Easter statistics for Spain-holiday.com

We built some Easter holiday charts on the data provided by our renters and homeowners on Spain-holiday.com where we today have a total of 6,900 holiday rentals distributed in all of Spain.

Our Easter statistics clearly show, that a villa or apartment is the preferred Easter holiday rental amoung Europeans. The Spanish and the Scandinavians though show a preferance for rural locations.  


When it comes to preferred regions or towns, there is a more even distribution although the preferences vary a lot between the different nationalities. 44 % of the French book their holiday home in Nerja and 41 % af the Danes book in Barcelona. All nationalities book their holiday rentals at costal cities except from the Portugues, who also request rentals in Madrid, and a 14 % of the Germans book in Sevilla.   

The average price of the holiday rentals on Spain-holiday.com is approx. 711 € per week. The most expensive rentals are in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, and you can find the cheapest holiday homes in Torrevieja, Alicante. Not surprisingly, Marbella is the most expensive of the Spanish cities followed by Barcelona and then Madrid with an average rent per week of 787 €. Catalonia is the most expensive region with an average of 1,027 €, which is double the price of almost all the other Spanish regions except from the Canary Islands' average price of 882 € per week.