Follow the updates on regional regulations of the holiday rental market in Spain

The decree was approved in February 2016 and it will be active from May 2016. Read more about the requirements and the process to get your property in the Registro de Turismo de Andalucía. 
The region of Aragón published their holiday rental decree by end of Spring and just recently it has become official. This means that all the holiday homes will have to apply for a license number in the Tourism Registry of Aragón. To get the license, you will have to show a Declaración Responsable (Declaration of Responsability) document. Read more about the decree. [ESP]
Balearic Islands (capital Palma de Mallorca)
The Balearic Islands government has managed to complicate their regulations for holiday rental accommodation. Here you can apply for a holiday rental licence if you own a villa or townhouse, but not if you own an apartment. The ruling has alienated many owners and alienated many holidaymakers.
Find out what guidelines you need to follow to apply for your Holiday Rental Licence in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza. 
Canary Islands (capitals Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
The Canary Islands finally approved a decree on holiday rentals with a final and revised draft that was surely very positive for the industry and had the support of all political parties. To the surprise and shock of many, the approved text had a difference with the final draft one: it excludes all properties situated in “touristic areas”, “touristic urbanisations” and “mix of residential and touristic urbanisations”, which means it excludes 95% of the holiday homes. 
Today, the CNMC (National Commission for Markets and Competence) has appealed against the decree and the final resolution is pending. This means that this decree is on standby and not applicable.
As you know by now, to rent a holiday home in Catalonia it is mandatory to apply for your license number in the Catalonian Tourism Register and, once obtained, to publish it in the advert you have in -as well as in any other advertising channel you may use to promote your property-.
Community of Madrid (capital Madrid)
Madrid introduced regulations at the end of July 2014. Main points to watch out for in their holiday rentals decree include the five day minimum duration and single room occupation is not permitted. In March 2015, the CNMC (National Commission for Markets and Competence) has appealed against the decree, specifically referring to the five day minimum duration, considering it an obstacle for fair competence and demanding it to be eliminated. The resolution of this appealment is about to appear.
Valencian Community (capital Valencia)
Since January 2015, it is compulsory to register your property with the Registro de Empresas, Establecimientos y Profesiones Turística. There is a license number for private owners and a number for agents. You can read all about How to Apply for Holiday Rental Licences in the Valencian Community. 
The other regions currently do not present any relevant update.