Soundbites of a Spanish summer!

Soundtrack to life

They say that music is the soundtrack to life. True enough, we can recall personal events with the opening beat of most songs - and holidays are no exception. 

There's always that 'one' song you'll hear played over and over again - hearing it for the first time at home under less blue skies will bring it all back for a brief moment, a smile inducing recollection of warm sunshine and happy days.

Djs at Marbella Luxury Weekend in Puerto Banus, Marbella

Use your common sense

Using your senses in Spain, well, makes perfect sense. Gaze upon those high and clear blue skies, feel the heat, smell the heady flowering Jasmine at night, taste Spain with a plate of good fish.

And listen. Close your eyes and take it all in - the sounds of summer in Spain.

July has seen things well and truly heat up. We've already forgotten what rain feels like - much less sounds like -  here in Spain. Instead the soundtrack has been replaced with the buzz of summer - sit back, pick up a cold glass of Tinto de Verano and just listen...

Tinto de Verano


The original Vuvuzela carrying insects. Hard to spot - and pretty darn ugly if you do - they have devised a dating ritual that's hard to ignore. Gather a few of them together and the party really starts. Occasionally, we need to shut the door to hear ourselves!

Hear the Cicada call here.



A real sign that summer has started for me. As Swallows and Housemartins signal the arrival of spring in Spain then the first glimpse of a flash of exotic colour means summer is here. Tiny but perfect, they sit on the telegraph poles near our house in the Alpujarras, sometimes swooping through the air, giving us a peek at their amazing technicolour dreamcoats. They can consume hundreds of bees a day, wonder why they never get stung?

Listen to the Bee-eater here.

bee eater


Ugh. We don't like these! Someone wants your blood. The Mosquito is a pain in the...well, everywhere if they manage to sneak in for a midnight feast. A high pitched whine will give you notice of an impending bite. Use any window and door screens that are available, or close the windows at night and stick to the aircon to be safe. They dislike lemon so keep some slices by the bed, or opt for a home made repellent. See some easy bug-free recipes here.

Sound of the Mozzie? Listen here.


Surf and sea

Ah. The sound of relaxation brought to you by time and tide. Is there anything better? Lie by the glistening Mediterranean and dig your fingers into the soft sand. Close your eyes and listen to the ebb and flow, ebb and flow. Ahem, still awake?

Here's a little sound-bite of your next summer holiday...just to tempt you to take the plunge! Listen to the waves...

Surf, windsurf and kitesurf in Santander


Ha! Now this is LOUD. 

Bangers, fireworks, church bells pealing, Flamenco and Trovo. Games for the kids, Dancing and Paella for all. Until very, very late. Get your heels on, wear your best energy and prepare to party like a local. Location: somewhere and everywhere, all summer long. Listen, and learn to dance the cockroach...

Fireworks - Marbella Feria


The best one. Hiking or walking alone, choose the sheer beauty of the lonely hillsides of the Alpujarras or a windswept cliff top path along the Costa Brava. A beach or a secret cove for one. A long cycle on a quiet road. An early morning coffee on your balcony while the family sleep in. That book you have been meaning to finish. Just enjoy the silence that Spain can also offer. The real reason for your next Spanish summer holiday. What are you waiting for?

Quiet coastal road to Villaricos