Put your feet up with five perfect public parks in Valencia

Everyone loves a park, well, a nice park anyway and with Spain's glorious sunny weather, and the laid-back outdoors life of the locals, Spending time in one of Valencia's lovely public parks can be a very enjoyable and relaxing experience, away from the noise of every day city life.

Valencia - Turia gardens

The most well known and famous of all the parks in Valencia is actually the biggest urban park anywhere in Europe and is known as the Turia park, created from the river bisecting the city, which was drained and diverted after disastrous floods in the 1950's.

As the Turia gardens are so large, and contain so much to do and see, we have split it into two sections for ease of description.

1. Turia Gardens (west)

The western side of the gardens start at approximately where the must-see attraction of the BioParc is situated, which is a large Zoo but mimics the African plains with a multitude of creatures to go and see. The bioparc itself will be highlighted in a future article, but this is where your journey along the old Turia river bed starts and cycles can be hired here, and then dropped off at the other end.

Valencia - Turia Gardens

It's a great place to chill, for sure, and if we cycle along, we find various sports areas and pitches, cafes and bars, and half way along, once you get closer to the centre, you encounter the bizarre spectacle of Gullivers playground, which can actually be seen from Google earth and is made in the shape of the giant Gulliver, from the book Gullivers travels....er....of course, sprawled out on the floor as if fallen from the sky.

Valencia - Plau de la Musica in Turia Gardens 

This is also very near to the Palace of Music (above) which has a huge lake and fountain outside, which often holds son et Lumière concerts, the water jets timed with the music. Absolutely amazing!


2. Turia Gardens (East)

The eastern part of the gardens, nearest to the sea, is perhaps the highest profile as it contains the world famous City of arts and sciences, whose jaw-dropping architecture attracts people from all over Spain, and all over the world too!

Valencia - Ciudad de las Artes y de la Ciencia

In the city of arts, you will find a 3d cinema, a science museum, a mini sea-world, and a host of other stuff to see and do too! If the walk or the cycle journey has left you hungry then pop over the road to the El Saler shopping centre which has ample restaurant on its upper floors, not to mention the shopping down below!

3. Botanical gardens

The Valencia Botanical gardens were founded centuries ago but moved to their current spot in around 1802. The gardens have a strong relationship with the local University and much research into plants are carried out there, along with the preservation of existing rare species. The botanical gardens also have a long standing collaborative relationship with many other similar parks around the world, and strong links exist between the Valencia site and those around Spain and in the Canary Islands too.

Loro Park - orquidarium

Not content with that, the gardens host a variety of open air events at certain dates across the year including music concerts and exhibitions, so there's always something to do, especially if looking at plants is not quite your "thing".



4. "La Granja": Burjassot park

Well away from the tourist trail although easily accessible by tram and metro, La Granja (The farm) park in the residential suburb of Burjassot is a forgotten jewel in the city's crown and although recent cutbacks due to the recession have seen standards drop, it is still a very accessible and enjoyable place to hang out with real Spanish families, enjoying everyday life.

la granja burjassot

The park boasts an impressive little miniature railway where rides can be had around the vast park, although for times and availability, contact the local town hall. There are also a couple of street gyms, several children's play areas, plus skate parks and a BMX track for the teenagers.

During the summer time various small fiestas are held around the park, the times and locations of these are posted on the various notice boards around the area. It is VERY rare to find any tourists here, and they don't know what they are missing!

Burjassot park valencia


5. The Royal Gardens

A hidden gem within the city, the royal gardens which are just off Calle San Pio V, and close to the Metro stop at Alameda were once the gardens of the Royal Palace itself, although this has long since gone, however it's a beautiful place to relax and chill and like all the other parks, it is free.

Valencia - Turia Gardens

Locals know the place as the Jardines de Viveros and they also know that it is a lovely place for a relaxed Paseo (stroll), and there are plenty of nice spots to sit down and have a picnic whilst admiring the trees and flowers in this landscaped heaven in the city.

Valencia has wonderful parks for such a big city and the best thing of all, they are completely free, so the next time you take a holiday in Valencia, take some time to enjoy the parks.