Government Target: Registration of guests & payment of taxes on holiday rentals

Spain’s Minister of Tourism, Alvaro Nadal, announced last week that the Spanish government is about to focus on the tax declaration process for holiday rental properties, as well as the obligation to register every guest that has booked to stay in the property.
As Nadal pointed out, it is mandatory to declare the income generated by your holiday home, regardless of the advertising platform you choose. Every homeowner must include the income generated from their holiday rental in their tax return, as we explained in this article. It’s not all bad news, homeowners are also eligible to deduct some expenses
Licencias de casas de vacaciones
Nadal also confirmed that the main reason for putting emphasis on the importance of registering any guests is due to national security reasons such as protection against terrorism.
We must stress that the registration of guests is mandatory in all regions of Spain. The registration process must be completed by the holiday home owner or estate agent. As Lidia Avivar, the regional delegate of citizenship participation from the National Police said: “Ensuring high levels of security is the first step in maintaining good standards in the tourism industry”.

How to present guest information

It’s important to understand how to complete the registration process which involves presenting all guest data and information to authorities. The information of any individual staying in a holiday home must be passed onto the relevant officials - this registration process is mandatory.

Indicación de alojamiento

Documentary record

For any activity that implies a risk to the citizen’s security, the “Ley Organica 4/2015” law states that the homeowner or property manager of any kind of tourist accommodation must submit the personal information of the guests to the relevant authority.

Guest Information

The home owner or property manager must collect identification information for all guests over the age of 16, including NIE/NIF or passport photocopy, name, surname, sex, date of birth and country of origin and the date of entry in the property. As well guest information, the identification information of the homeowner or property manager must also be included, including ID, name, surname and signature... All information will be sent to the Policia Nacional website, in person or by fax, to your nearest National Police office.