Alert! New phishing via sms

Phishing is a very common word these days to internet users. Now hackers have devised a new scheme that is associated with Phishing. It is important to read on. We have seen that instead of sending a normal enquiry, the hackers now send out a SMS to the mobile phone of the owners, asking them to email more details about booking their holiday home etc and the message includes an email address. 

Owners would generally be happy that they received an enquiry via SMS and would normally reply by email. Our advise, is NOT to do this, this is a SCAM and a way to obtain your email address.

If you receive an SMS with a message including an email address asking for more information, please just ignore it, do not reply it and certainly do not send any emails.

Phishing always comes down to the fact that hackers want to obtain a person's email address, by sending them an inviting link, that leads to a well designed page, which is in fact a fake LOGIN page.

The ideal scenario would be that all internet users see the difference between a real login and a fake login page. I remind you again: NEVER login from a page with a URL starting with only www.

Only ever enter passwords on pages that have a secure connection, you can recognize this by looking at the URL, it needs to start with https://:

safe login URL

For more information, or if you have any doubts about an sms you received, please contact us on or call us from Monday to Friday between 9h and 16h (GMT +1) on the numbers 00349204435 (Spain) or 0044 203 384 7066 (UK).


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