Calpe's beaches get free Wi-Fi

The local council of Calpe, in Alicante, have launched a superb initiative, offering free Wi-Fi coverage on all the local beaches, as well as in localised areas of the town centre, including the Plaza Mayor (main square), bus station, the Peñón de Ifach tourist centre, the Casa de Cultura (cultural centre) and Punto Joven (youth centre). 

The initiative was launched on Monday 24th June, thanks to the participation of Calpe’s council and GOWEX, a free Wi-Fi operator. It’s a major benefit to the city’s tourism agenda, as so many travellers now want to be ‘connected’ 24/7.  

To connect to the local network in Calpe, users will need to register a user name and password with GOWEX. Once registered they need only switch on the Wi-Fi on their smartphone, tablet or wifi device and connect to the GOWEXWIFI network. Once registered, users can log-in to the network anytime in the future. 

The enterprise is especially beneficial to foreign tourists, who would normally have to switch on to excessive Wi-Fi tariffs from their existing provider. Now they can connect and share their holiday experience with friends at home, without paying a Euro.  

Calpe has excelled with this project, turning itself into one of the premier Spanish tourist destinations for services provided to visitors.  

 If you want to stay connected on holiday, head to Calpe!