellow motorists in traffic. TjekBilsyn has collected data and vision reports from approved inspection companies in Denmark. On the site, all approval quotas and visual reports from the various sites are shown. With a quick search, you can see which is the best for you when it comes to increasing the chance of trouble-free car inspections.


Handyhand is part of Mediehuset Heymate ApS. Handyhand was established in 2009 and today is Denmark's largest intermediary site for small tasks between individuals. The goal is to make it easier for people to get things solved in their home safely and cheaply. Whether it's cleaning, painting or gardening, Handyhand is always ready to help you.


Bilzonen is a part of Bilhandel.dk, and is a platform for buying and selling used cars. You can sell your car for free with the Car Dealer app. You can safely and easily purchase and sell your car privately - you will also receive legally approved finalisation paperwork. 


Admill has created a website with many services that provide you with the necessary information in crowded markets such as broadband, mobile subscriptions, loans, meal boxes and much more! The range of products and suppliers these days is very large so the team at Admill wants to help their users to make the right decision. Admill wants to launch services that their users love and which they will recommend to others. 


TjekLån is helping you finding cheap loans, which on your own can be a difficult task. Where do you start and who can you trust? Tjeklån is an independent comparison site that helps you find the best loan for your needs online. Their results include the most competitive loan providers that offer cheap loans at favourable terms. You apply for a loan online, the provider makes an automated credit check, and you will subsequently receive a loan offer often within minutes!


Findmåltidskasse’s mission is to bring together the providers of meal boxes in Denmark and make it easy for you to compare so that you can find the meal box that fits your needs. They strive to show consumers a wide range of products and services within meal boxes. The company has chosen to hand-pick a selection of meal boxes, so their comparison does not necessarily reflect the entire market. The site is free and you can easily click through to the individual provider and fill out an order if you find a meal box that matches your needs. 


Tjekbredbånd is a common term for high-speed Internet connections. It may be a daunting task to find out if you have the right internet at home or in your business, but they have now made it much easier for you. If you know which solution you currently have, it is a good starting point to find out if it can be made cheaper. At TjekBredbånd you can enter your current speed in the search criteria and thus find out whether you can get the same speed at a much lower price!


Mobilabo gives you a unique insight into how the Danish telecommunications industry is connected. There are endless numbers of telecommunications companies that can offer you a great deal for a cheap mobile subscription. Therefore, it can be difficult to navigate which offers for mobile subscriptions are the cheapest. Mobilabo helps you with this, where you can find both the cheapest mobile subscription across all telecommunications companies and find out where you can get a low-cost mobile subscription with music or a budget mobile subscription with free data and the like.