Avoid phishing with the two-step verification process

Whether you’ve been the victim of Phishing, or want to avoid it, the two step verification sign-in process offered by Google (Gmail), Microsoft Hotmail and Live, and Yahoo is a safer way to ensure your email account is not compromised and to protect your bookings. 

If you haven’t already applied this extra layer of security to your email account, it’s about time you did.

Google - Gmail Account

Google’s version incorporates a mobile sign-in code sent to you by SMS, voice call or through their mobile app. You will use this on first sign-up and will then have the option to choose not to be asked again on that specific computer. However, you will be asked for the code every time you sign-in from an unknown device or computer.

Click the following link to find out about the Google 2-step verification process.

Microsoft Live Hotmail Account

Your Microsite Live Hotmail account uses a similar principal to Google. When you turn on the two-step verification process you will be sent a security code to your mobile phone, an alternative email address or you can obtain the code through an authentication app on your smartphone. Each time you sign-in to your account on a device or computer that isn't trusted, you will be taken to a second sign-in page that will ask you for the code.  

Click the following link to find out about the Microsoft two step verification.

Yahoo Account

Yahoo’s second sign-up authentication feature offers two options: you can choose the mobile phone number verification, or you can you can opt to use the mobile phone number verification and account security questions. In which case you may be asked for either of these when verifying your account from an unknown device or computer. 

Click the following link to find out about the Yahoo second sign-in verification process.

Keeping your email account secure is vital if you want to avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud. If you leave it to chance you are likely to get caught out, leading to a loss of bookings and your clients paying money to fraudsters. 

If you have already fallen victim to a hacker, the following article will help you resolve the problem, Phishing: Six steps to take when you fall victim. And then ensure you have the two-step verification in place, to avoid problems in the future.