Enjoy a family holiday in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is the perfect destination for a family holiday. Its historical city centre is surrounded by an impressive wall rising from the sea, making it one of the most beautiful places on the Costa Brava.
City wall of Tossa de Mar
That's why we want to give you an overview of the best things to do on your family holiday in Tossa de Mar.

Vila Vella: medieval splendour 

Besides its paradisiacal beaches, Tossa de Mar is known for its medieval district called Vila Vella. You'll find this district located behind the city wall in the beautiful bay of Tossa de Mar. It's a labyrinth of paved alleyways and traditional Mediterranean houses. In Vila Vella you can travel back in time to the 12th century and explore the fascinating medieval past of Tossa de Mar.
Today, Vila Vella is the only medieval fortification on the Catalan coast and you'll find a lot of artisan shops and restaurants here, specialising in the local gastronomy. The detailed Gothic windows are reminiscent of a medieval past and inject a classical beauty into the town.
Vila Vella of Tossa de Mar
At the heart of Vila Vella you'll find the Museo Municipal de Tossa de Mar (Municipal Museum of Tossa de Mar). It's located in a wonderful 14th century building known as Casa Falguera or Cal Governador (House of the Governor), since this was where the tithe was charged in the Middle Ages. The Museo Municipal de Tossa de Mar was the first museum of contemporary art in Spain. Today, you'll find works inspired by the local landscape and the town's heritage by artists such as Marc Chagall and André Massón. On top of this, you can visit the archaeological part of the museum where important remains from the site Els Ametllers are on display.  
The best way to experience the city, is to reserve a family holiday home in Tossa de Mar. That way, you'll have everything you need to enjoy a comfortable holiday with your children.

The views from the wall

At sunset, a nice idea is visiting the Vila Vella wall and enjoying the unforgettable views and sea breeze of Tossa de Mar. The 300 metre high wall has several towers, but the remains of the old church Sant Vicenç stand out in particular as they sit on the top of a 50 metre high cliff.
Remains of the old church Sant Vicenç
Another building really worth a visit is the Faro de Tossa de Mar, the lighthouse and highest point of the town which was built on the remains of an ancient castle. At the Faro de Tossa de Mar you'll find the Centro de Interpretación de los Faros del Mediterráneo Museum, where you can learn a lot about the lighthouses along the Mediterranean coast.

A trip to ancient roman Turissa 

Another fun family activity is paying a visit to the ruins of the roman villa Els Ametllers. They're situated on the outskirts of Tossa de Mar, on a mountain slope next to the sea. These remains are very important for the city of Tossa de Mar, because they mark the spot on which the city was originally founded. Els Ametllers is rather small, but it's definitely worth it to explore the remains of the thermae, the mosaics and the rooms which are more than one thousand years old. On one of the mosaics you'll read Turissa which is the ancient name of Tossa de Mar.

City wall of Tossa de Mar

Family fun in the theme parks

On the outskirts of Tossa de Mar there are several theme parks where you can spend a day filled with family fun. One of our favourite parks is Gnomo Park, which revolves around the world of gnomes. The park is situated in the neighbouring town of Lloret de Mar, a 20-minute drive from Tossa de Mar.

The park is spread out over 40,000 square metres and has different types of attractions such as children areas, adventure circuits, a great variety of games, golf and an adult area. Of course, we can't forget about the gnomes which will entertain you during your visit.

Aquabrava, Costa BravaIn Lloret de Mar, you'll also find Waterworld waterparkwhich is an oasis of fun for the whole family. It's impossible to be bored at Waterworld, as the park has wave pools, several slides, jacuzzis, children areas and much more.

Take a look at the Waterworld website, where you can find great offers if you're travelling with your family. Some offers even include the train ride from Tossa de Mar or the place where you're staying. And that's not all, your Waterworld ticket also guarantees access to the Aquabrava waterpark on the Costa Brava.

Aquabrava, Costa Brava

Paintball Can Garriga

A great idea to surprise the kids is with a game of paintball! At Paintball Can Carriga in Tossa de Mar, children between 7 and 13 years old can participate in paintball games. Safety is ensured, as the balls are small and soft.

The whole family can participate in this battle during which you have to hide from each other, plan your strategy, run around with caution and take out your opponents. It's an activity that your children will talk about long afterwards!

View from Tossa de Mar

A coastal route

The coastline between Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar is packed with cliffs and hidden beaches and offers an adventurous walking route: the Camino de Ronda. This route will surprise you with incredible coastal views which you can discover with your family on foot or by bike.
Originally, the Camino de Ronda was used to protect the coastline from pirate attacks. For the local fisherman, however, the Camino de Ronda provided access to the bays where they left their fishing boats. The actual route, which extends down the whole Costa Brava coastline, has been renovated and is now a beautiful coastal walking route surrounded by beautiful pine trees. 
Bicycle on the beach
We recommend that you follow the Camino de Ronda to the south, where walking is easy and there are beautiful views. You can always take a break and enjoy a dip at one of the beaches along the way. One of the best options for exploring the route is to rent a bicycle at a local bike shop such as Jimbo Bikes.  They also provide information about the best cycle routes around Tossa de Mar. 
If you decide to explore the northern part of the route, you'll come across surprising, hidden viewpoints such as Sant Jaume which is just one kilometre from the city centre. From this viewpoint you'll be able to enjoy fantastic views of Tossa de Mar and the cliffs of the Costa Brava. As you can see, Tossa de Mar has numerous possibilities for family activities, which is why it features among the top 10 destinations to enjoy a family holiday in Spain.

The Sa Riera Park: the green lungs of Tossa de Mar

The main natural area in Tossa de Mar is the 5 hectare Sa Riera Park, which extends down almost to the centre of Tossa de Mar. It's the perfect spot for having a picnic as you'll find tables and benches to relax and the kids can enjoy themselves in the special children's areas. Thanks to all the services it offers, the Sa Riera Park is the perfect place for walking, having a rest or playing with the children.

The best thing about the park is the beauty of the natural environment and the variety of flora you'll find there. During your walk in the park you'll find oaks, pine trees and hundred-year-old trees, such as the English Oak called Buen Retiro, who is loved by the locals. 

Sa Riera Park

Paradise on the beaches of Tossa de Mar

The beaches of Tossa de Mar are of such a beauty that the French painter Marc Chagall described the city as “the blue paradise”. In the centre of town you'll find Playa Grande, the most popular beach in Tossa de Mar. This beach boasts crystal clear, calm water and golden sand with several amenities.
Coastline of Tossa de Mar
As we already mentioned, following the coastline towards the south is really worth it. In this area you'll find beaches such as Santa María de Llorell or the bays of Figuerola and Llevado. If you head northward you'll find fabulous, wilder and more unspoiled bays where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. The bays of Salionç, Givarola and Futadera are little paradises with crystal clear water, surrounded by cliffs and an abundance of vegetable species.
The best way to get to these bays with your family is with one of the boats at Playa Grande. These boats stop at most of the bays and a lot of them have glass bottoms so you can enjoy the sea life and some fascinating sea caves. 
City wall of Tossa de Mar
Don't forget your diving and snorkeling gear, because the seabed of the Costa Brava is beautiful and full of life. A lot of the bays do not offer any amenities, so make sure you take enough water and food with you if you want to spend a family day at the beach.
Playa Grande in Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar is one of the preferred destinations of a lot of parents for spending a family holiday on the Costa Brava. It boasts lovely beaches and has the beautifully fortified centre of Vila Vella making it an attractive destination to spend some quality time with your family.
Tossa de Mar is more than beaches. It has a rich walled medieval heritage. Reserve your holiday home in Tossa de Mar and enjoy an unforgettable family experience.